Best 3 Wheel Scooters​ for Kids in 2020 Reviews


Childhood doesn’t last forever, which is why it should be filled with some of the best toys on the market today. One of the best toys is the top 10 best 3 Wheel Scooters​ for kids in 2020. These toys are designed to provide your child with lots of fun.

3 wheel scooters are a healthy way to give your child plenty of exercises and fresh air. They can get away from the computer and television for a few hours and just have fun scooting around the neighborhood.

To make sure you get your child one of the best of the best scooters, just continue to read our review. It is filled with a lot of good information about our top 10 best 3 wheel scooters for kids in 2020.

Buying the best scooter is one way to protect your child from injuries and still give them a good childhood experience. When you give your child the best, you show them that you care.

List of Best 3 Wheel Scooters for Kids in 2020

10. Yesindeed 3 Wheel Kick Scooter

10. 3 Wheel Kick Scooter. for Kids 2-12 Years, Premium Aluminum, Adjustable Height, PU Wheel with LED Rear Lights. 4 Years Warranty. 5 Colors

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The way to get your child outside is through this adjustable handle 3-wheel scooter. The handle rises from approx. 23 1/2 inches to 36 inches tall. Your child can grow with the scooter. It is a lean-to-steer system, teaching your child how to have balance.

Made from sturdy aluminum, the platform should hold your child’s weight with ease while taking the punishment only kids can dish out. LED lights in the front wheels keep your child visible in low light conditions. They also add a measure of fun as the wheels sparkle as your child goes faster.

A rear brake makes sure your child doesn’t go too fast and can stop safely. A 4-year warranty covers your investment and a 30-day money-back guarantee is the art of the deal.

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9. Banne Wheel Scooters​

9. Banne Scooter Height Adjustable Lean to Steer Flashing PU Wheels 3 Wheel Kick Scooters Kids Boys Girls (Black Foldable)

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This is another good 3-wheel scooter that can help teach your child balance, coordination and other vital lessons they need to learn. Its heavy-duty plastic deck can hold up to 130 pounds approx., give or take a pound or two.

Then the no-slip adjustable handlebars lift from roughly 24 ½ inches to 35 inches in height. More than enough room to let your child use this scooter for years. The pole for the handlebars is made from tough aluminum for durability and strength.

Also, the wide deck makes sure your child can stand on it with confidence. Plus, its large wheels can work on a variety of surfaces. They also light up as your child begins to move down the driveway. The rear brake keeps the operation nice and safe.

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8. Voyage Sports Kick Wheel Scooters​

8. Voyage Sports Kick Scooter for Kids Ages 2-6, Kids Scooter, 3 Wheel Scooter for Boys and Girls, Adjustable Height T-bar Handle (Green)

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The bright green colouring makes sure your child stays visible when they are playing with this scooter. The adjustable handlebar works with children as they grow but the overall weight capacity is only 80 pounds.

The standard light up front wheels makes sure your child is seen while they have fun. The low deck clearance does not get in the way of the lean-to-turn steering feature. Your child’s balance, confidence and riding skills will be strengthened as they use this scooter.

Made from stainless steel, plastic, and polyurethane, this 3-wheel scooter should last your child a long time. Some adult assembly is required to make sure this scooter is ready for action. All you need is an Allen wrench to put it all together. A rear brake makes sure your child’s ride is safe.

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7. OUTON Kick Wheel Scooters​ for Kids

7. OUTON Kick Scooter for Kids 3 Wheel Lean to Steer Adjustable Height PU ABEC-7 Flasing Wheels

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This bright pink 3-wheel scooter is perfect for girls who like the color pink. Its lean-to turn steering is a great way to teach girls how to get their balance and confidence. The scooter is designed to be with children until they reach the age of 12 and 63 inches in height.

The handlebars adjust between 23 ½ inches to 33 inches tall. Plus, the rubberized hand grips make sure your child’s hands stay on the handlebars. It is aluminum and nylon frame and construction hold up to 120 pounds of weight.

Then the lighted rear and front wheels keep your child visible even in low light conditions. They also add a little fun to your child’s playtime. The ABEC-7 bearings enable the wheels to roll smoothly without interference.

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6. Radio Flyer Glider 3 Wheel Scooters​

6. Radio Flyer 502A Color FX Ez Glider 3 Wheel Scooter, Red

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Radio Flyer has been in the child’s toy business for generations. They know how to make good children’s wagons and scooters. This one will not hurt their reputation. The high-performance wheels may not light up, but they have strength, durability and a good braking system.

Soft foam handles on the adjustable handlebars keep your child’s hands safe and protected. Then the metal and plastic construction materials are designed to be strong and withstand a child’s treatment.

The standard lean-to-steer technology is part of this scooter’s features. As is the wide deck. This deck makes sure your child has confidence as they stand on it and kick the scooter into action.

The maximum weight this scooter can handle is 60 pounds. The red and grey give this scooter the classic radio flyer look.

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5. Swagtron 3 Wheel Scooters​

5. K2 Toddler 3 Wheel Scooter & Ride-On Balance Trike 2-in-1 Adjustable for 2, 3, 4, 5 Year Old Kids Boy or Girl Transforms In Seconds

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Before your kids grow up, let them have fun on this made for toddler 3-wheel scooter. They can ride it like a tricycle or flip the seat to turn it into a scooter. Either way, your kids are bound to have fun.

The 2 back wheels provide a bit of extra stability and safety. They protect against tip-overs and other biking mishaps. Its plastic and carbon steel construction materials are durable, strong and should endure daily use with ease.

Designed for children between the ages of 2 to 5, this scooter can only hold up to 44 pounds. Plus, the handlebars are adjustable and can grow as our child grows. It is pure kick powered There are no pedals attached to this scooter/tricycle.

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4. EEDAN Scooter for Kids

4. EEDAN Scooter for Kids 3 Wheel T-bar Adjustable Height Handle Kick Scooters with Max Glider Deluxe PU Flashing Wheels Wide Deck for Children from 5 t

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The highly decorative deck should make your kid the coolest on the block. The wide deck is delightfully colored and wide enough to provide enough room for standing. Then the front wheel slights up to add to the stylish design.

Also, the handlebars have 3 height settings, so the scooter can grow as your child grows. The 3 wheels make a kickstand unnecessary as they provide the stability your child needs as they learn to balance and develop their confidence.

Then the lights in the front wheels grow brighter the faster your child goes. Don’t worry, the rear brake will make sure they do not go too fast. The scooter can hold up to 132 pounds of weight. One-click of a button and this scooter folds up for travel or storage.

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3. Globber Primo Adjustable Height Wheel Scooters​

3. Globber Primo 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter

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This uniquely designed 3-wheel scooter will have your kid be the envy of his or her friends. Then the scooter comes with 2 steering systems. The secure lock uses the lean-to turn system of steering.

While unlocking brings the spring steering mechanism into action. As your child grows in steering confidence, you can unlock the system and add to their fun. Rubberized grips are easy on your child’s hands and the handlebars extend from 26 ½ inches to 31 inches in height.

The deck is reinforced with a steel plate, making it able to hold up to 110 pounds of weight. APEC-5 bearings keep the PU wheels rolling smoothly along just about any surface. Also, the rear brake is longer than normal to make sure your child can hit it in all situations.

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2. Den Haven Wheel Scooters​ for Kids

2. Den Haven Scooter for Kids - Deluxe Aluminum 3 Wheel Glider with Kick n Go, Lean 2 Turn, Step 4 Brake-Pink …

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The bright green hubs make sure your child remains visible as they play outside. Then the large front wheels and one rear wheel provide stability as your child crosses different terrain.

Its wide deck has enough room for your child to stand on with ease. Also, the adjustable handlebars grow from 14 ½ inches to 24 inches tall. This makes the scooter an ideal toy for years to come.

Rubberized grips should keep your child’s hands from slipping as they coast down the driveway. The metal and nylon construction materials bring the strength, durability and the toughness this scooter needs to handle your child’s play.

The easy to use rear brake ensures that your child is completely safe as they use this 3-wheel scooter.

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1. Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Wheel Scooters​

1. Razor Jr. Lil' Kick Scooter

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Little children will get a kick out of using this scooter. Its two rear wheels make sure the scooter is nice and stable for your child. Then their large size enables your child to roll smoothly over a variety of surfaces.

The wide deck not only fits your child’s feet but is made with non-slip materials to keep your child safe. A padded handlebar also adds some protection for your children in case they fall and hit their heads on the handlebars.

The metal frame gives you some peace of mind as you know the scooter will be strong enough for your child. This construction allows the scooter to hold up to 45 pounds and is made for younger children. Some assembly is required to get this scooter ready for your child’s playtime.

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The benefits of a 3-wheel scooter

Scooters can be a lot of fun. But there are more benefits that come with a 3-wheel scooter than just fun. Here are some of the benefits your child can get when they take the time to ride it:

  • Their brain develops better- this helps their intelligence develop and helps their thinking abilities
  • Help build character- how they handle their playtime, falls and other childhood situations work to develop their character and give you good teaching moments
  • Fresh air is healthy- this helps your child grow, develop and bring them lots of natural nutrients. In turn, this helps the immune system fight different diseases
  • Develops the nervous system- the fresh air and activity work to make sure your child’s nervous system is developing properly
  • It develops blood circulation- the scooter activity helps your child’s blood circulate better, faster builds metabolism
  • To develops muscle- your child’s muscles will grow, strengthen and develop helping them to be physically fit
  • Helps the child grow- bone development is a part of what healthy exercise does. As the blood circulates better, bones get more nutrition and grow
  • Digestion is improved- not only does a child get a healthy appetite, but their digestion system also works better and absorbs nutrition faster

What do children learn from using a 3​ Wheel Scooters

Besides character, children can learn a lot by using a good 3-wheel scooter. Here are some of those lessons:

  • I can learn balance and coordination, as well as direction. Vital lessons for water sports activities
  • Earn how to use their different motor skills more effectively.
  • Learn independence and see what exploration and creativity have to offer.
  • Help with pre-reading skills. Learning direction helps them when it comes time to read English and any other language correctly
  • They learn how to have confidence. This lesson will help them later in life as well as they can see from an early age that they can be successful and complete tasks
  • They learn about safety regulations and how they apply to their daily activities
  • They also learn that fun comes from a variety of activities and that they should explore those avenues as they get older.

3​ wheel scooters have a lot to offer children. Not only do they offer parents good teaching moments, but these scooters can also help your child develop into a very strong person. They can gain confidence. A skill they need throughout their lives.

Using one of the top 10 best 3 wheel scooters for kids in 2020 is a good way to prepare your child for what life brings their way. Learning life lessons begin early and a good 3-wheel scooter is ready to help you teach those lessons.

When you go with the best, you will find that those products are designed to last your child for years. They are made strong, tough and able to handle what your child throws their way. Plus, they get a lot of fun while doing it.

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