Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boy in 2022 Reviews


Your new baby boy is turning 1​ year old? You want to do something special for him at his first Christmas or birthday. One way to make special events special for young boys is to give them one of the top 10 best toys for 1 year old boys in 2022.

These gifts will help him have fun in his young life and create wonderful childhood memories. That is because they are specifically designed for him and his interests. These toys are also safe for him to use on a daily basis.

When you get your young lad one of the top 10 best toys for 1 year boy in 2022, you are saying you care and love him a lot. Make your young boy’s first year special by getting him the right toy that suits his personality.

List of Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boy Reviews

10. VATOS Toddler Car Toys

Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone - Award Winning Durable Wooden Musical Pounding Toy for Toddlers, Multifunctional and Bright Colours

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One thing young boys like to play with is toy vehicles. Trains, planes, and automobiles are among their favorite toys to play with. This 6-pack of vehicle toys will cover all categories of vehicles and includes trucks as well.

Also, the brightly colored toys are made from environmentally safe and very durable ABS plastic. They’re pull back and go design provides hours of fun. Plus, there are no sharp edges on these toy vehicles. Your child should not hurt themselves when playing with them.

There are some moving parts but there is no danger of your young boy choking on them. These toys are made so your 1-year-old boy can have lots of fun on his own.

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9. VTech Pull and Learn Car Carrier Pull

10. VATOS Toddler Car Toys, 6 Pack Toy Cars Free Wheel, City Traffic Little Cars 1 Year Old

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Pull toys can be a lot of fun, especially when they are educationally influenced. The string is long enough to make sure your young boy doesn’t have any problems pulling his new toy. The bright colors help keep your child’s attention.

Then, you get interactive toys to help your boy develop his skills and talents. 3 animals and 3 vehicles move separately from the overall toy. Plus, you get a removable toy CB radio to help your child learn numbers and a lot more.

Different buttons work different features including a sound on and off switch and a loading ramp flips down allowing your child to load up the toy with whatever he wants. Made for children between the ages of 1 and 3 and it includes 2 AA batteries.

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8. VTech Turn and Learn Driver

9. VTech Pull and Learn Car Carrier Pull

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Your 1 year old is never too young to start learning how to drive correctly. This early age developmental toy focuses on driving skills. It comes with a steering wheel, shifter, key on and off, and rear-view side mirror to enhance his driving experience.

Plus, 5 buttons on top of the dashboard will bring to your boy’s attention to different animals and vehicles. In addition to all of this, this toy comes complete with over 60 songs, and more, your child can play by.

2 AA batteries are included so your child can start having fun right out of the box. The batteries bring all the power your child needs to learn how to drive successfully. Your boy should get hours of fun out of this toy.

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7. VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

8. VTech Turn and Learn Driver

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Nursery rhymes can leave a very positive influence on your boy child. When done right, they should remember those rhymes long into their adult years. When you use this toy, your boy can learn up to 7 nursery rhymes while playing.

4 movable pieces make the toy even more interesting for your child. A on-off switch also works the sound control. You can turn the sound on or off, depending on how tired you are of hearing those nursery rhymes repeated over and over.

Plus, the toy is a little book. Each page has a different nursery rhyme on it in big letters. You can use the book to teach your son the alphabet in your spare time. The 4 AAA batteries needed are included with your purchase.

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6. Hape Pound & Tap Bench

7. VTech Rhyme and Discover Book (Frustration Free Packaging)

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Another favorite young child activity is hitting. This hammer toy will provide a positive outlet for your boy’s hammering needs. All our boy needs to do is hit the balls and then crawl after them.

If he gets tired of that game, he can pull out the xylophone and make a little percussion music. Also, when your child receives this toy, he will be able to develop 5 important motor skills as he plays.

Made from wood, this toy is designed to handle any rough treatment your young child throws its way. There are no sharp edges and the toy is safe for a 1 year old to play with. The bright colors are painted on with non-toxic paints.

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5. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

5. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

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You can develop your child’s athletic interests before they reach the age of two with this interesting toy. The 2 in 1 toy uses basketball and soccer nets to get them started on their athletic career. Two small balls are included with the toy.

Also, the LED scoreboard plays sounds while counting the score. A small purple lever activates the scoreboard. Differently shaped buttons help your child learn shapes, numbers and more. Plus, there are over 50 songs, etc., ready to be played when your boy turns this toy on.

In addition, your child can actually kick the soccer ball into the soccer net. They are that strong and durable. The 3 AAA batteries needed to power this oy are not included with your purchase.

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4. WolVol Push and Go Friction Powered Car Toys

4. WolVol (Set of 3) Push and Go Friction Powered Car Toys for Boys - Street Sweeper Truck, Cement Mixer Truck, Harvester Toy Truck (Cars Have Auto

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One way to let your child have some fun is to give them a set of 3 push and go toy vehicles. Your young boy should have hours of fun playing make-believe with their new toys. No batteries are needed to power these toys.

The power comes from your child only. Each toy has real-life rotation action that mimics the same features on adult vehicles. The figures are not movable but that is okay. Your child will be having too much fun getting the wheels going and letting the toy go across the floor.

Measuring only 4 ½ by 3 by 3 inches in size, there should be no danger to your child. Also, there should be no sharp edges to hurt him either.

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3. VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

3. VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight, Yellow

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Help your young boy get over their fear of the dark with this bright yellow toy flashlight. It’s 5 not so bright light modes and colors will lighten any dark space helping your boy see what is going on.

Plus, they can have fun learning the over 50 songs, phrases and other information included in the flashlight. When your boy puts the flashlight down, it will automatically turn off after 45 seconds. This saves the power of the 2 AAA batteries that are included with your purchase.

Then, your child can easily learn to count to three by using the numbered buttons found on the flashlight handle. A decorative insect also introduces your child to another boy child favorite- bugs.

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2. Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag

2. Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag, Classic

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Developing cognitive skills in your 1 year old can begin with these building blocks. Teaching them how to build helps make their brain stronger and helps develop any creativity they may have.

The 80 blocks will provide an opportunity for your child to learn the value and fun of exploration. After opening the carry bag, your boy will have a lot of differently shaped building blocks at his creative disposal.

Plus, when he is finished playing, he can clean up his project and store his blocks in the PVC free storage bag. This will teach him to pick up after himself. You can add to this 80-piece set as it is compatible with other Mega Bloks building sets. His construction projects will be endless if you do.

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1. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

1. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging)

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Give your child a boost with his walking skills by adding this walker to his toy collection. He can walk around the house learning balance while supported by this walker. Then when he wants to play, he can remove the play panel and have fun.

Also, the play panel comes with a do re mi set of 5 musical keys to learning songs and music. 3 numbers in 3 different shapes introduce him to shapes and numbers. He will be able to count to three before you know it.

Then a fake phone gives him the opportunity to learn how to use a real phone when he gets older. Over 70 songs, phrases and more are recorded on this toy for your 1 year old to entertain themselves and learn.

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Tips on choosing the right toy for your 1-year old boy:

You may not find one of the top 10 best toys for 1 year old boy in 2022 right away. That is where having a few tips to guide you come in handy. Finding the right toy for your young child helps their development.

Here are a few tips to guide your search:

• Multiple uses- a one trick pony gets boring right away. The same goes for toys that do only one thing. Find those toys that have more than one use. This will keep your child’s interest and have them playing longer

• Choose toys that age- what this means is that the toy should be able to grow with your child. Their use will be extended over a longer period of time and not discarded shortly after receiving it

• Encourages exploration- these toys should help your child do more than just sing a song. They should allow him to use his curiosity while developing his problem-solving skills and his logical thinking ability.

• Encourages use of imagination- these toys are flexible enough to allow your child to develop their creative natures and give them the room to let their imagination help them design the results

• Are educational- developing your child’s education and learning habits early on will serve them well throughout their lives. Giving them the basics in letters, numbers and so on helps build a solid learning foundation

• That mimic real items- toy steering wheels, phones, and other real adult items will teach your boy how to handle the real-life item when they get older.

The benefits of toys for 1 year old boys:

Even though they are very young, the top 10 best toys for 1 year old boy in 2022 provide a lot of benefits to your child. Besides giving them a solid foundation, these toys will aid your young boy throughout their lives. Here are some of those benefits

  • Develop skills- your child can learn how to work creatively, logically, and solve problems with the right toys
  • Enhance their learning capabilities- your young boy can learn to read letters, find shapes, and use numbers
  • Learn how to play with others- their toys can be shared with their friends and they learn how to take turns, work with others and share
  • Develop creativity- a lot of toys for young boys provide opportunities for creative thinking as they play.
  • Teaches them to use their imagination- the young child gets to see how imagination can influence their play and make it better
  • Develop independence- your child gets to see how they can succeed on their own. They learn not to depend on others
  • Builds self-esteem- once they see they can do it, they think better of themselves and can achieve more

Helping you help your child develop is what the top 10 best toys for 1 year old boy in 2022 are all about. They provide your young child with opportunities to be creative, think, construction and much more.

They also introduce them to music, words, phrases giving them a head start in life. When you want to turn the best toys for your kids, you are creating a solid foundation for your child to build on when they get older.

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