Best Card Holders for Phone in 2020


Why use a wallet, when your smartphone can carry your business cards, cash, or other important cards. You can store credit cards, ids, and more in one of the top 10 best card holders for phone in 2020. You can save pocket space and time by keeping important items nearby and easily accessible.

When you do not have time to look through your purse or pockets for extra cash, these card holders come in handy. They speed up your transaction and make sure you get through the line quickly. That is what happens when you use one of the best of the best.

Your lifestyle gets a little easier and you can return home to your family faster. To find out what the top 10 best card holders for phones in 2020 can do for you, just continue to read our review.

List of Best Card Holders for Phone on in 2020

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10. Ringke Flip Cell Phone Card Holder

10. Ringke Flip Cell Phone Card Holder

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Your phone already does a lot of different things for you. You might as well use it to hold your important cards or cash. The 3M adhesive will stick the card holder to your phone and shouldn’t let go. It is large enough to hold up to 5 cards and some pocket money.

Also, a magnetic closure makes sure those precious ads and money stay where you put them. Then, the durable fabric exterior should last you a long time while protecting your cards from weather damage.

In addition to these aspects, you get a large compatibility list. This card holder should work on most smartphones and iPhones. The flat design shouldn’t bulk up your pockets too much while keeping your important things nearby.

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9. iPhone 8 Case with Leather Business Cell Phone Card Holder Wallet

9. iPhone 8 Case with Leather Business Card Holder Wallet

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Turn your smartphone into a wallet by adding this wallet case for your iPhone 8. You can protect your iPhone as well as carry cash, important cards, including credit cards. Have everything you need when you need it quickly.

Plus, the Card holder wallet is made of leather, so you will be adding a touch of class to your lifestyle. Also, you get complete access to your buttons and ports. Then for better viewing, you can turn the wallet into a phone stand.

In addition to these features, your camera will not be blocked. You can still take your selfies and have your phone look great at the same time. Attaching headphones are not a problem either. Your music listening will be better with this phone wallet.

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8. Shanshui Cell Phone Card Holder

8. Shanshui Cell Phone Card Holder

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When you do not have pockets, or you do not want to carry your wallet, this card holder comes to the rescue. The adhesive on the back will allow you to attach it to any flat surface you carry with you. It will also work on your smartphones as well.

It is not always necessary to carry every card you have with you This card holder lightens your load, gives you a smoother appearance, as well as make sure you have enough cash on hand. With a variety of colors to choose from you won’t clash with your outfit.

Just one thing though. The new iPhoneX/8/8+ does not allow you to stick this card holder on its surface. Its anti-fingerprint formula doesn’t like the adhesive tape.

7. Case Art Plus Secure Cell Phone Credit Card Holder Wallet

7. Case Art Plus Secure Cell Phone Credit Card Holder Wallet

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As the world heads towards a cashless society, smartphones are helping you keep up. You can attach this credit card holder to most phones and just carry your credit and bank cards with you instead of cash. You can even carry a USB drive inside.

Also, the double-stitching on the card holder makes it a very durable and secure place to hold your important cards. If you need additional security in the gym or other public places, you can use this credit card holder as a secret storage spot.

Plus, the overlapping lip gives you protection on top, so your cards do not slip out on their own. The strong adhesive works to keep the card holder securely in place no matter where e you put your smartphone.

6. AgentWhiteUSA hui-87 Stick On Cell Phone Credit Card Holder Wallet

6. AgentWhiteUSA hui-87 Stick On Cell Phone Credit Card Holder Wallet

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Get easy access with this slip inside and out designed card holder. No need to worry about losing time fumbling with top lids, you just slip your card in or slip out for faster transactions. The anti-slip material should hold on to your cards very tightly.

Then, its small size should make it compatible with the majority of smartphones and iPhones on the market today. In addition to these characteristics, the credit card holder will hold up to 10 cards at one time.

The quality is in the construction and how long the card holder lasts depends on how much you use it. If you still like your wallet, you can store your earphones in the card holder. It is very inclusive when it needs to be.

5. AgentWhiteUSA Cell Phone Card Holder Wallet

5. AgentWhiteUSA Cell Phone Card Holder Wallet

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Convenience has been the name of the game for decades. Making things easier for the consumer has been one business’ top priority over the years. The advent of these new smartphone car holders is just evidence of that strategy.

These products make it simpler and easier for you to carry cash, important id, or credit cards. No more fumbling about in your purse to find the right change or credit card. Just flip your phone over and pull out what you need.

Plus, with a large compatibility list, you should be able to find the right phone to fit your new card holder. There is no danger of your cards accidentally slipping out. The holder is made from anti-slip materials. Up to 5 cards fit inside.

4. Cellessentials Cell Phone Card Holder Back

4. Cellessentials Cell Phone Card Holder Back 

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The back of your phone is good for something other than just looking good. It will hold your new card holder with ease. This high-quality card holder comes in a three pack, so you have spares just in case. Each one carries a nice color with it.

There is room for 3 cards in this new slim designed card holder. Or you can put emergency cash inside to help you meet difficult situations. Or if you use public transportation your monthly bus or train pass will be kept safe inside.

Also, the 3M adhesive makes sure your card holder does not fall off. Your cards are safe inside and shouldn’t get lost as you go about your daily routine. A money-back guarantee comes with your purchase of this card holder.

3. Gecko Adhesive Cell Phone Card Holder Wallet

3. Gecko Adhesive Cell Phone Card Holder Wallet

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When you need cash in a hurry, don’t whip out your wallet. Just open your smartphone and take a few bills from the card holder pocket. These slim looking card holders are perfect when you do not have pockets, or you do not want bulging pockets.

Before you go out, just make sure the safety strap is in place. This strap ensures that the contents of the pocket remain inside until you need them. Plus, the oversize dimensions mean no one will know exactly what you have in the cardholder. Everything stays hidden from view.

If you need to hold small oddly shaped items like earphones, the Lycra fabric will stretch a bit to accommodate your need. Strong adhesive keeps the holder on your smartphone.

2. SINJIMORU Credit Card Holders for phone

2. SINJIMORU Credit Card Holders Wallet for phone

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Now you know what the back of your iPhone or smartphone is good for. You can place an adhesive card holder on it and carry the bare essentials with you. With a large compatibility list, you are not left out from using this cardholder.

There is enough room inside the holder to house your credit cards, driver’s license, or other important cards. Up to 10 can be placed inside safely and securely. Be careful though, not every phone will be able to hold the adhesive.

Also, if you need to store your house key somewhere nice and safe, this card holder volunteers to do the job. It is designed to handle keys, money, and other vulnerable items as well as cards.

1. CardNinja Compatible Credit Card Holder Wallet for Smartphones

1. CardNinja Compatible Credit Card Holder Wallet for Smartphones

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There is always the danger that someone may try to steal your credit card number. This card holder has an RFID magnetic blocking device inside to protect you from theft. Then with 9 attractive colors to choose from, you will find one that complements your phone and outfit.

Plus, its storage pocket will hold around 8 credit cards without letting them go. You can probably put some cash inside at the same time. There is a limited list of compatible smartphones and iPhones you can peel and stick this product too.

Then, you can remove it from your smartphone with ease and without causing it any damage. This card holder is also great for securing important items when you are at the gym or some other public facility.

Like any product produced in the world today, card holders have their good sides and their bad sides. The same goes for one of the top 10 best card holders for phones in 2020. They have their good points and their bad points.

To make sure you keep feeling good about these card holders we will give you the bad side first, then the good side second.

Cons of Using a Card Holder for Smartphones

Not compatible with all phones:

Some smartphones and iPhones do not work with these cardholders. One doesn’t allow fingerprints, so the adhesive won’t stick to the phone. You need to check before you purchase to see if they will attach to your smartphone.


Some card holders to hold a lot of cards, cash, and other items. Yet many of them do not hold enough. You can only get about 3 cards inside and you may not have room for your cash


Their ability to stick to your phone depends on how good the adhesive is. Quality control is not always perfect either, so some card holders slip through with the inferior adhesive tape


Again, some card holders for phones do have tops that close over the opening of the cardholder. These lids make sure your cards stay inside. But most do not. This means you could lose your cards and cash quite easily. One good bump or drop and they are gone


You lose your cards, cash, or id when someone steals your smartphone.

Pros of Using a Card Holder for Smartphones

Speed up your checkout:

Instead of wasting time searching for your wallet, everything is handy and right there at your fingertips. Just a quick pull and you are out of the line and on your way home

Holds essentials:

You do not have to put every card or id in the pocket. You can save room for a credit card or cash. This will help speed up your exit from a store checkout line

Holds many objects:

You can fit earpieces, USB drives, and other oddly designed necessary objects inside these card holders


the non-slip material, the extra-long pockets, or lids make sure your contents are nice and safe. They protect you from theft as no one knows what is inside. Also, cards and cash do not slip out very easily


They not only attach to your smartphone, etc., but you can use them in a gym locker, or another place you need a little extra security


These card holders come in a variety of colors and designs. They will complement your sense of fashion, style, and the color on your phone.


Streamlining your attire can be easily accomplished when you choose to use the top 10 best Card Holders for Phone in 2020. These card holders are not bulky and are designed not to bulk up.

Plus, you can make your life a little easier by having important cards and cash at your fingertips. Smartphones have replaced cameras and other needed devices, now it will replace your wallet as well.

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