Best Wood Computer Desks in 2022


The aesthetic of any surrounding relies greatly on the choice of furniture. The choice of decent quality and stylish design both are essential to adorn your space. With the increasing number of desk jobs, the significance of wood computer desks is rising each day.

They are considered handy furniture to not only place your computer and related accessories but also hold other stuff. For instance, you may place decorative items, stationery items, books, headphones, and many more on its surface.

The concern about the severe effects of corrosion is found to hold a prominent place in the minds of people while choosing computer desks. To eliminate this type of concern and to uniquely adorn the decor, wooden computer desks are highly beneficial. Now you can make a wise selection among many different wood computer desks by looking at a few of the best ones below:

List of Best Wood Computer Desks on in 2022

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12. LITTLE TREE 55″ Vintage Wooden Computer Desk With Shelve Storage

LITTLE TREE 55" Vintage Wooden Computer Desk With Shelve Storage

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Showcasing the engineer country desk along with metal leg craft, this wood computer desk presents an L shaped and corner design. This design is capable to fulfill your varying needs when it comes to setting up of computer and its accessories. Apart from working as a computer desk, you may use it as a dinner table, book table, garden table, etc.

The overall construction is made sufficiently sturdy to withstand wear & tear. Featuring the super sturdy construction, the included legs prepared out of heavy-duty powder finished steel. This material fulfills the need for durability and stability.


  • Construction of this computer desk done using the solid pine to resemble the industrial look,
  • The thickness of the board is E1 class and the edge frame is great for long term use.
  • Its crafting accomplished the environmental water-based finish. This type of unique finish is smooth to touch, and also safe to use.

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11. Coavas Writing Modern Wood Computer Desk with Shelves, Study Computer Table

Coavas Writing Modern Wood Computer Desk Study Computer Table

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Implied by the name, you can write, study and operate your computer on this desk. Its design is simple yet classic to enhance the decor of the surrounding. This well-built writing desk is exceptionally designed to handle cable and the appreciation goes to its open back.

Through its classical sophisticated design, this study table seems ideal for personal and professional use. Its preparation is done using the superior quality waterproof chipboard that is showcased in the walnut-colored faux wood veneer finish. This kind of construction simplifies the hassles to clean.


  • The workspace would be maintained neatly with the presence of 2 storage shelf on its side, assembled. Moreover, they come with full pulley extension guides to enable a convenient pull.
  • Its sturdy construction is capable to withstand up to 200lbs.

10. OHANA Laptop Solid Wood Computer Table PC Desk, Best Modern Computer Desk

OHANA Laptop Solid Wood Computer Table PC Desk, Best Modern Computer Desk

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Equipped with a spacious tabletop and strong metal frame, the included tabletop allows you to study or work. It is observed that the edge and surface of the tabletop are made smooth. Therefore, it would protect your hands against scratches.

It is not at all difficult to assemble and move this wood PC table. The package incorporates a detailed manual and a comprehensive set of accessories. Moreover, all the essential assembly steps are clearly indicated to assist you with easy setup.


  • The configuration of this 44-inch PC table is made lightweight to be effortlessly moved.
  • Beneath the desk table, there is the presence of protective foot caps. These caps are highly functional to stabilize the table. Moreover, they protect the floor from getting scratched.

9. Tribe Signs Large Computer Desk Reclaimed Industrial Heavy Duty Real Wood Computer Desk

Tribe Signs Large Computer Desk Reclaimed Industrial Heavy Duty Real Wood Computer Desk

Prepared in the elegant whiteboard style, this Wood PC desk conveys the superb vintage style. This style is proficient to supplement a stylish look and practical design to your space. You may set it up in your home, office, bedroom, living room, etc.


  • The desktop is made spacious with the dimensions being 63 (L) x 23.6 inches extra width. So, it is spacious enough to hold two monitors and other computer accessories.
  • Preparation of its desktop is done using 100% solid wood material which is safe, durable material, and eco-friendly.
  • There would be no severe effects of scratches on the floor.

8. Rivet Mid-Century Curved Wood Computer Desks With Keyboard Tray

Rivet Mid-Century Curved Wood Computer Desks With Keyboard Tray

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A curved furniture accessory usually appears elegant in any space. Considering this aspect, this classic mid-century designed wood computer desk boasts curves across the back edges. An open work area is showcased with a central drawer below for storage.

Its overall appearance seems compact to accommodate even inside the small spaces. This curved wooden desk is recommended to anybody intending to set up a medium to a tiny sized desk at affordable prices.


  • The process of assembly is clear-cut and it only needs 30 minutes to complete. You just need to fasten the four legs to the desk.
  • There are iconic clean lines to convey a unique style capable to match any decor.

7. Calico Designs Convertible Art Large Computer Desk With Keyboard Tray

Calico Designs Convertible Art Large Computer Desk With Keyboard Tray

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Versatility is a crucial aspect to consider while choosing wood computer desks. This art computer desk is made sufficiently versatile to fit your office and all your computer needs. Basically, this ash wood convertible desk from Calico Designs serves the user to expand their tabletop with extensions.

These extensions could even be utilized in the form of extra storage shelves across either leg. Excellent style quotient is conveyed through the enticing ash wood and graphite finish.


  • The keyboard shelf is beneficial to maintain cleanliness in this rectangular desktop.
  • The powder-coated metal legs maintain the stability of the entire structure of this desk.
  • The included shelves come with an elegant laminate overlay to represent a sophisticated look.
  • It comes with securing thumb screws to facilitate easy mobility.

6. Ulikit Modern L Shaped Custom Computer Desk

Ulikit Modern L Shaped Custom Computer Desk 

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An L-shaped corner desk usually appears alluring in any personal or professional setting. The exceptional wrap-around style offers ample surface space for accomplishing different activities like office work, study, or gaming.

A simple yet attractive look conveyed. Any room will appear classic through the setup of this L-shaped desk. Sufficient storage space offered beneath the corner desk. It is completely simple to assemble through an included M-style buckle. All the needful accessories and tools contained inside to simplify assembly and disassembly.


  • The corresponding steel frame construction found tremendously sturdy and durable, so durable support is offered. This frame utilizes a powder-finished steel frame and long-lasting MDF material in wood.
  • The entire construction made durable through the use of the P2 eco-friendly class particle board and dense steel. The inclusion of the dense steel desk legs reduces vibration and enhances security.

5. Tangkula Corner Solid Wood Computer Table with Drawers, Best Modern Computer Desk

Tangkula Corner Solid Wood Computer Table with Drawers, Best Modern Computer Desk

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Tangkula devised this corner desk in an elegant L-shape to revamp the original appearance of any decor. Conveniently fitting in any personal or professional space, this corner writing desk boosts the space even in small rooms.

Capable to facilitate a wide range of functions, this corner wood desk made versatile. Spacious, durable, and skin-friendly type work surfaces allow you to solely focus on your computer work or study. Its durable construction gives an indirect indication that longevity assured.


  • The provision of the two open shelves on the side offers an impeccable storage option for accommodating all essential accessories. All the accessories will be in ease of reach and convenient to use.
  • The use of the superior quality board in this corner PC desk gives assurance that the structure is well-built and durable.
  • No severe effects of corrosion found.

4. Tangkula Real Wooden Small Computer Desk with Shelves

Tangkula Real Wooden Small Computer Desk with Shelves

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There are few A-shape shelves type wood computer desks in the market and this writing desk is one among them. It incorporates two tiers of A-shape shelves and the corresponding design conveys the supreme usage of the desk.

When you carefully gaze at its configuration, it comes with a bottom shelf that is a tad bigger than the upper shelf. Hence, you are able to organize more pieces of stuff as per your needs.


  • An assurance of sturdy and durable construction indicated through the iron tubes, MDF boards equipped with PVC surface.
  • Even though the iron is sharp, it would not scratch off the floor. There are 4 tiny pads beneath the desk to avoid issues of scratches.
  • Its versatility would let you observe its application in-home use, office, educational premises, etc. It can easily match any decor and color; henceforth, it would suit diverse situations.

3. SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wooden Computer Desk with Shelves

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wooden Computer Desk with Shelves

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There are many noteworthy qualities of this wood corner desk from SHW that worth the money invested. Excellent protection is provided throughout its structure. No parts scratched or damaged.

It may seem that the instructions are somewhat difficult to follow but when you start following them, you can easily accomplish its assembly. You may seek the assistance of an individual to help you out with the setup of other huge slabs of wood forming the top of this desk.

Designed in L-shape, this wood corner desk would save space wherever installed. The majority of the customers are thoroughly satisfied with its easy setup and sturdy build quality. There is no need to use screwdriver frequently. Within a matter of a few minutes, all the included furniture pieces can be assembled.


  • SHW utilized espresso, wood grain laminated type environmental particleboard. This material is highly durable and indicates longevity.
  • The facility of the open shelves offers sufficient room for incorporating all the essential accessories. Its desktop possesses two grommets to neatly arrange your computer cords.
  • Following the step-by-step instruction and using the available hardware would streamline the setup.

2. VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Modern Wooden Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Modern Wooden Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray

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Occasionally, it required to adjust the height of the computer desk to suit the different needs. Taking into account this aspect, VIVO designed this adjustable desk inelegant manner. You will see the beautiful ergonomic design assimilating creativity and superior quality The V000K identified to be one of the top-selling risers which conveniently sit on the top part of the desk.

Therefore, it would allow you to stand or sit. You would be stunned to see its minimal assembly that can be accomplished in less time. You may place this desk on your existing desk and begin arranging your workstation in a neat manner.


  • Measurements of the top surface are 31.5” x 15.7”, so the surface would maximize the space. Also, it offers sufficient space for dual monitors.
  • The lower deck comes with the measurements of 11.8” x 31.3” and the same is capable to hold a mouse and keyboard.
  • You may transit this desk from sitting to standing position in a single smooth motion. This supported through the advanced simple touch height locking system.

1. SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Wooden Cheap Computer Desk, Top Rated Solid Wood Table

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Wooden Cheap Computer Desk, Top Rated Solid Wood Table

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Holding the supreme position on this list, this elegant L-shaped corner desk intended to save space. Basically, this 3 piece corner desk proves to be space-efficient in any home or office.

Ample space provided to let you carry out computer work, writing, or study. Whether you are a student, business professional, writer, or associated with a related profession, this corner desk is an ideal solution.

The neat organization of all the accessories is the essential trait of this L-shaped desk. Since it is not extremely heavy, it is completely simple to move to a different place. Furthermore, the included instruction manual is easy to implement steps and does not create any confusion.


  • Overall dimensions are 51″ W x 19″ D x 28.5″ H.
  • The built-in steel frame furnished with a powder-coated finish to resist corrosion.
  • Enhanced comfort guaranteed by the footrest bar.
  • It comes with adjustable legs that slide smoothly on any floor and would not create scratches.


The sophisticated appearance and extreme comfort to work on the computer are the essential specialties of these wood computer desks. They are quite easy to assemble and would elegantly match any decor.