Best Powered Chainsaws in 2022 Reviews


Then you need all the power you can get. Cutting wood or trees down to size can be hard work. But if you have one of the top 10 best powered chainsaws in 2022 working with you, it won’t be so bad.

These chains saws are designed to make your wood cutting tasks simple and easy. They help you get more time for your family. Use power when you have better things to do than cut wood.

List of Best Powered Chainsaws

10. Meharbour 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

10. Meharbour 20-Inch 59 CC 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw, 3.4HP Engine 2.0KW

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Gas is the best fuel to use when you need lots of power to get the job done right. Its 59 CC & 3.4 HP engine powers the 20-inch chain through countless pieces of wood. To get the right lubrication you just need to mix a little 2 cycle oil in with the gas.

Then the easy pull start system makes sure you do not have starting problems. Once you have it going you will have all the power you need to cut that wood cutting chore down to size.

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9. TINTON LIFE Gasoline Petrol Powered Top Handle Chainsaw

9. 52CC 3HP 2.2KW Gasoline Petrol Powered Top Handle Two-Stroke Chainsaw

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This powerful chain saw comes with a 2 cycle, 52 CC and 3 HP engine. That is power enough to move the 22” chain through your wood pile. It turns a tough wood cutting chore into an easy walk in the park task.

The anti-kickback technology, the easy to use pull start and trigger, keeps this chain saw safe to use all day, every day. An automatic brake system is included in its safety features. The gas tank opening is on top of the tank for easy refueling.

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8. Nexttechnology Gas Chainsaw

8. Inch 2 Stroke Cycle Professional Electric Petrol Chainsaw Double Spring Cordless Chainsaw for Tree Pruning Clearing Land Preparing Firewood (45CC Red)

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It may only have an 18” chain and a 2-stroke engine but it puts out the power you need. The double spring technology makes starting the chainsaw very easy. Also, the brake guard protects your hand if it slides off the top handle.

The 11,500 RPM makes any wood cutting chop simple and easy. A separate oil tank is built-in for lubricating the chain and other moving parts. A lot of accessories are included in your purchase of this power chainsaw.

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7. Homself 58cc Gas Chainsaw – Best Powered Chainsaws

7. Homself 58cc 20-inch Gas Chainsaw, 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Chain with Black Bag

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The power is there in this 58 CC and 2 stroke engines. Once you start the chain saw through the easy to pull starting cord, you get lots of power to move that 20-inch blade. To keep all of this lubricated an automatic oiling system is built-into the machine.

Then the compact overall size means that you can get into small tight corners safely without losing time. Made from aluminum and plastic, this chainsaw should not be heavy in your hands. Once started 10,000 RPM are at your fingertips ready to go to work.

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6. LZ Chainsaw Gas Powered Chainsaw

6. LZ Chainsaw LCS1020 20V 20IN Bar 52CC 3.5HP Gas Powered Chainsaw Handed Petrol 2-Cycle Chain Saw (Orange)

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A 3 ½ HP motor is waiting to cut your wood cutting chore into history. Its 2 cycle and 20 volts of power make sure you have enough power to work with. No priming is needed when you start this chainsaw up.

Also, the easy to pull starting mechanism won’t tire your arm out before you begin working. New technology also cuts down on those vibrations that take the energy out of you as you work. A 20-inch chain does the cutting for you.

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5. X-BULL Gas Powered Chain – Best Powered Chainsaws

5. X-BULL 20-Inch Gas Powered Chain Saw 62cc

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This power chainsaw comes with a larger 62 CC engine. More power means the job is done quicker and easier. A direct air carburetor makes fuel mixing smoother and keeps the chainsaw working better.

Plus, an automatic oiling system lets you concentrate on your task, not your lubrication needs. A chain brake makes sure you are protected if anything happens with the 20-inch chain. Balanced design makes sure your energy is not wasted and makes for better maneuvering as you work.

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4. Husqvarna 445 Cutting Kit – Best Powered Chainsaws

4. Husqvarna 445 Cutting Kit. Includes a 445 18-Inch 45.7cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw and 2 WoodlandPRO replacement Chains

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When you have lots of wood or tree to cut or prune, you need a kit. This kit brings with it an 18-inch powered chainsaw, a 46 CC engine and extra chains to get you through the day. The easy pull start is easy on your arms.

Plus, the chain brake protects your hands as you work. The trigger on the back handle is easy to push and access. You can concentrate on your task without worrying about the chain saw. A kit is better than buying all the accessories separately.

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3. Hurbo Petrol Chain Saw – Best Powered Chainsaws

Its 62 CC and 4 HP motor mean you have more than enough power to cut your chores down to size. Its 10,000 RPM moves that 20-inch chain with ease. Then anti-vibration technology protects your arms from wearing out.

Then the air injection process protects the filter making it and your engine last a long time. Plus, the lightweight and balance of this chainsaw allow you to work longer and get the job done quicker. Flooding control protection is also a part of this chainsaw’s operation.

2. Poulan Gas Powered Chain Saw – Best Powered Chainsaws

2. Poulan PP3416 16 34CC 2 Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw Home

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This refurbished 34 cc, 2 cycle gas chain saw may not be new but it works as it has never been used before. A 16-inch chain does all the cutting for you. Plus, you get handles that absorb the vibration as you work. This makes your work easier on your hands and arms.

Easy pull starter and a chain break provide some extra safety measures, as do the safety switches found near the rear handle. The trigger is easily accessed and not difficult to push.

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1. Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw – Best Powered Chainsaws

1. Greenworks PRO 18-Inch 80V Cordless Chainsaw, 2.0 AH Battery Included GCS80420

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This may not be a gas-powered chain saw but its 2 ah batteries provide a lot of power to the 18-inch chain. You get 150 cuts per single charge and a quick 30-minute recharge keeps you going till the job is done.

A chain break, steel spikes, and a metal wrap protect you as you work away. The oil tank is easy to refill and makes lubricating your chain saw a lot easier. 80 volts power the 18-inch chain so you get the most out of this chain saw.

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When you have tough wood cutting jobs ahead of you it pays to use the best equipment possible. Using the best cuts your workload down and make sit easier to do your job. One of the top 10 best powered chainsaws in 2022 is the best equipment for your wood cutting tasks. Go with the best and be safe.

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