Best LED Parking lot Lights in 2022


Parking your vehicles in the parking area will ensure safety and durability. Your vehicle stays protected against the fear of theft, adverse effects of wear & tear, dust, and other external factors. Occasionally, it happens that you need to enter the parking area during the night and low light conditions. The facility of decent quality, bright light output illuminates the parking area clearly without any hassles.

All the pedestrians and drivers would be able to see the road and surroundings clearly. The presence of the bright lights allows the surveillance camera to confine the face of trespassers clearly. The mercury vapor, HPS floodlights, or fluorescent lights can be replaced with the LED lights in the road and parking lots.

Generally, LED is highly efficient, flexible to use, and durable. There will be fewer chances of accidents and collisions with such lights. In order to eliminate speculation regarding which LED parking lot lights to purchase, take a look below.

List of Best LED Parking Lot Lights on in 2022

10. Phenas 48W LED Street Light, Road Lamp, LED Parking Lot Lights

10. Phenas 48W LED Street Light, Road Lamp, LED Parking Lot Lights Pole LED Outdoor Site and Area Light, Shoe Box Light

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The Phenas 48W LED street light can be used for a wide range of applications. These include a parking lot, street light, wall light, outdoor light, car parking, highway, stadium, etc. This LED showbox light comes with more than 50000 hours of lifespan and 5 years warranty. It can be conveniently used for wet locations.

The range of voltage supported is 100-277V. There are a total of 48 LEDs that work collectively to provide bright light output. These lights’ hollow out heat sink design makes the product lightweight and suitable to control heat dissipation.


  • The installation angle is adjustable in the range of -90° to +90°.
  • At the output, the LEDs present 5280LM lumens 5000K daylight.
  • It is completely IP65 weatherproof IP65 and resistant to rust.
  • For ease of installation, there is the availability of multifarious mounting brackets and beam angles.
  • You can replace the standard 10-200 Watt High-Pressure Sodium, Quartz, Metal Halide, or other HID units.
  • The entire light structure is enclosed inside the weatherproof based die-cast aluminum housing.

9. 300W LED Parking Lot Light,5500K Daylight White by WYZM

9. 300W LED Parking Lot Light,5500K Daylight White,36000 Lumens,100-277V LED Shoebox Area Light

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The need for sufficient lighting on roads and the inside parking lot is vital to ensure security. With sufficient light, there will be fewer odds of collisions and accidents. Compared to the typical parking lot lights, these LED-based lights deliver bright output without any hassles.

There are no issues regarding temperature sensitivities. With the use of the weatherproof die-cast aluminum housing used during construction, this 300W LED fixture is found ideal for different applications.

These comprise roadways, parking lots, campuses, car dealerships, gardens, etc. There will be saving up of 60% energy without any issues. Compared to the traditional light sources, the lighting quality would improve as time passes.


  • Installation of the latest w LED parking lot LED light fixture would save noteworthy light energy.
  • All the LEDs can work in the range of 120-277V AC.
  • With the low-maintenance LED lights, the cost spent on repairs and bulb replacement will be in control.
  • A total of 180-degree illumination is offered.

8. 1000LED LED Shoebox Light Outdoor Parking Fixture Mounting Brackets Adaptor

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Basically, the shoebox light from 1000LED serves to be a mounting accessory. It is very simple to convert the slip fitter mount into an arm mount to accommodate the square pole. This amount is found to the ideal for LED shoebox light mounting.

Whenever you purchase the LED shoebox light from 1000LED, you would certainly require them to supply inside the square pole. For this purpose, you can purchase this adaptor which is quite simple to install.


  • In this shoebox outdoor light, the tenon adapter is extensively used to transform slip fitter based light fixture to arm pole built lighting fixture.
  • To simplify the installation hassles, there are screw mounting accessories present in the package.
  • The diameter of the mounting bracket adaptor is 2.3”.

7. 1000LED 100W LED Shoebox Light, CRI>80Ra, 400W HID/HPS Replacement

The implementation of the contemporary design and the durable cast aluminum construction offers a broad area recommended for excellent heat dissipation. In case you require intense exterior lighting for streets, parking lot, walkaway, sports court, roadways, etc. this shoebox light is ideal.

Generally, the shoebox pole lights are found to be safe with the use of highly efficient UL approved LED driver and Lumileds LED chips. Basically, this parking lot area light comes with the 5 years warranty.


  • In this 1000W LED shoebox light, there is the presence of an easily adjustable mount. The 180-degree adaptable slip mount is uniquely designed to perfectly fit on the standard rounded poles.
  • It can be conveniently aligned vertically based on the requirements.
  • The high luminous 125lm/w provides a long working life.
  • There will be a noticeable reduction in the electronic bill by up to 70% to 80%.

6. AntLux 150W LED Parking Lot Lights – LED Shoebox Pole Light:

6. AntLux 150W LED Parking Lot Lights - LED Shoebox Pole Light - 18600lm, 5000K - 450W

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The 150W LED parking lot light is used for a wide range of applications. Generally, this shoebox pole light finds its application in the parking lots, park, roadway, pastures, and in the form of a replacement for the street light. There is the availability of the D2D- Dusk to dawn photocell sensor to automatic operation during dusk and dawn.

The light turns on during dusk and turns off during dawn. You will find that the electricity bill will be reduced up to 75% by substituting the prevailing traditional fixture. It is quite easy to substitute prevailing metal halide / HPS lights with this lot of lighting.


  • The simplicity of installation is guaranteed with a compact, lightweight body.
  • There is the presence of the arm mounting for accommodating the square pole and circular pole.
  • Stable performance and heavy-duty aluminum structure guarantee high conductivity.
  • The maximum output of 18600 lumens is ensured at the LED efficiency of 125 lumens/watt.
  • IP66 waterproof functionality is capable to sustain bad weather conditions.

5. 150 Watt Led Parking Lot Lighting, Adiding 3-Type Mountings Led Street Area Light

5. Led Parking Lot Lighting 150 Watt, Adiding Street Area Shoebox Pole Light with Photocell Sensor 3-Type Mountings Lumileds LED

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The 150 Watt LED street area light is suitable for use in the parking lots, park, garden, pasture, playground, farm, tennis, street, security area, etc. This parking lot lighting is extremely easy to install and illuminates the surrounding excellently.

It comes with large energy savings as compared to the conventional parking lot light. The corresponding brand Adding provides a 5-years warranty and guarantees a lifetime rating of 5000 hours.

In total, there are 3 different kinds of mounting available to make it suitable for wall and pole mounting. Generally, these mountings are ideal for arm mounting, slip fitter mounting(SF), and trunnion mounting.


  • In this 150W parking lot light, there is the availability of the shorting cap and photocell sensor.
  • The light would activate automatically during dusk and deactivates during dawn.
  • With the IP66 waterproof rating, outstanding resistance is provided against weather and erosion.
  • The included shorting cap is capable to withstand a broad range of AC voltage in the range of 0-48V.
  • In this parking lot LED lights, the 130lm/watt and 150w power sums to 19500ml. Actually, this light output is found equivalent to four 150w halogen lamps.

4. LED Flood Light Outdoor, STASUN 300W 27000lm LED Security Lights

4. LED Flood Light Outdoor, STASUN 300W 27000lm LED Security Lights with Wider Lighting Area

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Whenever you want a bigger lighting area to perfectly illuminate the surrounding, just go for this LED floodlight. It is quite straightforward to personalize the luminous coverage area without any hassles. The included outdoor security lights can be pivoted to 330 degrees.

This arrangement provides great installation flexibility to illuminate dark and large areas. According to the available space and need, the 27000lm LED lights can be used as garage light, yard light, stadium light, parking lot light, and driveway light, etc.


  • Structure of this 300W LED security lights to include robust die-cast aluminum housing along with shock-resistant PC lens. All these components guarantee outstanding heat dissipation and long-lasting performance.
  • During the design process, there is the use of the thickened fin-type heat sink. In this way, excellent heat dissipation is guaranteed.
  • The outdoor light is equipped with 50,000 hours lifespan and its lifetime is found 10 times longer than conventional incandescent light.
  • With the support of the IP66 waterproof rating, the outdoor light can function well in wet locations.
  • There will be an 88% saving in electricity bills.

3. 150 Watt NextGen 2 LED Parking Lot Lights by RuggedGrad

3. 150 Watt NextGen 2 LED Parking Lot Lights - 20,060 Lumen - Super Efficiency 130 Lumen to Watt - 5000K Bright

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Now there would be no hassles to substitute the 400 Watt conventional outdoor parking lot lights. This is because the present model of NextGen 2 LED parking lights is found to be highly efficient. There will be noticeable saving in money and light energy.

In addition to the parking lot lights, the included fixture is found perfect for new installations. For illuminating entrances, parking lot, and sports court, these lot lights are perfect. They present appealing aesthetics and excellent security.

Taking a closer look at the structure, there is aluminum housing with a high tech heat sink. Excellent heat dissipation guarantees longer LED life and reduced chances of insecurity. RuggedGrade prepared this parking lot of light to work excellently for targeting the light output in the correct direction. Whenever you are looking for a versatile mount option, these lights are perfect.


  • Intended to provide a bright light output, the 150 Watt LEDs emits 20,060 DLC Premium certified Lumens. Besides, they are capable to substitute a 500W metal halide or HPS/HID light.
  • Luminous and clear light output is guaranteed with the 5000K light color.
  • The light unit is equipped with a variable slip to mount specially designed to mount on the standard circular poles.
  • With the assistance of the slip mount, the light can be aligned vertically or horizontally.
  • The IP65 waterproof rating guarantees flawless working in all weather conditions.

2. LED Parking Lot Lights 200W – 26000 Lm Outdoor Lights by LEDMO

2. LEDMO LED Parking Lot Light 200W - Waterproof IP65 LED Shoebox Area Light with Photocell - 5000K 600W Equivalent

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There are many different areas in which this 200W light can be successfully installed. These include entrances, parking lots, parks, campuses, and many more. Moreover, it proves to be an ideal replacement for vapor lamps and street lights. The bright output is guaranteed along with high reliability.

Basically, the brand LEDMO designed this LED area light to slip-fit over a circular pole. According to the preference, the LED lights can be used with anyone of the mounting options like ceilings, walls, and on the sides of square or circular poles.


  • Compared to the 750W HID fixture, the LEDMO lights utilize only 200 watts of power. In this way, energy efficiency is conveyed.
  • Damage due to the severe or damp weather conditions will be eliminated with the use of the weatherproof die-cast aluminum cover. This cover is found to be durable and provides excellent protection. It is a removable cover guaranteeing easy access to the mounting arm hardware and driver.
  • The operating range of the voltage is 100-277 VAC.

1. 200W LED Parking Lot Lights- LEDMO 5000K LED Street Lights Shoebox Pole Lights

1. 200W LED Parking Lot Lights- LEDMO 5000K LED Street Lights Shoebox Pole Lights, Waterproof 26000LM Super Bright Dusk to Dawn

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Another parking lot lights from LEDMO in the list, these 200W lights prove to be environmental-friendly and safe. Whenever you wish to substitute the conventional metal halide, high-pressure sodium lamps with energy-efficient lights, this product is suitable.

There is no point of worry regarding the light fixture getting hot. This is because there is the existence of a hollow out heat sink design. This unique design makes these lights lightweight and suitable for dissipating heat. In these LED street lights, there is a dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor. This sensor is capable to detect ambient light and automatically controls the on/off mechanism.


  • The output consists of the 26000 lumens at 5000K Daylight White.
  • It comes with an LED efficiency of 130lm/w!
  • Excellent environmental protection is guaranteed without UV or IR radiation.
  • Electricity consumption will be reduced by 88%.


Enlightening the dark area is essential to avoid issues of accidents and injury. With the judicious choice of any one of the discussed LED parking lot lights, you will be astonished to see the bright light output with high efficiency.

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