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Small decorative touches, to your home’s décor, can really make a difference. Your guests will be impressed at how you paid attention to little details that really make your home sparkle. One of this design touches is using one of the top 10 best fruit bowls in 2022.

These bowls can add an attractive decorative touch without breaking the bank or your budget. Displaying fruit has a way f making the room smile and look a lot better. Using grapefruits, oranges, apples, and other brightly colored fruits is a good way to kick the sadness out of a room.

If you are not sure which fruit bowl made our top 10 best list, just keep reading our review. We look at the best available fruit bowls on sale now. Then provide you with the information you need to make a decorative upgrade to your home.

They may be small and not that important, but a good fruit bow display should help you make a great impression on your friends and other guests.

List of Best Fruit Bowls in 2022

10. Elegance Oval Fruit Bowl – Best Fruit Bowls

10. Elegance 72652 Hammered by 8-Inch Stainless Steel Oval Fruit Bowl

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Made from hammered stainless-steel, you won’t have to worry about corrupting the real fruit you place inside it. The bowl is corrosion and rust resistant. Plus, it is easy to keep the germs and bacteria away. Just pop it into the dishwasher to wash away all impurities.

Besides fruit, you can use this fruit bow for potpourri, candy, chocolates, and other decorative items. You can even set out some delicious specialty bread for your guests to snack on. The uses for this bowl are unlimited.

Measuring 14.5 x 8 x 3.5 inches in size, you have more than enough room to put your decorative items on display. Plus, its lightweight makes it easy to handle and move from place to place. The fruit bowl saves you from clutter as well.

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9. Landtom Creative Stainless Steel Fruit Bowl

9. Landtom Creative Stainless Steel Rotation Fruit Bowl

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This uniquely designed fruit bowl uses stainless-steel rods fused together for a contemporary look. Not only will it hold decorative fruit pieces, but it will also be a conversation piece for a long time.

Standing 8” high, the bowl has approx. a 13” top opening. This gives you plenty of room to stack your fruit in a very creative manner. The circular design allows your bananas, pears, apples, etc., to breathe as they sit there lighting up the room.

Great for seasonal fruit, you can also place this fruit bowl on your table as a very decorative centerpiece. When you pull it out of the box, make sure you give the bolts a quick tightening turn or two. This ensures that your bowl will not fall apart.

8. ESYLIFE Wire Fruit Bowl

8. ESYLIFE Wire Fruit Bowl with Banana Hanger Fruit Storage Basket, Black

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For those people who like simple yet practical designs, this fruit bowl does the trick. Its simple wire shape lets your fruit breathe as they sit they’re looking good. Then it provides a nice elevated hook to hang your bananas. This gives you more room for more fruit.

The steel construction material is coated to help prevent rust or corrosion from ruining your new decorative piece. The tiny feet provide the stability you need when loading the bowl with your expensive fruit.

The wire design supports larger items, like bread or buns, and it is not recommended that you put chocolate or candies inside. At least not without a mat to hold them. Some assembly is required, but it should not take you too long to put the fruit bowl together.

7. Luxe Premium Fruit Basket

7. Fruit Basket with Banana Holder, Luxe Premium's Fruit Basket with Banana Hanger, Elegant and Decorative Chrome Fruit Bowl with Banana Hook, Amazing Design

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We do not know what the bananas did to get hung like that, but the banana hanger makes sure you have enough room for other fruits in this bowl. Its chrome plated metal adds a touch of class to any room in your home.

The fruit bowl measures roughly 14 by 10 by 16 inches which provides you with more than enough space for all your favorite fruits. Its grid-style design works for those larger fruits, vegetables, or other items you want to display.

If you like a post-modern or contemporary look in your home, this fruit basket will fit right in. It will also add a little class as it does so. The small feet provide you with the stability you need in a fruit bowl. They shouldn’t mark up your furniture either.

6. Homer Laughlin Fiesta Fruit Bowl – Best Fruit Bowls

6. Ounce Fruit Bowl, Scarlet

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Simplicity ad simple designs do not have to be boring. This simply designed fruit bowl comes in assorted colors that should match with your home’s interior décor. The ceramic construction materials are lead-free and should not be harmful to your fruit or vegetables.

Also, the simple design provides you with a lot of flexibility when you go to fill it up. You can put fruits, vegetables, chocolates, snacks, Hallowe’en treats, and a lot more inside this bowl.

Plus, its simple construction allows you to use this bowl in the microwave, oven, and then clean it up in the dishwasher. It is simple to use, has a variety of uses and cleans up nice and easily. What more can you ask from a fruit bowl?

5. Sagler 3 Tier Fruit basket – Best Fruit Bowls

5. Sagler 3 Tier Fruit basket - Stainless steel fruit bowl - large fruit bowl - useful for fruit storage basket

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The hammock design is not intended to put your fruits and vegetables to sleep. The 3 tiers are made to make sure you display your products in a very decorative and complementary fashion.

The hook holders make the tiers easy to remove and replace when you need to fill them or clean them up. The chrome plating is designed to keep the fruit bowl looking good for a long time.

Then the wire base is wide enough to keep the whole bowl stable and standing upright. Measuring 14 by 23 by 12″ you can get a lot of fruit inside each hammock. Plus, you can display a variety of products to tempt your family or guests.

Be unique and display your creative nature when you display this fruit bowl inside your kitchen or dining room table.

4. Spectrum Bloom Fruit Basket – Best Fruit Bowls

4. Spectrum Diversified Bloom Fruit Basket and Banana Holder, Small, Satin Nickel

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Before you put anything inside this fruit bowl, you will see that it looks like a blooming flower displaying its wonders. When you put fruit inside, you are adding the wonder to the overall look of the fruit bowl.

Its chrome plated steel construction keeps the bowl durable and ready for years of action. Measuring only about 10 x 10 x 14 inches, there s lots of room inside for whatever you want to place in it.

The wire base shouldn’t damage your furniture as it sits elegantly on your tables or counters. A hook is provided to keep your bananas up high. If you need to, you can also place 7 or 9-inch lids over the top of the bowl. The bendable and flexible metal lets you adjust the space between the wires.

3. Lipper International Serving Bowl – Best Fruit Bowls

3. Lipper International 1174 Acacia Wave Serving Bowl for Fruits or Salads, Large

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Wood just has a way of making any room look better. A wood style fruit bowl just says class, elegance, and charm all rolled into one package. Made from acacia, you won’t have any issues with rust or corrosion.

Just make sure that you hand wash it only. It is not made to survive the dishwasher. Besides fruit this 12 by 7-inch fruit bowl can be used for salads and other nice meal side dishes.

Its wave looks, at the top of the bowl, can make you wish you were at the ocean instead of working every night. Oh, before we forget, this bowl cannot be used in the microwave or refrigerator either. Plus, you should not soak the bowl when you hand wash it. The only thing to really watch out for is splinters. Be careful.

2. Simple Houseware Fruit Basket Bowl – Best Fruit Bowls

2. SimpleHouseware Fruit Basket Bowl with Banana Tree Hanger, Bronze

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A nice and simple wire fruit basket does go a long way in sprucing up your kitchen décor. It also is practical, functional, and durable. Its 12.5 x 12 x 15 size holds a lot of fruit and keeps the bananas up in the air for added protection.

The bronze coating not only helps the bowl’s looks, it protects against harmful materials, rust and corrosion, that may damage the bowl. The 3 feet at the bottom of the bowl provides the stability you need. Plus, they should not damage your furniture.

The stability is so good that you can hang the bananas without the bowl flipping over. Some assembly is required but all the hardware is included with your purchase. The only drawback to this fruit bowl is that the screws may be a bit short to do their job adequately.

1. DecoBros Wire Fruit Bowl – Best Fruit Bowls

1. DecoBros Wire Fruit Tree Bowl with Banana Hanger, Chrome Finish

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It is shaped like a real peach basket, but it handles fruits and vegetables of all stripes and colors. The chrome plated metal looks great in your kitchen and should be durable enough to last you for years.

It is a good bowl when you are not trying to impress friends, relatives of guests. It works great for everyday life. Besides fruit and vegetables, you can try bread, buns, and other larger snacks. The bowl is simple yet versatile.

Measuring 13 by 15 by 5 inches in size, there is more than enough room to handle your decorative display. It can even fit a small watermelon. Then the tiny feet make sure the bowl stays stable even when not in use. The banana hanger can be removed.

The Benefits of Eating Fruit

When you have a fruit bowl displaying fruit, that means you and your family are eating more fruit. That is a good thing as fruit provides you wand your family with a lot of health benefits.

Here are some of those health benefits that fruit brings to your lifestyle:

  • Folate or folic acid– this nutrient helps your body develop good healthy red blood cells. Folate also helps prevent certain birth defects
  • Potassium- reduces the risk of heart disease and possible stroke. It also works to prevent kidney stones and the decrease in bone density
  • Vitamins A & C– these vitamins work to protect your body from chronic diseases
  • Diabetes- fruit also helps fight off any diabetes that may try to enter your system
  • Digestion- fruit contributes to a healthy digestive tract which in turn makes other natural body functions normal and healthy
  • Cancer- you get protection from certain cancers when you eat fruit
  • Weight loss- fruits have lower calories content which will help you lose weight and keep it off

The healthiest fruits available

If you want to change your diet to something better. You need to add more fruit and skip the fast food restaurants. Here is a list of the healthiest fruits you can buy:

  • Grapefruit- it may not taste sweet, but it is packed with a lot of vitamins and nutrients which help in weight loss and lower cholesterol counts
  • Pineapple- a fruit from the tropics that has anti-inflammatory compounds
  • Avocado – low carbs but a lot of healthy fats and potassium and magnesium. These ingredients help your blood pressure
  • Blueberries- they contain large amounts of antioxidants, manganese, vitamin K and other ingredients that fight off Alzheimer’s, diabetes and other bad diseases
  • Apples- good heart health is part of this fruit’s expertise, as well as working to keep diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s away
  • Pomegranates- more antioxidants than green tea or red wine
  • Mango- besides vitamin C, they have anti-inflammatory compounds
  • Strawberries- their ingredients work to keep you very healthy even if you are a diabetic. They also prevent tumor s from starting and some cancers from getting a hold in your body
  • Cranberries- copper, manganese. Vitamin E and other nutrients work to prevent urinary tract infections
  • Durian- it does not smell good but that doesn’t stop this tropical fruit from helping your body stay healthy. It contains B vitamins, copper, folate, and other nutrients

A simple purchase of a simple fruit bowl can lead your family to a healthier way to live. You got to fill the fruit bowl with something, so it might as well be with a food that is delicious and healthy.

One of the top 10 fruit bowls in 2022 can start you on your way to a new lifestyle that protects you from disease and may help you lose weight.

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