Best Pooper Scoopers in 2022 Reviews


Dogs can’t do it but it is a job that has to be done. Cleaning up after a dog only takes a few seconds and it makes everyone happy. Being a good neighbor and dog owner means that you need one of the top 10 best pooper scoopers in 2022

These handy little scoopers make sure you get all of your dog’s gifts to the community in one attempt. They are designed to handle the mess your dog leaves behind after a good afternoon or morning run

No one wants to walk in those little presents your dog has to get rid of, so it makes sense to use a pooper scooper that gets the job done right. Once you use the best, you and your dog will be a welcome sight in public places.

List of Best Pooper Scoopers in 2022 Review

10. Four Paws Sanitary Pooper Scooper


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This easy to use pooper scooper comes with a rake and a shovel attached together. You may need to use two hands to scoop up your dog’s movement but at least you will get the job done quickly. All you have to do is move the handles to make sure you scoop everything up.

Plus, with a 32-inch handle, just about anyone can use this sanitary tool with ease. The rake side glides through the grass to make sure nothing of your dog remains behind while the shovel side holds it till you get to a trash can.

Also, a simple lone screw holds the tool implements together and makes it easy to open and close this scooper. The wood handle should also last you a long time and is made to not break. You can use it for other chores besides scooping.

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9. Grateful Moments 24″ Pooper Scooper


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Made from non-stick materials, the mess you scoop up should not stick to the scooper when emptying it. Plus, the 24-inch handle should be long enough for everyone to use without hurting themselves. When not in use, you can fold the scooper up and store it away in a small spot.

Also, one hand is all you need to operate this pooper scooper. Just a slight tug on the handle and the scoop closes on its target. You can place a plastic bag over the scooper to keep your hands free from any mess when emptying the scooper.

In addition, you get some free waste bags with your purchase and if you do not like one color you have two others to choose from. You should be able to pick up your dog’s mess in a variety of terrain situations.

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8. PETINCCN Pooper Scooper


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Picking up after your dog can be a bit messy and distasteful. That is why pooper scoopers like this one were invented. They help you keep your neighborhood and yard cleaner easier. You can do less work while cleaning up after your dog.

Also, with the included waste bags, you do not have to touch your dog’s mess. Just place it over the scooper and let it put the waste inside. Plus, the easy to use trigger lets you pick up the waste faster than ever.

Once you start using this scooper, its lightweight should not tire your hand as you walk and clean up. Then the non-stick surface is easy to clean when you are done. Its 24-inch handle makes it easier to pick up after your dog is done his natural duty.

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7. Hygena Scoop Push N Lock Bag Pooper Scooper


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Two hands are better than one when it comes to cleaning up after your dog. With this pooper scooper, you can use the rake in one hand and the bi in the other to make your yard look great again. Just a slight push on the handle opens the bin to receive the waste material.

The durable steel rake will help you pick up any mess in the grass and other difficult terrain situations. Once the mess is inside, you just lift up and the bin closes blocking the odor from escaping.

Also, the easy to use pooper scooper is hassle-free and lets you use your own plastic bags to help seal in the waste material. On top of that, the handle measures between 28 and 42 inches in length. More than enough length t be easy on your back.

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6. Mr. Peanut Pooper Scooper Pack


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One tuck on the easy to use a handle, lets you pick up your dog’s waste in no time. Just squeeze your hand closed and the mess is out of sight. Plus, you can use the included plastic waste bags to ensure your hands do not touch your dog’s movement.

After picking up your dog’s waste material, you can store it in the handy ABS plastic waste bin until you can find a garbage can to toss the contents away. Its 27-inch handle makes sure that you do not strain yourself or your back when doing a responsible dog owner’s duty.

After you and your dog go out for your walk, the tough ABS plastic scooper handles almost all terrain with ease. 2 metal springs handle the opening and closing job and should last you a long time.

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5. Pik-a-poo 7 One-Handed Pooper Scooper


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One hand is all you need to make sure your dog doesn’t become the enemy of the neighborhood. All you do is simply pull the plastic trigger and the scooper does the rest. The pooper scooper is made to work with a variety of plastic bags.

Also, your new pooper scooper is made from tough nylon and aluminum. These construction materials are rust and weatherproof. This allows you to go outside in foul weather and still be a responsible pet owner.

On top of those features, you get a built-in flashlight to help you see in low light conditions. You can clean up after your dog when it likes to walk in the evening or night time. There is also a holder for your plastic bags to help make clean up faster and easier.

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4. Woof & Paw Pooper Scooper


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An adjustable handle on this pooper scooper makes your pet clean up duties a lot easier. No more bending over to handle your dog’s waste, just extend the handle and you are good to go. The handle reaches up to 40 inches in length.

Also, the long rake attachment helps you pick up your dog’s mess in long grass. Its long tines reach way down to the ground so you do not miss a spot. Made from stainless steel and aluminum, you should not fear the weather or any rust issues. The pooper scooper is durable and has a no-slip grip.

Plus, the scoop itself is nice and large. It can handle large amounts of waste into 6 1/2 by 6 by 2-inch size before needing to be emptied.

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3. Bodhi Dog Pooper Scooper


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This handy pooper scooper kit comes with everything you need to pick up after your dog. First, you get a special holding bin to relocate the mess to a garbage can. Second, you get free plastic bags to put themes in. Finally, you get easy to use a scooper.

After you pull this scooper out, its pull handle technology brings two springs into action and closes the scoop over your dog’s waste material. Then the lightweight pooper scooper uses non-stick plastic to make sure the scoop remains cleaner longer.

In addition to that, the 24-inch handle makes picking up after your dog less stressful on your back. The easy to use scooper has a rake and scoop design to make sure you can clean the grass after your dog is finished using it.

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2. Petmate Clean Response Swivel Plastic Pooper Scooper


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This easy to use pooper scooper comes with a special attachment to hold the rake portion secure when not in use. Plus, the rake and scoop are made from durable and tough plastic. It should last you a long time under normal use.

Also, the handle gives yo about 36 inches in length to make sure you do not have to bend too much cleaning up after your dog. The large bin is also designed to work with a variety of plastic bags for your convenience. When not in use just snap the two parts together for more efficient storage.

Once your dog has done his or her duty, the long tines on the rake make sure you can get everything scooped up nice and easily. Even in long grass. A swivel feature makes it easy to reach those hard and difficult mess locations.

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1. PetMate Pooper Scooper


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Picking up after your dog is a fact of life. Whether it is in your yard or out in the park, you need a good pooper scooper to help handle the smelly chore. This pooper scooper is made from tough plastic materials and should last you a long time under normal use.

After you have cleaned up the rake and the scoop snap together for easier carrying and storing. There are hooks on the side of the scoop to help you hold your plastic bags in place. If you use odor control bags, you won’t smell what you picked up.

Also, the approx. The 32-inch handle should be long enough to make cleaning up after your dog a lot easier on your body. A swivel feature lets you clean up in hard to reach places.

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The Benefits of Using a Pooper Scooper

Even when the job is a dirty and smelly one like cleaning up after your dog, you can still get some benefits. Then when you turn to one of the top 10 best pooper scoopers in 2022, those benefits are multiplied.

Here are Some of The Benefits That Come With Using a Top-Rated Pooper Scooper:

  1. Friendlier neighbors- your neighbors like you more as they see you taking pride in your home and the community. They like the fact that you keep public places clean
  2. Children learn responsibility- your kids will learn a valuable lesson about being responsible. Owning a pet is more than just petting and feeding it and being responsible for the pet’s waste is a good lesson to learn. It is one that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
  3. Less stress- once you clean up you will find that you do not worry about the neighbors as much. This lack of stress helps you live longer and enjoy your pet and family more
  4. Dog ownership is easier- you enjoy your dog more because you do not have to spend so much time cleaning up after him or her. Your dog will pick up on your new attitude and be happier making pet ownership a lot easier.
  5. Save money- most pooper scoopers are made from tough, durable materials. This helps you save money as you do not have to replace them as often
  6. Easier on the back- with their long handles and easy to use a mechanism, your back is spared from bending and other stressful movements. This helps you stay healthier and gives you more playing time with your dog
  7. You feel better- you are doing your part to keep your yard and neighborhood clean from animal waste material.

Owning a pet brings a lot of benefits to your home. That is why investing in one of the top 10 best pooper scoopers n 2022 is a good idea. You can clean up after your dog faster and easier. This makes pet ownership better and helps you build a positive relationship with your pet.

The right equipment for the job always makes the job easier to do and saves you time. These top 10 pooper scoopers are the right pet equipment to use.

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