Best Bean Bag Chairs in 2022 Reviews


Relaxation is an art not everyone can find time to relax or even the right furniture to relax in. Some prefer hammocks, others a sofa, but for many a good bean bag chair, especially if you are a kid works wonders. That is why there are the top 10 best bean bag chairs in 2022.

These chairs will bring fun and relaxation to your child’s life. They are easy to move, reshape, and even can be stuck in a corner. It doesn’t matter as your child will find the art of relaxation through their bean bag chair.

If you are not sure which bean bag chair made out the top 10 best bean bag chair list in 2022, just continue to read our review. It is filled with the information you need to find that perfect chair for your child. The art of relaxation is one step closer.

List of Best Bean Bag Chairs Reviews

10. ECR4Kids Toddler Classic Bean Bag Chair

10. ECR4Kids Toddler Classic Bean Bag Chair, Assorted

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If your child is picky about color or you want to match your child’s room décor, that is not a severe problem. This 22” bean bag chair comes in a variety of colors to choose from. These chairs are also easy to keep clean. Just wipe them down with mild soap and a damp rag.

Also, the double stitching makes sure the chair remains durable and help keep the beads inside. There are no sharp edges to hurt your child. Plus, if the beads do escape, you can buy replacements separately. Just make sure the zipper is closed after refilling.

Before your child plays with the chair, you should know that it is made from non-toxic construction materials. It should be safe for your child to play on.

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9. FUGU Bean Bag Chair

9. FUGU Bean Bag Chair, Premium Foam Filled 4 XL, Protective Liner Plus Removable Machine Wash Cinnabar Cover

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Not all bean bag chairs are for children. This adult size chair provides a great spot to relax in. Also, it comes in a variety of adult colors to complement any room’s décor. You have a choice between 16 colors in total.

Also, the 44 x 27 x 44″ chair uses 28 cubic feet of foam to help you find that perfect soft spot to unwind from the day. You can remove the outer cover and throw it in the washing machine to make sure it stays nice and presentable to your guests.

The good news is that this chair is made without mercury, formaldehyde, and other dangerous elements. It is environmentally friendly and does not emit any ozone-depleting gases. You and your family should be safe when using this chair.

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8. Lumaland Luxury 6-Foot Bean Bag Chair

8. Lumaland Luxury 6-Foot Bean Bag Chair with Microsuede Cover Dark Grey, Machine Washable Big Size Sofa and Giant Lounger Furniture for Kids, Teens and Adults

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Tall people like to practice the art of relaxation once in a while as well. That is why there are so many different styles and lengths to the common beanbag chair. This chair works well with people measuring 6’ 5” and under.

To durable covers come with this chair. The outer suede cover can be washed, and you can still use the bean bag chair because the inner cover remains in place. With 8 colors to choose from, you can find a 6’bean bag chair for your home.

Besides the double stitching, the outer cover is made from durable materials. This chair is made to last you a long time under normal use. Also, it should survive the antics of your children when they get in their jumping moods.

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7. Cozy Sack Bean Bag Chair

7. Bean Bag Chair 5 with 29 Cubic Feet of Premium Foam Inside a Protective Liner Plus Removable Machine Wash Microfiber Cover by Cozy Sack

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29 cubic of foam is inside this 5-foot bean bag chair. That provides you with enough padding to make sure you perfect the art of relaxation. Then the 40 b 40 by the 40-inch chair is made from 10% microfibers.

Even with the microfiber construction, you can still take the cover off and clean it in the washing machine. Before you buy, make sure you browse through the 20 different colors to make sure you are getting the right bean bag chair for your home.

Also, double stitching ensures that the bag is durable and should last you a long time, even with guests over. Keep in mind this beanbag chair is not filled with beans but foam only. There are fakes out there so be careful when you search.

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6. CordaRoy’s Chenille Bean Bag Chair

6. CordaRoy's Chenille Bean Bag Chair, Convertible Chair Folds from Bean Bag to Bed, As Seen on Shark Tank - Charcoal, Full Size

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What makes a bean bag chair great? When it can be used for more options than a chair. This 2 in 1 chair doubles as a comfortable mattress when you have surprise guests over for the night. Just unzip and unroll and you are ready to accommodate your overnight guest.

Also, your microfiber cover is not afraid of your washer or dryer. You can keep the cover clean by unzipping it and placing it in the laundry to wait its turn to be washed and dried. The foam filling makes the chair/bed nice and comfortable.

Measuring roughly 42 by 42 by 32 inches in size, this chair should fit into small locations with ease. Just so you know, only 1 adult can sleep on the bed at a time.

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5. Flash Furniture Oversized Solid Bean Bag Chair

5. Flash Furniture Oversized Solid Royal Blue Bean Bag Chair

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If you do not like blue, don’t worry. There are about 16 colors you can choose from when you are searching for your next bean bag chair. Even if you do get the blue bean bag chair, you are still getting quality and double stitching. This makes sure the chair lasts you a long time.

Plus, the polyurethane foam provides the comfort you want when you want to relax. And the cotton cover makes sure this bean bag is soft to the touch. It also adds more durability to the chair.

To keep it clean, just use a damp cloth and mild soap. The chair measures in at 42 by 42 by 19 inches making it an easy fit in most apartments and homes.

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4. Big Joe Classic Bean Bag Chair

4. Big Joe 0630252, Lavender Polka Dot Classic Bean Bag Chair, Lavendar with White

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Thinking outside of the box and pushing the envelope has come to bean bag chairs. Even though it is a classic bean bag chair its color design is anything but classic. The lavender cover is covered with white polka dots. Enough to wake any sleepy person up in the morning.

Be careful though. This chair is not foam-filled but contains actual bean beads as filler. Also, to keep the beans inside a double-locking zipper system has been installed on the outer cover. The outer cover is made from gabardine and cleans the chair as you would most gabardine fabrics.

After purchase, any age person in your home can use this 28 by 28 by 12-inch bean bag chair to relax in.

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3. Sofa Sack Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair

3. Sofa Sack - Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair - Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair with Microsuede Cover - Stuffed Foam Filled Furniture and Accessories for Dorm Room


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When you want to practice the art of relaxation, you want a chair that is soft and plush. Both ingredients make sure your body relaxes to its fullest capacity. The velvet suede outer cover and extreme foam interior bring the optimum relaxation to your home.

Plus, the 36 by 36 by 24-inch chair should be able to fit in just about any empty spot you have in your house. Its standard double stitching provides the strength to handle the treatment given out by small children Also, it helps support the weight of full-grown adults.

Its memory foam interior may even conform to your body and bring you the ultimate relaxing experience you need. In addition, you get about 11 colors to choose from when trying to match your room’s décor.

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2. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

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Coming in at 60 by 60 by 34 inches, you know you will be comfortable and able to relax in this bean bag chair. It will support almost any size under 6 in height approx. When you sit, the bean bag chair should conform to your body and provide you with hours of relaxation time.

Also, the interior memory foam should remember you when you return for another relaxing session. The outer cover is machine washable. This saves you time and energy when you need to keep it clean.

Then its double stitching does not get in the way of the soft to the touch micro-suede material. It does add some durability and strength to the bean bag chair. Zippers have been added to make sure cleaning the chair is simple and easy.

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1. Big Joe 0010178 This Bean Bag Chair

1. Big Joe 0010178 This Bean Bag Chair, Large, Black Onyx Comfort Suede

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Be prepared to sit close to the ground when you purchase this beanbag chair. It is not built for height but ultimate comfort. Its special interior foam makes this a great chair to unwind in after a hard day at work or school.

A variety of sizes and colors will make sure you are satisfied with the performance and look of this chair. Also, the chair is made to keep its shape. It should not go flat regardless of the normal treatment you give it.

Then its 4 by 4 feet size uses an additional 34 inches of thickness to make sure you are given the ultimate comfort. Just remember to let it expand for a few days before using it. You can easily move this 30-pound bean bag chair from room to room when you need to use it.

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The benefits of using a bean bag chair in your home

You may be surprised to find out that these types of chairs have some benefits to add to your lifestyle. Not just to express you’re out of the box type of thinking but real benefits. Using one of the top 10 best bean bag chairs in 2022 has real benefits to your health and well-being.

Here are a few of those benefits:

  • Helps relieve stress- the bean bag chair can provide you with that ultimate comfort that lets you unwind and get rid of stress
  • Contribute to your meditating lifestyle- these chairs help keep distractions down, so you can concentrate on what you are doing
  • Relieve back and other pains- these chairs are so comfortable that you can find pain relief quickly. Back and joint pains are just two of the issues you can help relieve
  • Helps posture- you may not think that beanbag chairs can help your posture. They can as you can stretch out and make corrections to bad posture positions that have crept in while doing other tasks
  • Environmentally friendly- since no wood products are used to make these chairs, you can protect the different forests from over-harvesting when you buy this type of chair for your home
  • Flexible use- you can put these chairs almost anywhere. Your basement, den, kid’s room, and even the family room. There really is no room where you can’t find some comfort using these chairs

Questions to ask when searching for the right bean bag chair for you

The right answers to these questions should help lead you to the right chair for you:

  1. What type of warranty comes with the chair and how long is the coverage?
  2. What material is used in the interior of the bean bag chair?
  3. Are the interior fill and outer cover hypoallergenic?
  4. Is the cover removable and washable?
  5. Is it safe for children to use?
  6. How comfortable is the chair?
  7. How durable is the chair? Will it last a long time?

When you get the answers to these and other ones you may have, then you know you are on the right track to finding the right chair for you. You also know which chairs you should avoid

Just keep in mind the ultimate determining factor, how much does the bean bag chair cost? Price is always an issue for most consumers.

Bean bag chairs are not just for those old hippies who never grew out of their anti-establishment phase. Nor are they only for children who never grew up. These days anyone can enjoy one f the top 10 best bean bag chairs in 2022 without feeling like an outcast.

These chairs can help you find stress and pain relief as well as just make you comfortable. Those are very good reasons to consider these top 10 best bean bag chairs in 2022.

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