Best V Bar Pulldowns in 2022


Looking for something to strengthen your upper body or wanting to make your upper body fit and match with your intense leg and other lower body workouts. Then you are probably at the best site. In this article, we have discussed some of the best V Bar Pulldowns along with buying guide to help you even more.

The V Bar Pulldowns are essential gym accessories if you are aiming to strengthen your arms, shoulders, back, and even abdomen. V bar pulldowns are the reasons for a fit upper body that attracts many.

In the later part of the article some of the best V bar pulldowns combo packs with tricep rope, rotating straight bar, snap hooks, and other gym tools which are mostly universal fits are discussed.

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Before jumping into that straight away, first, you should take a look at some of the factors to be considered while buying a gym accessory

Material Used

Most of the gym types of equipment are made up of steel but some might be something other than steel only with a steel coating. So, you should properly check the material and the reliability of the brand you are going for. We suggest high-quality heavy-duty solid steel gym tools last long and possess strength.

Versatile and Adjustability

Always go for tools that have universal fits and can easily fit in with all types of gym machines. This helps you in cases when you want to reuse them with other machines. Usually, a 0.6” hole diameter is preferred in that case for an easy fit in.


Warranty is yet another factor to be considered. There are many warranty options, but we prefer that you go with a lifetime warranty offered on gym products.

Combo Offers

You can always buy the gym tools in amazing combo offers. The following discussed V bar pulldowns also come in combination with other equipment like tricep rope, snap hooks, rotating straight bar, single D. These come handy, but you can still buy the V bar pulldown separately for sure.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity means the amount of weight the pulldown bar can withhold. Usually, the V bar pulldowns have a weight capacity of about 800lbs, which is effective for upper body intense workouts like arms building, shoulder exercises, and lower back strengthening workouts.


Comfort comes first while exercising. Exercising comfort does not mean being lazy but means that the bar you are using should be comfortable enough for you to even practice with it during your intensive workout sessions.

It must have non-slipping rubber holds for a secure grip. This also protects you from any kind of injuries while exercising giving you a comfortable muscle-building experience.


Many products might sway you with their false promises. But budget plays an important role when it comes to buying. Do not fall for cheap gym products with no quality. You can even consider it as a one-time investment option that will be durable in the long run. Choose your budget wisely for gym equipment and decide the quality to buy.

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12. A2ZCare V-Shaped Bar Pulldown

A2ZCare V-Shaped Bar Pulldown

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This one is a combo by A2Zcare store consisting of a 6.5” V-shaped bar, 27” tricep rope, and the doubled, V handle. The V-shaped bar is made up of solid steel and can endure weight up to 880lbs. The tricep rope of heavy-duty nylon black in color.

The tricep rope also has rubber ends and a chrome-plated swivel for flawless and easy movements. The V handle is made up of solid steel. The overall surface is textured to provide a non-slip firm grip for extensive workout sessions.

The V handle is designed such that it provides a balanced force to both arms. You can even attach the V handles to the gym machine for better results. The combo is designed for extensive exercises for building strength and increasing the muscle power of elbows, back, shoulders, abs, and wrists.

Along with the gym machine, you can also perform seated cable rows, triceps pushdowns, and upright rows. The combo comes with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day return policy

Why Do We Love It?

  • Combo – 3 in 1 set
  • Perfect for muscle building
  • High quality constructed materials
  • 1-year warranty

11. XingLi Tricep Press Down V Bar Attachment Handle for Cable Machines

XingLi Tricep Press Down V Bar Attachment Handle for Cable Machines

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Next is the XingLi tricep press down bar which is available in 3 sizes: 49 cm, 57cm, and 71 cm. The tricep pull-down bar is made up of a 10mm thick steel plate for strength and durability. The size may vary but the weight of all the bars is 3 kgs along with the maximum loading capacity of 330lbs.

The press-down bar is of ergonomic design for better tricep, biceps curls, forearm, and pulldown exercises. This tool helps really in intense muscle training especially back muscle.

This bar can be easily used in multiple exercises to develop the triceps, biceps, and back, Also, it helps in grip strengthening exercises. It can be easily assembled and disassembled with the machine. With the machine, the training becomes more effective.

Why Do We Love It?

  • Easily attachable cable design
  • Effective training sessions
  • Back muscle strengthening
  • Available in 3 sizes

10. Powerfly Cable V Bar Pulldown Attachments for Gym Machines

Powerfly Cable V Bar Pulldown Attachments for Gym Machines

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This is yet another combo offered by powerfully. It contains lat pulldown attachment with tricep pull down the rope, handles, and V row double D handle. All the materials are made up of heavy-duty high-quality material. The tricep rope is about 27” in length.

The double D has a 360 degrees rotation for overall coverage while exercising. The V cable handles provide the optimal grip for preventing slipping. The tricep ropes are braided with non-slip rubber for a comfortable grip.

The exercise handles are super comfortable with their compact handles and foam padded grip. They are large enough to fit both regular or thicker bars. All these materials can be used with almost all the gym machines.

Why Do We Love It?

  • Comfort with foam padding
  • Combo pack with double D attachment
  • Can fit almost all gym machines
  • Non-slip rubber braiding for optimal grip

9. Fitness Maniac V Bar Pulldown with Combo

Fitness Maniac V Bar Pulldown with Combo

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Another fitness freak V bar pulldown with grip handles, tricep rope, snake hooks, and D handle gym attachment is offered by fitness maniac stores. This store offers multi-variation listings for you to choose from providing you different combos of V bar pulldowns.

You can choose the side product you want with the pulldown. It has different sets that list the different products. This one is a V bar pulldown with a gym cable attachment handle. This rope attachment can be used for effective workouts at gyms or your home gyms. All the products are high in quality and made up of steel and coated with chrome for perfection.

Why Do We Love It?

  • Different sets available to choose from
  • HIgh-quality products
  • Firm grip
  • Better workouts

8. Dynasquare Double D Handle Rotating V Bar Pulldown

Dynasquare Double D Handle Rotating V Bar Pulldown

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This one is a value for money combo by dynasquare. It contains a V handle, rotating bar and double D handles, all of the universal fits for cable systems. They made from high-quality solid steel with a chrome finish.

The rotating steel bar is 18” long and 1” in diameter. It has a weight capacity of 800lbs. For the design, the V handle textured with a rubber coating to provide a secure grip for your intense exercises.

The design is such that it accounts for the balanced force to both arms. The 360-degree rotation swivel is also chrome polished and has textured handles. These are basically employed in pull-downs, triceps, press-downs, and other exercises.

Next is the V shape bar – It has flat knobs to keep the hands in place, thus providing a secure grip. It is corrosion-resistant. All these accessories can be used both for home gyms and normal outdoor gyms.

Why Do We Love It?

  • Value for money deal
  • Sturdy design
  • Chrome finish
  • Universal fits

7. KMM V Bar Pulldowns with Other Gym Accessories

KMM V Bar Pulldowns with Other Gym Accessories

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The KMM offers another great combo of gym accessories pack with 1 tricep rope, V-shaped handle, ankle straps, carabiner clips, and straight bar for full-body exercises. All these cable attachments are perfect for bodybuilding and muscle strengthening.

The V-shaped handle made up of iron with fine finishing with polished plating for protection from rust. This double-row handle can support 400kgs of weight providing you intense workout options.

It has a 0.5” hole to fit in all the machines easily along with textured rubber-coated handles for a secure grip. The tricep ropes use nylon braided and have rubber ends with chrome swivel.

The rope can use for exercises like biceps workouts, hand flexors, and teres muscles. Then we have the ankle straps that have the D-shaped design for secure, strong connections. These can use easily in combination with standard cable systems for better results.

The straight bar made from quality metal and grooved and textured for slip-resistance. All these have a uniform color black.

Why Do We Love It?

  • Full body workout
  • Uniform Colour Black
  • High-quality construction
  • High-quality rubber grip wherever required

6. BalanceFrom V Bar Pulldown with Tricep Cable Attachment

BalanceFrom V Bar Pulldown with Tricep Cable Attachment

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This full combo consists of a V-shaped bar, tricep rope, V-shaped handle, straight rotating bar all of the universal-fit design. Every tool made up of high-quality metal: solid steel. It is suitable for muscle strengthening exercises.

It consists of a V handle also called the double D which has a weight capacity of 800lbs. They have a textured finish for a secure grip. The tricep rope is a finely braided secure nylon rope with swivel attachment also, with a weight capacity of 800lbs.

Next in the combo is the V shape bar with flat knobs which are highly durable with a non-slip grip. It has a weight capacity of up to 8lbs. The rotating straight bar is a 20” long and 1” in diameter 360-degree rotating bar again with the same weight capacity as the V handle. This combo is again a value for money deal.

Why Do We Love It?

  • Value for money
  • Fine finish with high durability
  • Full muscle workout
  • 4 in 1 combo

5. Fitness Maniac Double D Row V Bar Pulldown Handle 

Fitness Maniac Double D Row V Bar Pulldown Handle

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The combo offered by the fitness maniac store is a double D row handle along with the V bar V-shaped LAT machine pull down. These have revolving rubber grips for a better and secure grip.

These accessories designed especially for tricep workouts. They have engineered to provide steady resistance necessary for all the strengthening exercises. The double D row handle has the attachment for a 360-degree steel swivel.

All the products made in the USA. The tools are helpful for exercises for arms muscle building and strengthening of the lower back.

Why Do We Love It?

  • Hard-to-tone tricep muscles
  • Made up of heavy-duty steel
  • Chrome finish
  • Rigorous training of arms and lower back

4. Day 1 Fitness V Bar Pulldown and Combo Set

Day 1 Fitness V Bar Pulldown and Combo Set

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This all-in-one four-piece combo pack consists of a 27” tricep rope of nylon braided, V-shaped bar, single D handle, and rotating straight bar. If you want to attach attachments for your machine for workouts aiming at triceps, arms, backs, it is the best combo.

All the Day 1 fitness store products made up of superior quality materials. These accessories in specific are made up of steel which is corrosion resistant and the rope is of nylon with rubber ends.

All these tools designed for universal fits. Further, it comes with a 30 days return and refund guarantee. You can even buy each unit separately as per your wish.

Why Do We Love It?

  • Superior quality material
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Arms, Back, and Abdomen workouts
  • Can even buy them separately

3. Power Guidance Tricep V Bar Pulldown Attachments 

Power Guidance Tricep V Bar Pulldown Attachments 

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This company power guidance store has multiple combo packs available at different prices to choose from. One of them is this combo of three gym accessories: a V-shaped Bar, Tricep rope, and the Snap Hooks.

The V-shaped bar is a chrome finish high-quality steel bar with a 0.6 “ hole for easy fitting in all machines. It has an ergonomic design with rubber fittings for a secure grip. The nylon braided black in color tricep rope features a swivel for flexible movements.

The V-shaped bar usually used for lateral exercises to work out your upper body, arms, shoulders, and back. The tricep rope is good for straight bar curls, upright rows, and press downs.

Why Do We Love It?

  • Lateral exercises
  • Quality products
  • Different combos available at the store
  • Chrome finish

2. A2ZCare Tricep V Bar Pulldown

A2ZCare Tricep V Bar Pulldown

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There are two options to choose from: the only tricep rope and the other is the combo of tricep rope, rotating bar, and the V shape. It made up of nylon braided rope with rubber ends. Its designs with chrome plated for a better finish.

The swivel of the rope designed for smooth fluent rotations. It is 27” in length and 1” in diameter with 0.58” being the hole’s diameter to easily fit in all the machines, thus giving its universal fit design.

It comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product which is rare and for any help, it has a 1-year warranty.

Why Do We Love It?

  • Enharmonic universal design
  • 2 different types of combo available to choose from
  • 1-year warranty
  • Made up of heavy-duty material

1. Yes4All V Bar with LAT Pulldown with D handle

Yes4All V Bar with LAT Pulldown with D handle

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This is another 4 in 1 combo with four gym accessories of universal fit and superior design. These accessories are very helpful for all kinds of muscle development. They are perfect for lateral exercises.

The V-shaped bar made up of high-quality steel with a chrome finish and textured for better grip. The straight bar designed for all machines to allow smooth movements with its knurled handles for a secure grip.

The 27” tricep rope nylon braided with a chrome finish and large rubber blocks at the end to prevent slipping. All these products are safe and go through an extensive review process.

Why We Love It?

  • 4 in 1 combo
  • Nylon braided
  • Chrome finish
  • Superior egnormic design


So, these were some of the best V bar pulldowns along with other gym accessories in 2022. These gym accessories are all made up of high-quality metal and have durability and strength. The buying guide above discusses the use and need of all these gym tools. We hope, it helps you in finding the best gym product you are looking for.