Best Bike Kickstands in 2022 Reviews


When you get off your bike laying it on the ground is not a good option. The bike can get damaged, hit and it is inconvenient to get back on. This is more so when you have a package or two in your hands. The best thing to do to solve this problem is to get one of the top 10 best bike kickstands in 2022.

You may not have the option of using a kickstand as many bike manufacturers do not put them on the bike in the first place. That is okay. These top ten bike kickstands attach easily to your bike.

You get the convenience and ease of use once you have instead of your own kickstand. Kickstands are a vital part of biking no matter what anyone says. If you are not sure which kickstands are one of the top 10 best, just keep reading our review.

It is filled with the right information, so you get the right kickstand for your bike. You have nothing to lose with adding one of these kickstands to your bike.

List of Best Bike Kickstands

10. Wald Standard Center Mount Kickstand

10. Wald Standard Center Mount Bicycle Kickstand

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Be a little patriotic and purchase your kickstand from an American manufacturer. Do your part to help the American economy grow. You will get durability and strength with this metal kickstand.

Its center mount style makes it easy to attach to your bike. The spring kick will make sure you can get your kickstand up and down without any trouble. Its 1 ½” bolt is strong enough to make sure your kickstand doesn’t let go of the bike when in use.

If the center mount is not enough for you, this manufacturer makes a rear mount that will help you keep your bike standing. Installation takes only a few seconds of your time. The key is to get the right length for your bike.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get the right size of kickstand for your bike. If it isn’t long enough, it won’t work. Also, this unit does not work on mountain bikes.

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9. ZICOME Adjustable Bicycle Kickstand

9. ZICOME Adjustable Aluminium Alloy Bike Bicycle Kickstand

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Made from aluminum alloy, you can adjust this kickstand to fit just about any bike you own. It works best for bike measuring 20 to 26 inches in size and is compatible with a 700-road bike. The aluminum construction keeps this kickstand durable and long lasting.

All you need to install the kickstand are 2 Allen wrenches. The wrenches are included with your purchase. It is simple easy and should take no more than a minute or two. Weather is not a problem for this product as it is built to be waterproof.

An anti-slip foot works to keep your bike where you put it. This is a rear mount style bike stand and it should not interfere with your bike’s operation. Its lightweight shouldn’t weigh you down or make it harder to peddle your bike. Rubber mounting pads are designed to prevent the kickstand from scratching your bike.

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8. Getmore Rear mount stand

8. Rear mount stand Aluminium Bicycle Kickstand Black

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In the old days, kickstands came in one size for each bike Adjustments were out of the question. Now you can get adjustable kickstands, like this one, and have no problems fitting it to your bike.

This kickstand should work on bikes measuring 16 to 26 inches in size and also for the 700-road bike. Its spring design allows it to cushion any impact you or your kids throw its way.

Made from aluminum alloy, you get a tough kickstand that should last you a long time. Its durability is supported by its wear-resistant design and waterproofing. The kickstand mounts on the rear of the bike and shouldn’t take you too long to install it.

It may not fit mountain bikes as the attaching bracket might be a bit small. Just be careful when adjusting the adjustment screw it does not need a heavy hand.

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7. Pletscher Double Leg Bicycle Kickstand

7. Pletscher Double Leg Bottom Bracket Mount Bicycle Kickstand

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2 legs are better than one. You get more support, more durability, more strength and more to hold your bike up. The rocker arm design keeps breakable parts to a minimum. Plus, it allows you to open and close the kickstand with ease.

No rubber foot comes with this unit. But that is okay. You don’t really need it. The kickstand supports your bike well without needing an assist from rubber feet. If you can get a regular bike kickstand to work on your bike, then this unit will work for you as well.

When not in use, both legs fold up to one side. That makes this a center mount kickstand only. Just a few words of caution. There may be a few design flaws with individual kickstands. Just make sure to inspect yours before you purchase it for any flaws.

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6. Lumintrail Center Mount Bike Kickstand

6. Lumintrail Center Mount Double Leg Bike Kickstand Quick Adjust Height fits Most

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What makes a two-legged kickstand better? By making it adjustable. Its push-button adjustment feature makes adjusting the kickstand simple and easy. There are no screws to worry about breaking. Just push the button and adjust. It is that simple.

Then the feet are extra wide to keep your bike from sinking on mud. Plus, the soles are non-slip. This means you can use the kickstand on wet surfaces without worry. The two legs make sure the bike stays upright.

This helps when you need to make repairs. No more losing a hand or using a shoulder when trying to fix a broken bike part. Made from an aluminum alloy, this kickstand is designed for bikes ranging in size between 24 and 28 inches.

Installation is simple, but it may not work on those bikes that sport wide back tires. It also may not work on all bike models.

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5. M-Wave Ventura Double Leg Kickstand

5. Ventura Double Leg Kickstand

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This center mounting kickstand will not work for motorized bikes. But it will work for those bikes fitting the 26-29-inch range. Installation is not too difficult and only one screw is needed to attach it to your bike frame.

The screw works with an 8mm Allen head wrench. Unfortunately, the wrench is not included in your purchase. The feet on this two-legged kickstand are no-slip. You can use this unit with ease on wet surfaces.

The feet are a little bit wider than normal as well making them good for soft surfaces. Just check the thicknesses on your bike frame before purchasing. This unit may not fit very wide bike frames without altering the kickstand design.

Stability shouldn’t be a problem when you use this kickstand. The feet measure out 7 ½ inches side to side giving you more than enough space for good support.

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4. Greenfield Kickstand

4. Greenfield Kickstand

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If you like simple things and just want to go old school. Then this kickstand is for you it is a simple one-piece stand that uses 1 bracket and 1 screw to attach it to your bike frame. All the hardware you need is included with this rear mount kickstand.

It is a simple kick down and a kick up kickstand that should support your bike without any trouble. Made from aluminum, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with rust or other corrosive materials.

This kickstand should fit bikes measuring 22 inches and smaller. Plus, the durability and strength in this kickstand should support the weight of your bike with ease. Just do not overload it.

There is also no need for you to use rubber feet. The stand is designed to work on just about any surface you put your bike on. One thing, kickstands are vital to good bicycle use and maintenance.

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3. TOPCABIN Bike Kickstand

3. TOPCABIN Bike Kickstand Adjustable Aluminium Alloy Bicycle Kickstand Bike Side Kickstand Fit

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There are those times when an adjustable kickstand is superior to a standard simple one-piece unit. One reason for this is its compatibility. This adjustable kickstand will work on 22 to 28” bikes plus, mountain bikes, BMX models, MTB and 700 road bikes.

The versatility and the flexibility should help you meet any bike kickstand need. Then, installation shouldn’t be that difficult. The mounting bracket is made to work with bike tubes measuring between 15 to 28mm in size.

Not only is this product waterproof, but it is also anti-rust, anti-wear and has rubber feet. Those feet make it possible for you to stand your bike on wet surfaces without a problem. The Allen wrench needed to adjust and attach this kickstand is included with your purchase.

A one-year warranty and great customer service come with your purchase of this bike kickstand. You can set your mind at ease with this added protection.

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2. Bell Bracer Kick Stand – Best Bike Kickstands

2. Bell Bracer Bicycle Kick Stand

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Another simple to use and install kickstand for those people tired of complex products that come with complex instructions. One screw attaches this unit to your bike and you are good to go. The simple kick up and down function makes it very easy to use in all situations. Even when you are in a hurry.

One screw operates the simple adjustment feature. Just turn it to loosen, adjust the length and tighten it up again. That is about the most difficult part of this kickstand. The stand will fit bikes measuring 12 to 26 inches in size.

Plus, a rubber foot provides the no-slip feature you want. You can place your bike on wet surfaces without worry. Made from steel, the strength and durability should be there to hold your bike up. Add a lock washer to your attachment screw for better safety and durability.

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1. BV Adjustable Bike Kickstand – Best Bike Kickstands

1. BV Adjustable Bicycle Bike Kickstand with Concealed Spring-Loaded Latch, for 24-29 Inch Bicycles

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The adjustment feature gives you more flexibility and control over how you will use this kickstand. It works for bikes measuring between 24 and 29 inches in size. Plus, its spring-loaded latch makes it use very easy.

The wide no-slip foot provides greater traction when you have wet or muddy surfaces to prop your bike on. Then the kickstand will work on just about any angle or uneven surface you are on.

No tools are needed to adjust the kickstand. You can make adjustments even when you are far from home. The stand is made from strong metal and the plastic from very durable plastic. You should get a few years of service from this product.

It is a center mount product and makes sure you have enough space to attach it to your bike. Once that is done, installation should be a snap.

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Why do some bikes come without a kickstand

Believe it or not, there are those bike enthusiasts that hate the kickstand. They have a lot of reasons why they do not like that product. Here are a few of them:

  • They add a little weight
  • They wind can catch them and knock the bike over
  • Bikes falling over create damage to different parts
  • Create a little drag as you ride
  • Looks- they do not like how a kickstand looks on their bike

We do not think these objections to kickstands are realistic. A good kickstand is better than not having one at all. Most of the objections against a kickstand come from a snobbish attitude, not from anything substantial

Plus, people want to be like the pros even when they are far from being a professional cyclist. Protect your bike with a good kickstand.

To conclude, there is nothing wrong with adding a kickstand to your bike. They do not add a lot of weight to the frame and do not slow you down at all. The possibility of wind drag is very minor and only comes into play if you are racing in a contest.

Normal bike riding doesn’t worry about wind drag or weight. It also doesn’t worry about looks. It worries about the money spent on the bike and wanting to protect one’s investment.

Don’t worry about what other people think. If you want a kickstand on your bike, then get one of the top 10 best bike kickstands in 2022. Protecting your investment and having your bike last a long time is more important. Using the best is always the smartest way to go.