Best Wall Mounted Electric Heaters in 2022


Freezing and the chilled environment have made lives difficult for centuries for people living in cold regions. To tackle this problem, however, one solution was invented to keep the whole house warm and that’s a fireplace. However, as years have passed by new options were developed to keep the environment warm as one of the best is the electric heater. If you’re looking for a wall-mounted electric heater then, it’s the right thing you’re looking for. As you’re going to save on energy bills and enjoy comfort rich warm environment inside your home. So, go through this carefully curated list of the top 10 best Wall Mounted Electric Heaters in 2022.

List of Best wall Mounted Electric Heaters on in 2022

10. Antartic Star presents Electric Fireplace 50-inch with Multicolor Flame and Crystal

10. Recessed Electric Fireplace, Built-in Wall & Wall Mounted Electric Heater, Multicolor Flame & Crystal

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Keep your home warm without burning woods with a mounted electric heater. This is certainly the best one that you can choose with lots of appealing features. To avoid the headache of difficult installations, this appliance can be installed in-wall, wall mounted and in freestanding mode. Control all the functions of this heater with the touch screen glass panel that gives you easy access to all the controls with ease. You can thus choose from the 5 different flame brightness levels and speed as per convenient to your ambience.

With the 12-color flames and change in the crystal combination your can really enjoy the incredible look and feel the warmth at the same time. Wide 50-inch dimension of this electric heater can cover a room of about 400 sq feet. Choose from the 2 zone heating options either 750W or 1500W so as to make the efficient use of electricity while saving its consumption. What appeals to masses is the hassle-free 1-year warranty that comes with this product and gives you the assurance of its quality service.

9. INNOFLAME presents E35 Wall Mounted 1400W Electric Heater 36-inch with Remote Control, BLACK

9. Innoflame E35c Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace Heater with Remote Control, 36 Inch Wide,1400W (Black)

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Effective heating capacity and beautiful appearance to enhance the look of your décor is what this electric heater promises you. The range of benefits starts with the powerful output of 1400W that covers a room measuring 400 sq ft with its warming heat. Cheer up your mood with the warm light that suits wide range of ambience while creating a magnificent vision you’ll love to look at. What can be the dominant feature of this electric heater is its design. Curved edges with glass design give a relieving feel to your eyes while the LED lights do their best to make the flames look live.

Smooth and easy to use touch screen panel gives you the feel of using a smartphone touch screen. Great for modern rooms with the feel of enjoying the warmth of a fireplace without creating any smoke. Wall mounted design makes installation of this electric heater easier without consuming a lot of time. Make use of the infrared remote control to enjoy the cherishing experience and control from a distance.

8. FDW presents Electric Wall Mount Heater Fireplace with Adjustable Heat 1500W, Remote Control and Stand

8. 1500W Heat Adjustable Electric Wall Mount Fireplace Heater Standing with Glass

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High quality construction that ensures premium service for years is what describes this wall mounted electric heater. Enjoying the warmth just sitting in your room while everything outside is chilling off. This electric heater features 3D flame technology that creates a feel of warmth and making the surrounding air lose its breeze to give you a comfortable experience. Control and adjust the heat levels right from a distance with the high quality remote control that comes with this heater.

You get bracket and mounting hardware right inside the box and that saves your time and efforts to get it installed. Or you can just place this electric heater on the stand base that comes with it. Durable steel construction provides the assurance of long life service to your home. Many of the users suggest this to be the best product for their office, bedroom and small apartments. So, if you want a sturdy product that can warm your room and has burning flames design on the screen, then you should go for this product.

7. BestMassage presents 2-in-1 Electric Fireplace 750W/1500W with Curved Glass and Adjustable Remote Control 35-inch

7. BestMassage, Electric Fireplace 2-in-1 Adjustable Color Curve Glass Wall Mounted and Standing Fireplace Adjustable

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Consistent performance and superior quality construction are some of the special features of this wall electric heater. Enjoy the warmth of this electric heater with lower power consumption. If you’re using a gas heater then, this electric heater can incredibly reduce your power bills to an unbelieving rate. With its 2 heat setting options you can get your entire room warm as per your comfort. No need to wait for a long time as this heater quickly starts working to warm the air around you gradually so that the heat gets distributed evenly without affecting the humidity of the air.

Its attractive and elegant glass panel creates an appealing look of burning flames to create warmth for your eyes. Easy to use remote control makes it’s best to control the heat level, timer and flame color. If you’ve senior citizens at your home then, the remote control will be extremely beneficial to them as it has just 3 buttons to avoid any complications while using. Powerful 1500W output gives quality service without any regrets.

6. TOUCHSTONE presents ValueLine Recessed Wall Mounting Electric Fireplace with 10 Colors, 60-inch, 1200W, Black

6. Touchstone ValueLine, Recessed Wall Electric Fireplace, 60 Inch Wide, Logset & Crystal, 1200W Heat (Black)

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Sheer satisfaction is what this wall mounted electric heater promises you without any regrets. A value for money product, this heater features 10 attractive flame colors and 10 hearth colors that create an amazing look. You can then just find the perfect combination of color for every different mood you have. For a certainty, this could probably be the widest range of color choices in flame that you can find in the market. Amaze your guest with something different from the attractive color flames and warm environment of your home.

Front facing heat vent gives you the convenience of either an in-wall installation or wall mounted installation. Even though this fireplace measures 60-inch in width, yet it weighs just 70lbs so that you do need not do any hard work while installing it. What is yet appealing is the 1-year warranty that boosts our trust in this electric heater. Access the controls of this heater with the infra red remote control or the touch panel so you have both the options for your ease.

5. R.W. FLAME presents Electric Fireplace 42-inch Recessed, Wall Mounted, in-Hall with Remote Control

5. Recessed Electric Fireplace,Wall Mounted & in-Wall Electric Heater,Remote Control, Adjustable Flame Speed

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Do you want to stay warm in your home or office even in a chilling climate? Then, this electric heater is what you need. With a dual power option of 750W and 1500W you can choose the appropriate power as per your room size and need. This also enables you to save on energy bills. LED lighting in this heater helps you save the electricity and enjoy warmth at an affordable price. Even though this electric heater is known to be wall mounted, yet you can choose to install it in recessed position and can keep it on a tabletop.

This gives you the convenience to fit this electric heater anywhere in your bedroom, living room or office space. Its auto-heat killing technology protects the heater from overheating, thereby saving your home from any prospective damages. With the infrared heat emitted by this wall mounted electric heater, you can be sure that your surrounding air humidity is not hampered by it. Control this heater with the touch screen panel provided on the front side that allows you to do choose any of the 12 LED flame colors, 12 flames speed modes, and a timer that you can set from 1 to 8 hours.

4. AKDY presents Modern Space Wall Mount 36-inch LED Fireplace Heater – Best Wall Mounted Electric Heaters

4. Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Modern Space Heater Flat Tempered Glass

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Fill your home with warm air and stay at home without chilling. This is all possible with a high-quality wall mounted electric heater. With this electric heater you can do both, enjoy the warmth without any smoke and fumes and at the same time protect your home décor from the spoil of burning fire. Perfect for heating small apartments with 500 sq-ft size, this electric heater is built with stainless steel which provides long life and sturdiness to it.

What makes this electric heater distinct is the 2-in-1 interchangeable model that comes with logs and pebbles for a changing aesthetic lighting. You can adjust the illumination and heat level through the push button or if you want to move from your place just stay where you are and use the remote control. Keeping the safety in your mind, this wall mounted electric heater is equipped with safety technology that automatically cut-off the electricity in case of overheating. As an assurance for its quality you get 1-year parts warranty with this heater.

3. FIRE SENSE presents Wall Mounted INDOOR/OUTDOOR Infrared Heater, Black

3. Fire Sense Indoor,Outdoor Wall-Mount Infrared Heater, Black

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Want to enjoy warm air while you sit on a chair in the porch of your house. Then, choose this one. You can even install this heater indoors to keep your room warm. Its compact design lets you to enjoy its warmth with ease without the worry of UV rays emission. Silent operations really give a sense of peace when the heater is on. Powerful 1500W output enables you to enjoy a naturally warm environment.

As compared to a propane heater, this one really costs you less and that is the reason why it can be selected for its affordability. Constructed from durable and lightweight aluminum body with stainless steel construction, makes it a long living product. The whole kit comes includes a mounting bracket that eases your effort to install it on a wall.

2. PuraFlame presents Galena 36-inch Flat Panel Wall Mounted/Portable Fireplace with Remote Control, 1350W

2. PuraFlame 36 Galena, Portable or Wall Mounted, Flat Panel Electric Fireplace with Remote, 1350W, Black

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Do you want an electric heater that’s perfect for modern homes? You’ve come to the right option as this one is just so. This portable wall mounted electric heater gives you a realistic feel of burning flames that does not create any smoke. Amazing look of the flames fuels up a sense of peace and comfort as you enjoy the warmth in the air created by this 1350W powerful heater. You can cover a 400 sq-ft room with a blanket of warm air within minutes after you start this heater.

Control all the settings from a distance with the easy to use remote control that lets you access all the functions of this electric heater. A compact display screen on the remote control shows you all the current settings of the electric heater. Quite performance of this heater lets you enjoy the warm air without disturbing you. This enables you to do your work without any distraction. Made for modern homes to gives a natural touch of using a fireplace, this is certainly one of the best buy in this range.

1. Moda Flame presents Houston Wall Mounted 50-inch Electric Fireplace, BLACK

1. Moda Flame Houston 50 Inch Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Black

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Sheer satisfaction is what this wall mounted electric heater promises to you. Known for its premium quality display and the ability to make your room warm you can go for this product if you don’t want any regrets. As compared to other electric fireplaces, this one has more realistic flames that soothes you, comforts you with its look. With a clearance of 36-inch you can install this fireplace under your tv without harming it.

Choose the appropriate heat settings from 3 different options as per your requirement. You can comfortably enjoy warm environment by fitting this wall mounted electric heater in a 400 sq. ft room. Worth for its price tag, this fireplace does not make any loud sound while in operation so that you can do all your work without any distractions. A long range of satisfied customers suggest to the fact that is certainly the best electric heater you can ever have.


Living in a chilled climate could be a challenge. But when you have the right companion to make your life comfortable and happy you may not find that too difficult. Getting an electric heater is certainly a fine choice as you’re choosing something that’s cost effective and does not emit smoke.

Yet you need to look into the product to get the best deal. We’ve made it simple for you with this list that ensures to feature the best of the products. So get one of these and enjoy the warmth that soothes you.

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