Kiierr: The Modern-Day Miracle for Hair Loss


Before this great invention, many people were turning to hair transplants for hair loss. Hair transplants are becoming outdated! Out with the old, in with the new. Scientists and researchers have produced an amazing modern, pain-free, easy, non-invasive hair growth treatment, laser caps for hair loss. Laser caps are a popular trending hair loss treatment on the market today and easily accessible through the world of online shopping.

Hair Loss: Laser Caps & How They Work

Laser caps, the new popular high-end hair loss devices on the market use low-level light therapy to treat hair loss and help increase hair growth on the scalp of both men and women. How do laser caps work?

Stimulate Skin Tissue– Laser’s diodes in the laser caps emit low light therapy to the skin’s scalp. Blood flow is enhanced and stimulated to the scalp tissue to reduce inflammation and starts to circulate throughout the head. Blood flow circulation transports the essential oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles and results in cell regeneration in the dormant and problematic areas of the hair.

Cell Immersion and Protein Synthesis– According to Kiierr’s do laser caps work page, low level laser light energy penetrates the skin on the scalp and the weakened cells on the scalp will absorb this light. This revitalizes the scalp and allows for new hair growth.

Restore Hair Follicle Cells– When these hair follicle cells are restored, the hair is “brought back to life” from the dormant (telogen) stage of the hair growth cycle into the strong hair growth (anagen) phase.

Kiierr: The #1 Laser Cap Company

There are many laser caps companies on the market today all claiming to be the best at treating hair loss, but some of these laser hair caps can’t keep up with others. That’s why we recommend Kiierr. Kiierr offers FDA-cleared laser caps with the back up support of experts in the field of science.

Kiierr offers three different laser caps, 148 laser diodes (650nm wavelength) and the two others containing 272 (650nm wavelength). The more lasers diodes a laser cap has, the more effective they are. Kiierr uses the best quality medical grade laser diodes in every laser cap for maximum hair growth treatment.

Kiierr offers two sizes of laser caps for maximum comfort. Each laser cap provides complete scalp coverage and should be worn every other day for a period of 30-minutes. Kiierr’s laser caps are created to be worn discreetly under a baseball cap that comes with your purchase. You can even switch it out for a baseball cap of your own.

Kiierr Laser Cap Features

  • Non-invasive hair loss treatment
  • Hair growth supplements
  • A painless laser hair therapy
  • Clinical evidence of hair growth
  • Hands-free, portable, chemical free, & easy to use
  • FDA cleared
  • Automatic timer
  • 7-month growth guarantee
  • 2-month warranty

Conclusion – Choose Kiierr for Hair Loss

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Kiierr cares about the health of your scalp and overall hair growth. This cutting-edge modern miracle hair loss treatment ensures you a user-friendly and optimal power device to give you the best hair growth experience possible. These affordable laser caps and products can help you achieve hair growth in as little as 3-months. Get started on your hair growth journey today with Kiierr!

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