Best Light up Fidget Spinners in 2022


You may have observed many kids and adults recurrently playing with their fingers, clicking a pen, or tapping their fingers while sitting. When you are excited or feeling nervous, you may do such types of activities to kill the time. Now you or your kids need to indulge in such activities for pastime because the market consists of different fidget spinners. They prove to be excellent toys to channel your jitters. You can relax, alleviate your stress, or keep yourself active using the Light up Fidget Spinners.

They are intentionally prepared to remove the concerns of nervousness, autism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Such concerns can be removed easily by spinning the fidget spinners. With gradual advancement in the toy industry, the market now offers light up fidget spinners to play uniquely. They are appealing and simple to use. It is important to look at the best light up fidget spinners before making a purchase decision, so take a look below:

List of Best Light up Fidget Spinners on in 2022

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10. Figrol LED Light Up Fidget Spinner Rainbow LID Toy for Kids

Figrol LED Light Up Fidget Spinner Rainbow LID Toy for Kids

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  • Brand: Figrol
  • Color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and White
  • Pack: 5pcs

The five-color included crystal LED fidget spinners from Fun sparks are made available in different colors to entice the attention of the user.

Kids can use them for kids’ projects and even adults can play with this all-in-one pack. There are three different parts in the fidget spinner to let the user play with their fingers and spin.

Why We Recommend It

  • All five LED fidget spinners are made from excellent quality materials.
  • You can make fun mouse traps using these three spinners.
  • The dynamic colors and bright LED lights keep up your excitement level.

9. JassLife Hand Spinner LED Light Up Fidget Spinner Toys for Kids and Adults


  • Brand: JassLife
  • Color: Luminous Light
  • Pack: 1pc

When you gift this fidget hand finger spinner, your kids will relish it at the best. Moreover, adults will find themselves indulged in this spinner which is essentially a tension-relieving game.

It is possible to enhance your concentration wherever you are present –at school, college, office, gym, etc. You can also gift this finger spinner to your kids, friends, or family members to keep their hands busy.

There will be a noticeable improvement in your mood and concentration power. You may consider this light-up fidget spinner to be an addictive desk toy that comprises all the excellent fidgeting actions.

Why We Recommend It

  • With the help of manual switch control LED lights, this fidget hand spinner can illuminate in dark.
  • They will instantly glow in the dark after getting exposed to natural/artificial light.
  • For individuals suffering from ADD, ADHD, and fidgety hands, this spinner works excellently.

8. TorNadoZ LED Fidget Spinner Rainbow Lid Light Spinners

TorNadoZ LED Fidget Spinner Rainbow Lid Light Spinners

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  • Brand: TorNadoZ
  • Color: LED Rainbow
  • Pack: 4pcs

Now you can surprise your friends with the innovative LED technology incorporated inside this 5 pieces fidget spinner. With the use of high-quality materials and glowing LED lights, the spinner makes your investment-wise.

It is quite simple to use this rainbow toy; just turn on this spinner, give it a whirl, and finally, magnificent colors and patterns would surprise you. All three color spinners are separately packed in their own box.

Both kids and enjoy can relish the soothing effect of this modern finger spinner toy. This toy would fit comfortably in the majority of the hands. These LED fidget spinners prove to be excellent toys for fidgeters or people suffering from anxiety, ADHD, autism, etc.

Why We Recommend It

  • The lightweight and portable functionalities of this crystal LED light-up toy finds its application in the classroom, office, and other public places.
  • Its quiet working operation would not disturb other people.
  • With the help of durable hard plastic frame construction and rounded edges, high durability is guaranteed.
  • The compact and discreet structure lets it easy to carry along wherever you go.

7. FIGROL Light Fidget Spinner LED Rainbow Toy for Kids ADHD Stress Reducer

FIGROL Light Fidget Spinner LED Rainbow Toy for Kids ADHD Stress Reducer

  • Brand: FIGROL
  • Color: Red, Blue, Green, yellow, and white
  • Pack: 5pack

The original fidget LITE spinner toy is bright and designed using multi-colored LEDs to illuminate the surrounding. Basically, this lid spinner from FIGROL is a compact, sleek, exceptional fidgeting device capable to fit inside your pocket.

The inclusion of the replaceable batteries makes sure the fidgeting fun is endless. All the light configurations and the operating modes are greatly admired by kids and adults.

Why We Recommend It

  • With the use of the 2-in-1 dual-functionality, the light fidget spinner can be effortlessly turned on/off.
  • Special gift with multi rainbow light up
  • Meat US toy safety standard

6. PrimeTrendz LED Light Fidget Spinner Rainbow Color Toy, ADHD Relief for Kids, and Adults

PrimeTrendz LED Light Fidget Spinner Rainbow Color Toy, ADHD Relief for Kids, and Adults

  • Brand: PrimeTrendz
  • Color: Random ship: Blue or Green, Light Blue, Yellow, White, Red, Orange Or Black
  • Pack: 1 Assorted Color

Equipped with the super cool mix color lighting, the presence of high-quality LED lights makes it an exceptional fidget toy. The structure of this hand spinner depicts special LED lights along with the on-off control details.

This kind of arrangement makes this PrimeTrendz LED spinner unique from the rest. In order to let users spin it in dark, the toy comes with cool bright lights that can glow in the dark.

Why We Recommend It

  • To present a luminous lighting effect
  • It is quite simple to change the lighting mode by a simple press of the switch.
  • High-speed operation is guaranteed because these clear LED fidget spinners operate for 1-3 minutes with excellent speed either in your hand or on the table.

5. Scione Light Up LED Fidget Spinner Rainbow High-Speed Hand, Fashion Toy

Scione Light Up LED Fidget Spinner Rainbow High-Speed Hand, Fashion Toy

  • Brand: Scione
  • Color: Crystal Rainbow
  • Pack: 6pcs

As suggested from the name of this Scione items light fidget spinner, it is a compact and sleek looking spinner. This brand new and revolutionary fidget tri-spinner toy is capable to alleviate your anxiety. Besides, it assists you to increase concentration power.

To create an aesthetic lighting experience, the three included LED lights would illuminate with different colors whenever you spin them. Now you can challenge yourself by keeping your hands and mind busy playing with this spinner toy. Moreover, this LED light fidget spinner proves to be an excellent conversation piece.

Why We Recommend It

  • The Lid spinner comes with long spin times. It would spin very fast and smooth.
  • You just need to hold this hand spinner in one hand and then utilize the other hand in order to spin it instantly. While spinning, there is the use of tiny continuous strikes.
  • The average spin time is 2-3 minutes depending on the power you have.
  • Its portability functionality allows you to carry easily inside your pocket. You can carry this light-up fidget spinner toy to schools, offices, parks, airports, travel trips, etc.

4. Lafalink LED Fidget Spinner Rainbow Light Up Luminous Toy for Kids

Lafalink LED Fidget Spinner Rainbow Light Up Luminous Toy for Kids

When you insist to buy a rainbow light pattern finger spinner, you can certainly try this LED fidget spinner from Lafalink. You can rely on the reliability of this finger spinner because all the products from this brand are of good quality and thoroughly inspected.

Moreover, each of these spinners is presented with the fine hard gift box packaging to avoid issues of damage. Generally, these Crystal fidget spinners are used exclusively to avoid getting nervous and to avoid getting anxious.

You will stay calm and will be able to focus well on your work through the spinner’s stimulation. This rainbow toy spinner is used for parties, night play, dance, concerts, anti-stress toys, etc.

Why We Recommend It

  • In total, there are LED multi-colored lights to present a beautiful aesthetic.
  • Power saving is facilitated with the use of automatic power-saving mode. This mode will turn the light off if there is no activity for 5 minutes.
  • Whenever the user spins this LED spinner, the included lights would create circles, arcs, and several colorful patterns.
  • Lightweight with a quality material

3. InnoPlus Light Up Fidget Spinners LED Gifts for Kids and Adults

InnoPlus Light Up Fidget Spinners LED Gifts for Kids and Adults

  • Brand: InnoPlus
  • Color: Grey and Red
  • Pack: 1pc

In the present market, the Innoplus fidget spinners equipped with spinning led lights are considered an outstanding novelty. From this brand, you will find many innovative toys and this fidget spinner model is one of them. You can consider this lid spinner to be the top of the future.

Why We Recommend It

  • The fidget spinner toy supplements your brain with extrasensory information and helps to readdress your mental resources. This suggests that it is now quite easy to relax and concentrate on your work.
  • There is the use of premium quality, non-3d printed materials, and accessories in the manufacturing process.
  • Within a few seconds, your stress would be dissipated.

2. Big Time Premium LED Fidget Spinner Illuminator Toy Rainbow Lid

Big Time Premium LED Fidget Spinner Illuminator Toy Rainbow Lid

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  • Brand: Big Time
  • Color: Mix Rainbow
  • Pack: 18pcs

When you want to gift your kids with the push activated toys for playing, you can consider buying this spinner toy from Big Time. Basically, this fidget focus spinner toy is equipped with LED multi-colored lights.

All these lights are enticing and mesmerizing when swiftly spinning. There will be a reduction in unwanted habits like smoking, pen chewing, and nail-biting. This is because the working operation of this premium fidget spinner refocuses your attention.

The noiseless spin mechanisms allow you to use this toy silently in your classroom, office, and other public places. In case you are suffering from stress, nervousness, anxiety, ADD & ADHD then this spinner toy is the best.

Why We Recommend It

  • This compactly designed hand spinner uses the latest design in order to relieve your stress.
  • There are luminous LEDs capable to generate a compelling motion blur of green, red, pink, purple, and blue when spinning.
  • They spin for around 1-2 minutes.
  • In most hands, this spinner would fit comfortably.
  • Constant operation without any hassles is made possible with its sleek battery-powered structure.
  • Its portable structure allows you to carry it anywhere.
  • The quiet operation makes sure your neighbors are not distracted.

1. FIGROL LED Fidget Spinner Rainbow, Crystal Light Spinner Lid

FIGROL LED Fidget Spinner Rainbow, Crystal Light Spinner Lid

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  • Brand: FIGROL
  • Color: Crystal Blue, Green, Red, and White
  • Pack: 1pc

The commendable aspect of this fidget spinner from FIGROL is its compact design. This allows you to use it anywhere – at the office, classrooms, meetings, or watching TV, etc. You can keep the toy inside your pocket, purse, desk drawer, car desk, etc.

The rainbow toy spinner proves to be an excellent birthday gift for your children. The cool rainbow lights will soothe your mind and present ultimate fun,

Why We Recommend It

  • Safety is guaranteed with the use of ABS material. Besides, this material makes sure the toy remains intact when dropped off.
  • It is quite easy to carry it.
  • If no button is pressed for 1 minute, the fidget spinner turns off automatically to save energy.


The use of the light up fidget spinners creates an aesthetic and fun-filled environment to calm your mind. Their spinning mechanism, quick and silent operation, bright LED lights and compact structure entices the attention of everyone to play with them.