Best Car Cup Holders in 2022 Reviews


In this fast-paced world eating and drinking in the car has become a common habit for many people. Yet finding a good cup holder that will handle a variety of cups is not so easy. To solve your problem one of the top 10 best car cup holders in 2022 are coming to the rescue.

This independent cup holders do not take up a lot of space. They have room for more than one cup and also a place for napkins or snacks. They also can find nice small corners to fit into so that they are out of the way when you steer or shift gears.

If you are not sure which cupholder made our top 10 list, simply continue to read our review. We look at the ten best and provide you with all the information you need to make a smart purchase.

Guilt in cupholder is not always the answer to your driving and sipping issues. That is why a good independent model is perfect for those times you need to eat and drive.

List of Best Car Cup Holders in 2022

10. WinnerEco Auto Cup Holder

10. WinnerEco Auto Truck Car Seat Drink Cup Holder Beverage Can Bottle Food Mount Stand Storage Box

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This unit is easy to install. It goes right between the seats. The cup holder will hold two cups of various sizes, cans of soda and even a water bottle. Whatever your beverage need is, this cup holder should address it.

Also, there is room for small items like a small cell phone or extra keys or even napkins in case you need them. The dimensions run about 2 ½” in diameter on the bottom, 2 ½” deep and 3” in diameter at the top. If your cup is too tall or too wide, then this cup holder is not for you.

Anyway, this cup holder is not compatible with bench seats. You need bucket seats to make it work for you. The good news is that you can be innovative and make this cupholder work for you.

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9. ROSY007 Drink Holder

9. ROSY007 Drink Holder coffee Console Side Pocket with pen hole,Auto Front Seat Organizer Car Console and Seat Gap Cup

Another cupholder that is not compatible with bench seats. That is okay, most cars do not have bench seats in the front anymore. This cup holder slides down between the passenger seat and the console. Then all you do is put your cups or other items inside and you are good to go.

A pinhole keeps writing utensils nearby. Plus, you can fit straws or other small items inside. This helps save you time from looking and losing your smaller items. To have the cupholder held securely, a 3cm size gap or smaller is needed.

So, the center console should d be about the same height as the passenger seat or a little bit taller. Smaller is not good. Cups should be less than 3” in diameter at the bottom to fit securely inside.

8. UltraGuards Car Seat Cup Holder

8. UltraGuards Car Seat Seam Wedge Cup Holder Food Drink Bottle Mount Stand Storage Organizer (Black)

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The pen holes on this unit can hold straws, pencils or other long thin items you may need at a moment’s notice. Installation is simple and easy. Just slide the unit between your car’s console and passenger seat. That is all there is to it.

If you do not have bucket seats, you can try using a strong adhesive to attach it to another part of your car or truck. Then the diameter is made so that it should hold most cup sizes. The only trick is not to make those cups too tall.

Made from solid plastic, this cupholder should last you for years under normal use. Plus, it should fit a variety of cup sizes including a standard travel mug size cup. The cupholder should fit most car models.

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7. Rubbermaid Automotive Cup Holder

7. Rubbermaid Automotive Cup Holder Car Storage Organizer Caddy, Deluxe

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Versatility is a good thing when it comes to cupholders. Everyone knows that people use their cars to hold all sorts of small items. This cup holder not only will hold your beverages, but it will also hold pens, paper, keys, credit cards, and cell phones.

Its non-slip design makes sure this cup holder stays where you put it. Also, a sit for power cords is built-in. You can recharge your phone with ease. Then if you wear sunglasses, a soft padded spot holds your sunglasses or glasses safely.

The cupholder fits in your console with just a push. No hardware is needed to secure it in position. If you need to clean this cupholder, just through it in the dishwasher. It can handle the heat and water power.

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6. Zone Tech Recessed Folding Cup Holder

6. Zone Tech Recessed Folding Cup Drink Holder - Black Premium Quality Recessed Sturdy Black Folding Vehicle Adjustable Drink Cup Holder

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Be a little innovative and stop following the crowd. This cup holder attaches to your dash or window through its suction cup technology. Its folding design works to keep your coffee in your cup and not on your car seats.

When not in use, just fold it up and move it out of the way. The folding design makes sure the cupholder doesn’t get in your way as you drive. Plus, you can keep it up high enough, so you do not have to take your eyes off the road.

Made from solid plastic, you should get many years of service from this cupholder. Then, the tightening lever technology pushes the air out of the suction cup, so the attachment is sure, fast and secure. Bumpy roads should not be a problem for you and your beverage.

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5. Swigzy Car Cup Holder

5. Swigzy Car Cup Holder Expander Adapter with Adjustable Base - Rubber Tabs Securely Hold Large Water Bottles

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The cupholder’s insert can adjust from 2 ½” to 3 ¾” with a quick hand movement. Then it can expand and hold up to a cup measuring almost 4 inches in diameter. Its rubber tabs then hold onto your cup like it was a gold bar.

If your cup comes with a handle, then there is a slit in the cupholder for handles. No sense burning your hand on the way to work. Getting your drink out again is not a problem. Just grab the cup and pull slightly. The tabs will let go as soon as you put pressure on them.

The average size of cup or bottle this product will hold is between 32 and 40 ounces in size. You do need to check before you buy if the cupholder will fit your car.

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4. guzzie+Guss Universal Cup Holder

4. guzzie+Guss Universal Cup Holder, Black

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This unit slips on strollers, bikes and other pieces of equipment capable of handling the strap closure. You can keep a baby bottle close at hand or have your own drink as you stroll with your baby.

You can always adjust the angle if you do not like where it sits. Plus, its anti-slip closure makes sure the cupholder stays in the same place you attached it to. The strap closure will adjust to fit all stroller sizes.

Add, the cup holder will give you a space for a water bottle when backpacking. It should fit your backpack with ease. You can even put it on the pull-out handle of your suitcase. There are plenty of places to attach this plastic cupholder. The pivoting holder gives you a variety of options to attach this cupholder.

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3. 808ino Car Cup Holder

3. Smart Kup - Car Cup Holder - For Hydro Flasks 32 oz and 40 oz

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The 3-inch upper cup comes with a slit to accommodate your mugs with handles. Then, it will also hold between 32 and 40-ounce cups along with bottles measuring almost 4” in diameter.

The tapered base allows you to place this cup holder in a variety of car cup holders. The taper goes from 3.2”to 2.6” in diameter. The ABS plastic construction materials are durable and strong enough to hold your favorite beverages.

This cup holder is designed to do hat your car’s standard cup holder cannot do. That holds larger cups. You can buy larger drinks, or bottles and have enough for your trip. The upper cup is tall enough to hold taller drinks with ease. This cup holder is made to make sure your drink stays upright and not cause a mess in your car.

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2. Custom Accessories Large Plastic Cup Holder

2. Custom Accessories 92200 Large Plastic Cup Holders, Black, 2-Pack

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When you need an extra cupholder in the car, this unit will solve that problem. For security, the plastic cupholder slides between your car’s windows and the door panels. This provides the strength to hold your drink as you drive.

Size is not a big issue either. This cupholder should be able to handle cups measuring p to 44 ounces in size. The durable construction materials hold up well and should last you years under normal use.

Also, its design keeps the cupholder up high, so you do not have to take your eyes off the road when reaching for your cup. There is no slit for mugs with handles. Two cup holders come in this set, making sure you have enough cup space for everyone in the car.

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1. BottlePro Version 2 Car Cup Holder

1. BottlePro Version 2 - Adjustable and Extendable Car Cup Holder Adapter for Hydro Flasks

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If you cup seems like it won’t fit, do not worry. You can adjust and extend this cup holder to fit the size of the cup you have in hand. A foam sleeve is included with your purchase. This makes sure the cup holder fits securely inside your car’s standard cup holder.

It is designed to handle larger cups and bottles your car’s cup holder can’t hold. You can g up to almost 4 inches in diameter and still have enough room for the bottle in this cupholder.

But there is a warning that comes with this product. It may not fit all standard car cup holders and it may not fit all cups and bottles that you want to use in the car. Check before you buy to make sure.

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Some benefits of using a car cup holder

You may not think there are benefits to using a car cup holder. But you would be surprised. Using one of the top 10 best car cup holders in 2022 can help your lifestyle be a little easier.

Here are some of those benefits

  • Keeps your hands free for driving and shifting
  • Protects your body from hot spills
  • Keeps your clothes clean when hot or cold beverages spill
  • Holds drinks secure when on bumpy roads
  • Keeps you from being distracted as you drive
  • Makes sure you can have your beverage your way
  • Keeps the car clean from spills. The beverage stays in the cup
  • Keeps drinks handy so you do not have to make extra stops

The advent of cup holders

Did you know that the Subaru Ascent will have 19 cupholders installed inside the car? That is going a bit too far. But since lifestyles have changed, and people spend more and more time in their car, they need beverage convenience.

With technology came a change in how cars drive. Now cars drive more smoothly making drinking inside more appealing. Then with the rise in fast food restaurants, eating on the go became a part of everyday life for many people. Car manufacturers had to keep up with the demand.

Yet this is not a new idea. The original model T had a place for people to eat in their cars. How car cup holders began may be a bit of a mystery, but one thing is for sure. They are here to stay.

They are a part of the car just as much as the doors are. The car needs to fit the lifestyle of the owner thus car cup holders in their many varieties should never disappear. You will find one or 19 in different models of modern cars.

To conclude, standard car cup holders are not made to fit larger cup sizes that many people like to drink. This fact opens the door for larger independent cupholders to be made. One way to get the best out of an independent car cup holder is to use one of the top10 best car cup holders in 2022.

These units are designed to hold large cups of beverages in different ways. You need to protect yourself and your car from spills. These cup holders handle that task with ease. Your car and you should arrive at your destination as clean as when you left home.

Using the best of the best makes life a little easier to handle even when the issue is as minor as car cup holders. Get the best and live a little.

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