Best Kitchen Trash Cans in 2022 Reviews + Buying Guides


Modern kitchens require that you keep everything in its place even garbage. For this, you need a trash can that fits perfectly in your kitchen space. It could be hard to find the perfect one unless you go through the best products. That’s why we’ve curated this list of the top 10 best kitchen trash cans in 2022 to help you find the right product.

List of Best Kitchen Trash Cans in 2022

10. HEFTY TOUCH presents 13.3 Gallon Black Durable and Lightweight Trash Can

10. Lightweight and Durable Hefty Touch Lid 13.3 Gallon Trash Can (Black)

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Keep your kitchen clean by putting the garbage in the trash cans. With a sleek and stylish design that fits best to the needs of the modern kitchen. Not only can you use this as a trash can in your kitchen, but you can use this bin in your office or laundry room or garage.

You just need to put a 13-gallon garbage bag the fits perfectly into this bin. This helps you in keeping your trash can clean and stink-free all the time.

Large opening of this can with a touch lid makes it easy to put in lumps of garbage inside this can. Designed with a properly enclosed lid keeps odors locked inside the trash can. Get this high capacity 13.3-gallon trash can for better disposal of your kitchen garbage.

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9. UTOPIA ALLEY Presents Rikki 8 gal Stainless Steel Trash Can and 6L Trash Can as a Bonus


9. Utopia Alley Rikki Stainless Steel Trash Can

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When you think of getting a stylish trash can for your home, then you should think of getting a stainless steel can. Made from high quality rustproof stainless steel material this trash can is rust and fingerprint resistant. This ensures that it looks the best inside your kitchen. Throw away your worries about its use as this garbage bin has a strong and sturdy pedal made for heavy use.

The lid closes down smoothly and easily that avoid irritating sound caused due to the banging of the lid. Inner liner made from polypropylene can be removed and cleaned to keep the can in a perfect condition. A perfect choice to enhance the look of the modern kitchen.

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8. HARDWARE RESOURCES Presents Plastic Waste Container CAN-35GRY

8. Hardware Resources CAN-35GRY Plastic Waste Container, Gray

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If you think of getting a simple trash can that gives long life service for years. Then, your search ends with this product. Modern design and elegant look are the specialties of this trash can. Constructed from a high-quality polymer material that is known for its durability, this can measure 9-7/16” in Width, 14-1/2” in Depth and 18” in height.

Easy to wash can clean material lets you keep this trash can in the best state. You can put this bin inside single and double 35qt waste container kits. Many customers have found this garbage can to be perfect for their pullout kitchen garbage.

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7. RUBBERMAID Presents 21-quart Bisque Wastebasket – Best Kitchen Trash Cans

7. Rubbermaid Wastebasket

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It might be really difficult to find a trash can that fits perfectly in the allotted space of your kitchen. When you want a can for using as garbage or recycle bin, then you can consider this one.

Measuring 12.9”L, 9W, 11H this can fits perfectly below the modern kitchen sink. You can use this can to fill garbage more than 5 gallons. Many people find this as a very durable and lightweight garbage bin for their kitchen.

The sides of this can are made strong to endure the wear and tear after everyday use. A smooth surface on the inner side makes cleaning an easy job while the textured exterior helps to wipe out stains easily. A made in USA product that assures it’s quality.

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6. WALL SAYINGS VINYL LETTERING Presents 4-inch Deal Stickers

6. Recycle and Trash Vinyl Lettering Decal Sticker

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Two cans stickers that identify its use make it easy to maintain and dispose of your garbage. Compact size measuring 4-inch helps you quickly recognize what you need to feed in a can. These stickers are especially helpful when you’ve 2 cans of the same shape and size in your kitchen. You can put these stickers not only on the garbage cans but on a wall, metal, wood, plastic ceramic and glass.

Made with a special kind of glue unlike other stickers, these vinyl stickers do not take the paint off your wall when you remove them. Certainly, if you want to organize your kitchen garbage then this is a good option.

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5. iTouchless Presents Soft Step Stainless Steel Pedal Trash Can

5. iTouchless SoftStep 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Step Trash Can

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Now disposing of your trash has become an easy job with this intelligent trash can. This trash can is designed to open instantly as you put a single press on the pedal and close smoothly without making noise. Stainless steel construction provides durable nature to the can while its stain-resistant exterior helps in keeping the can in a perfect condition.

Now you can get a trash can that is heavy duty and attractive too. Its inner bucket lets you easily take the trash out of the can without getting messed up. Special tuck and hold bag lock prevent the bag from falling inside the can and spilling the garbage in the bin. Easily replaceable natural filters control odors and keep the surrounding fresh and clean.

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4. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Slim Jim Trash Can Waste Receptacle with Venting Channels

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The Slim Jim container features innovative venting channels that make it 80% easier to lift the liners out of the can. Designed with 4 bag cinches secure liners that keep the bag in perfect condition without letting it fall down, spill and create a mess for you. Durable and heavy-duty construction helps you fit this can in the tight spaces of your kitchen.

Made for rigorous everyday use to give years of service and satisfaction. Easily lift this can by holding the handles on the top and bottom that gives perfect grip. A large capacity of 23 gallons lets you fit in all your kitchen trash inside one can.

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3. SIMPLEHUMAN presents Compact and Elegant

3. Gallon Compact Plastic Round Bathroom Step Trash Can

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Nobody would think of this as a trash can until they open it up. Attractive look, stylish design, contoured shape, and stunning black color just enhances the decor of your kitchen. When you need a small and compact trash can for using at your kitchen, bathroom, office, or even under-desk then, this one fits everywhere. Smoothly functioning yet strong steel pedal works perfectly.

Inner bucket easily lifts out for easy disposal of your trash. The round shape creates a feeling of elegance in your kitchen. Reasonably priced this is one of the best products in the market.

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2. SIMPLEHUMAN presents Slim Kitchen – Best Kitchen Trash Cans

2. simplehuman 40 Liter

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Fitting a large-sized trash can in less space could be very difficult. But, this trash can solves your problem by its compact design and yet large capacity. Designed to fit into most of the tight spaces this can have a compact width and tall height.

This helps you to manage your garbage inside it. The slide lock on the lid restricts the can from opening when pets or children try to open.

Made with patented lid shox technology closes the lid smoothly every time you open it. Built-in wheels let you move the can for cleaning or dumping out the garbage. Heavy duty material with 5-year warranty builds trust in this product.

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1. NINESTARS presents Touchless Stainless Steel Oval

1. Ninestars CB-DZT-50-98-1C Automatic Touchless Motion Sensor Oval & Rectangular Trash Can Combo Set

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When you search for intelligent products designed to make your everyday work easy you’ve come to the right product. This kit contains 2 trash cans of 13.2 gallons and 2.1 gallons.

You can use both of these cans in your kitchen or keep the big one in the kitchen and a small one in your bathroom. Smart design with an infrared sensor detects the motion of your hand and automatically opens the lid.

Efficient engineering has helped the developers to make this can lock in unpleasant odors. Constructed from the commercial-grade stainless steel material and 2-year warranty build our trust in this product.

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It takes lots of effort to find the perfect product. But you can save all your time and efforts by picking up one of the best trash cans mentioned in this list. This will ensure that you get the best for your kitchen that not just gets your work done, but elevates the decor of your kitchen.

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