Best Soccer Bags in 2022 Reviews + Buying Guides


This season you need the best in the bag to keep your soccer bag. But, all that you need is a heavy-duty construction that is durable and gives you a long time service. With due research and analysis, we carefully searched for you the best of the bags that will never let you look down. Hence, this is the list of the top 10 Best Soccer Bags in 2022 that includes all the features you need for your game.

List of Best Soccer Bags in 2022

10. Keeble Outlets presents 30 × 40 inches Soccer Bag with Drawstring Closure and Shoulder Strap

10. Mesh Ball Bag With Shoulder Strap. 30 x 40 Inches with a Drawstring Closure.

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Need a mesh bag to carry all of your soccer balls? This is the heavy-duty soccer bag made from heavy duty material to give you long life service for years. The specialty of this bag is its ultra-large size that gives you the freedom to store all your balls inside or you can just keep a single soccer ball and use the space to store other sports equipment.

Locking drawstring keeps the balls secured without the fear of losing them. It is best to carry this bag as it is lightweight and comfortable so that you can keep it easily in your car while traveling. Superb and sturdy handle lets you keep the heaviest of your soccer balls and take them with you.

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9. Tournament Ball Bag by ADIDAS – Best Soccer Bags

9. adidas Tournament Ball Bag

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Stylish and comfortable design is what you can expect from an Adidas product and this one exhibits the ultimate craftsmanship that every Adidas product has. Competent to keep around 8 balls this bag is made of polyester mesh and nylon that is known for its durability.

The logo looks cools and is prominently placed on the bag. Even though you want to play in rain, this bag will deliver the ultimate protection and toughness you expect. Two straps that fit on your arms let you carry it like a backpack.

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8. Club Team Swoosh Backpack by NIKE – Best Soccer Bags

8. Nike Club Team Swoosh Backpack

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Cheer up for here comes the giant that has compelled many to make it their first choice. This is the Nike Club team Swoosh Backpack that is specially designed to cater to the needs of your soccer enthusiasm.

Large dual zip compartment with rain flap lets you use this bag for all seasons. Special ball compartment is designed to store the ball while you can keep the gears in other compartments.

Keep your small and essential belongings in the top and interior pockets made to organize it well. An adjustable shoulder strap lets you pick up the bag and move on. Side mesh pockets allow quick access to bottles. With sturdy construction and a roomy 4 × 6 inch size, you can enjoy the ultimate comfort from this bag.

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7. Soccerware presets Sports Soccer Backpack for Boys & Girls

7. Soccer Bag Backpack

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Are you looking for a special backpack for keeping your soccer ball? If Yes, then you should give a look at this product. Featuring a special design with integrated soccer ball holder that can accommodate a ball of size 5 this bag also has special compartments to keep your gears safely. Lightweight structure lets you carry it easily and travel with it over long distances.

No matter how much you’ve played on the ground the ventilated compartments keep your gear bacteria free. You can open the bag easily with the drawstring closure while the cotton padded double lace shoulder straps give you the ultimate comfort of carrying it. The material used in making this bag is heavy-duty and very durable that makes it perfect for all your rigorous use.

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6. Vizari presents Solano Sports Soccer Backpack

6. Vizari Sport Solano Backpack

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This bag is specially designed to be the perfect companion of soccer enthusiasts. Featuring wholesome size and premium quality material makes this backpack and a price is reasonable to have made this backpack famous. The rubber mesh front pocket is specially made to keep a full-size soccer ball of size 5.

Made from a special blend of polyester and jacquard this bag can bear all the strain during your whole soccer season. Two breathable size cargo pockets make a great room to store your gears safely. Padded strap gives you the ultimate comfort to carry it easily.

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5. Stadium Team Backpack by ADIDAS – Best Soccer Bags

5. adidas Stadium Team Backpack

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A go-to soccer backpack that you can always rely on its sturdy construction and amazing comfort. Featuring a zippered ball and laundry pocket on the upper side gives you easy and quick access to your ball.

Its laser cut cleat compartments are specially designed to keep your cleats ventilated so that they do not smell out badly. Don’t miss to keep your computer or tablet in the integrated tablet compartment on the inner side that keeps your device safe and secured.

With padded back comfort and shoulder straps, you can always feel comfortable while traveling with the backpack. Knowing that you’ll be taking this bag on the soccer field, the base is made with specialized water-resistant materials that keep the water away from entering the bag.

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4. Ozsee Sackpack by Under Armour – Best Soccer Bags

4. Under Armour Ozsee Sackpack

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If you want a small size backpack that can contain just your soccer ball then this one is just perfect for you. The small and compact size of this backpack has really made it famous among youths. Made from full 100% polyester material this backpack is extremely durable and bears all the strain during travel.

Sternum clip cords with a drawstring closure let you keep a full-size ball inside and gives easy access to it. On the other hand, this bag is very attractive as it features the Under Armour symbol on the back side. Due to its reasonable price, many find this backpack to be very useful for their daily use.

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3. Diadora presents Squadra Soccer Backpack

3. Diadora Squadra Backpack

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Roomy, strong and durable are some of the special features of this soccer backpack. Specially designed for soccer players this backpack has all that you need to carry your gears and other essential things during a soccer season. The front side features a mesh pocket with an easy zippered opening that can fit a ball of size 5. Keep your cleats and sheen guard in the comfortable side pockets.

Designed from Denier nylon material makes this backpack extremely durable to be used rigorously. You can put other important things like your wallet, keys and mobile phone in the small front pocket on the top. The high-quality stitching and premium quality material makes this backpack worth the price you pay.

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2. Molten presents Mesh Ball Bag – Best Soccer Bags

2. Molten Mesh Ball Bag

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When it comes to carrying soccer balls you should always look for a better option. This mesh ball bag is a perfect solution for carrying multiple balls on the field. Large and roomy size of this bag can hold 12 fully inflated official size soccer balls without getting stuffed up. This bag also features a front pocket with zippered storage to keep your essential things like a first aid kit.

Drawstring closure lets you open or closes the bag easily. Apart from that what you expect from this kind of bag is it should be durable and lightweight so that you can carry it along with you.

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1. Diablo Small Duffle Bag by ADIDAS​ – best Soccer Bags

1. adidas Diablo Small Duffle Bag

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This is just a perfect size duffle bag to carry your soccer ball and other accessories. Featuring a heavy-duty construction made from 100% polyester, this bag is made to bear the wear and tear for your daily use. The upper side opening is easy to access with dual zippers for a comfortable opening.

Short handles on both the sides let you carry the bag in your hand or you can use the long shoulder strap and carry this duffle bag on your back. Attractive design with chic colors this bag has the large Adidas logo printed on the side. Apart from all these features, you get this bag at a very reasonable price that is hard to beat.

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A sportsperson requires the best gears and accessories to make the most out of the game. This is true when you’re playing soccer. A soccer backpack is essential for your game and this will be the companion throughout the soccer seasons.

You need a premium quality bag that is comfortable to carry and use. Not to say, it should have abundant space to keep your soccer ball. This list certainly features all that and you can make the right choice by getting one of the best products from this list.

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