Best Skateboard Wheels in 2022 Reviews


Skateboarding has not lost its luster, it is probably more popular now than it ever was. With a lot of skateboard parks, jumps and competitions it takes strong wheels to be a good skateboarder. Using one of the top 10 best skateboard wheels in 2022 may help you edge out your competition.

An inferior set of wheels may not give you that extra oomph you need to be the top skateboarder in your area. With the right wheels underneath you, you should be able to maneuver your skateboard enough to impress your observers and the judges.

These top 10 skateboard wheels should be your ticket to excelling in your favorite pastime. They are made t be durable, strong, and able to handle the punishment you dish out as you skateboard the day away.

List of Best Skateboard Wheels in 2022 Review

10. NPET Skateboard Wheels


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When you want to upgrade your skateboard trick game, go with this set of 52mm skateboard wheels. These wheels are 30mm wide and are rated at 99A for hardness. When you purchase these wheels, you are getting everything you need including the skateboard deck.

In addition to the deck, you get 8 ABEC bearings, a T tool to tighten the screws, etc., and spacers. All the equipment that goes into a top quality skateboard. Also, with your purchase comes the grip tape to make sure everything is held in the right place.

Also, all the hardware is included so you can get right to work to assemble the best skateboard around the neighborhood. This set is great for novices as they learn the ropes of skateboarding. A little lubrication will help the bearings one you take them out of the package.

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9.Super Blanks Pro Skateboard Wheels


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White wheels are still cool, even though they may not stay as clean as you would want. These 53mm white wheels still hold up under normal skateboard use making sure you can do the tricks you want. They are rated at 101a for hardness.

Plus, this pro set of skateboard wheels comes in a variety of sizes to make sure you find the right fit for you and your skateboard strategy. 4 wheels come in one package and are made to work as well as the branded versions that are far more costly.

Also, when you want to make the right impression with your skateboard, go with the set of wheels that won’t break the bank but bring the toughness, durability, and strength you need. Hey also come with a good grip to make your skateboard maneuvers look better than ever.

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8. TGM Big Boy Skateboard Wheels


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Coupled with ABEC 7 bearings, these 52mm white skateboard wheels are tough and can handle the treatment you dish out. Once on your skateboard, you should not have to worry about the durability as these wheels are rated at 99a for hardness.

Plus, you get about 1 1/3” in width making sure you have enough wheel to ground contact at any given time. Beside the white blank wheels, you get a set of red shield bearings and 4 spacers to make sure your skateboard is not hung up when you need it most.

Also, when it comes time for cleaning you can remove the bearings and the red cover and get all the dirt and grime away from your skateboard fun. They may be generic skateboard wheels but their quality is second to none. They are a top quality skateboard wheel.

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7. VJ Skateshop Skateboard Wheels


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Instead of just the wheels, you get the all the equipment you need with this purchase. Not only do you get the 90a hardness but you also receive two axles to handle the wheels. Also, you get the 6 hole base plate for a tighter fit.

Plus, the screws are 1” long making sure you have enough room to put the wheels and axles together correctly. The 52mm wheels work with ABEC 7 bearings to give you a smooth ride every time you climb aboard your skateboard.

The kit is designed to work with just about every board on the market today. That is if your skateboard measures between 7 1/2 to 8” in size. The only thing missing from this kit is the skateboard tool needed to put it all together.

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6. Blank Wheels Skateboard Wheels


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Measuring 70 by 52mm in size, these blue skateboard wheels add a little color to your skateboarding time. Plus, with their 80a hardness rating, you should be able to complete your skateboarding strategy with ease.

Also, you get 8 red covered ABEC 7 bearings to help you glide through the skateboard course with ease. The 4 included bearing spacers make sure those bearings are at the right distance away from each other. These bearings are interchangeable with ABEC 5 and other bearing sizes.

In addition to all of that, these skateboard wheels are designed for the longboard or the cruiser style skateboard. They help provide a smooth and quiet ride on most surfaces you will ride on. It is possible that the wheels may light up as you roll down the street. It all depends on your purchase.

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5. Everland Skateboard Wheels


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These 65 by 51mm skateboard wheels come in red. If you do not like the color that is okay. They also come in a variety of other colors. You can find one that matches your board design and your color preference with ease.

Once you have decided on a color, these durable 78a rated skateboard wheels will handle most skateboard surfaces you ride on. They come in a set of 4 t make sure you have a complete set from the get-go. Plus, they are designed to fit with stock trunks.

In addition, they seem to handle road obstacles quite well. Rocks and potholes do not seem to matter to these tough wheels. No flat spotting has been noticed to date so these skateboard wheels are ready for action and hold up well under rough treatment. Good wheels can be inexpensive as well.

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4. Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels


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These 60mm skateboard wheels should provide you with a lot of ground contact when you do your tricks and spins. That allows you to have a firm grip and gives you the confidence to expand your trick capabilities.

After you get them out of their shipping bag, these wheels should slip on your skateboard with ease. Plus, they are rated at 85a for better rolling when it really matters. They are re-issues and were first used about 30 years ago. They are a part of a set of 4.

Also, you get tough wheel construction materials that allow you to skateboard over a variety of surfaces with ease. Unfortunately, bearings are not a part of your purchase. You will have to get those separately. Their ride is smooth, full of grip and remains very quiet while you ride. They are a very durable set of wheels.

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3. Ricta Clouds Skate Board Wheels


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All the important information is printed on the side f the wheels. These skateboard wheels are 52mm and come with a 78a rating for toughness. Plus, the soft Urethane
Construction material comes with a very solid core to help you ride the toughest surfaces around.

Measuring 34mm in width, you should have enough ground contact to handle the tricks and spins you like to do when on your skateboard. This set of 4 wheels should work with ABEC 5 bearings with ease.

Also, they do grip dusty and slippery surfaces quite well. You have confidence that your wheels will hold up under difficult skateboard conditions. Plus, their smooth rolling helps give you the ride you want when you want it. They also work with short boards and may work on a variety of skateboard decks on the market today.

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2. Shark Wheel California Roll All Terrain Skateboard Wheels


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All-terrain means all terrain. That gives you an edge as you do not have to keep swapping wheels to ride different skateboard surfaces. Plus, you get wheels that are 78a rated to make sure your ride is a good one.

Plus, the 60mm wheels should handle wet weather giving you a solid grip over slippery surfaces. Then if you do not like black, these wheels come in a variety of colors to spruce up or match your skateboard’s design. The wave pattern is made to cut down on any friction you may have experienced in the past.

Also, their design helps them to last longer than traditionally designed wheels. That means you spend less on a quality ride. Your speed should pick up some as well. Just make sure to wear a helmet when skateboarding.

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1. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels


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Add a little fire to your skateboarding time with these spitfire skateboard wheels. They are 52mm in size and come with a 99a rating. Also, you get 4 wheels in one set when you decide t purchase these wheels.

Plus, they should fit most bearing sizes but double check first before you purchase. In addition to this, you get durable wheels that provide a very smooth ride. With their wide size, you should have enough ground contact to give you skateboarding confidence.

Once you have them on your skateboard, you may be impressed by their soft ride. This helps beginners get the feel of skateboarding and make their time more fun. After you get them on your skateboard, you will find that the tread is solid and provides a steady grip on those surfaces you like to ride on.

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The Benefits of Skateboarding

We talked about how good the top 10 best skateboard wheels in 2022 are. They just add to the benefits that come from skateboarding. Yes, there are benefits attached to skateboarding. It is not a waste of time activity.

Here are Some of Those Benefits:

  • Good exercise– your metabolism can get better when you take time to properly skateboard. Exercise is always good for your metabolism and overall health
  • Helps co-ordination– it takes a lot of coordination to be a good skateboarder. You have to make sure all your body parts work in unison as you ride and do tricks
  • Build a tolerance to pain– while most moms may not think this is a good thing, this tolerance can help your children late on life when they meet difficult situations that require performance through the pain
  • Develops perseverance– mastering a skateboard does not happen overnight. Your child can develop their perseverance by continuing to work on their skateboard skills until they are masters of it
  • Builds reflexes– you need good reflexes to make sure you do not get seriously hurt when skateboarding. Learning how to move fast a din the right direction takes practice and skateboarding provides that opportunity
  • Overcomes fear– fear is the main deterrent why people do not accomplish more with their lives. Skateboarding helps your children deal with the fear factor and get them on the right road to success
  • Builds self-confidence– getting better at skateboarding helps your children see that they can achieve. This boosts their self-confidence and helps them tackle other situations. Just don’t let them get overconfident
  • Helps balance– like a bicycle, skateboards can help your child build up their balance. This is something they need every day throughout their lives
  • Develops concentration– it takes a lot of concentration to skateboard well and does tricks. This is a skill that will help your child in business and other difficult employment opportunities

As you can see, skateboarding contributes many benefits to your child’s life. That is why using one of the top 10 best skateboard wheels in 2022 is so important. These wheels make sure those lessons taught by skateboarding are done well and without issues.

If you want your child to develop right and grow up then you go with the best wheels available to make sure they have the proper foundation.

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