Best Kids Electric Toothbrushes in 2022 Reviews


When it comes to kids and their brushing, it really is a task for every parent. Here are some super cute and interactive Kids Electric Toothbrushes to make your task a bit easier. These toothbrushes come in various cute themes and even structure to attract the kids.

Further, all are electric so it’s better than the manual brushes, cleaning all areas and removing plaque better than the latter. Here you will find some toothbrushes with different modes also. These modes help your kid to choose the model that best suits their teeth. Some of the modes are clean, sensitive, white and polished. These are waterproof and safe to use.

Check out Best Kids Electric Toothbrushes in 2022 Reviews

15. Brusheez Kids Electric Toothbrush – Best Kids Electric Toothbrushes

15.Brusheez Kid's Electric Toothbrush Set (Safari Edition) - Snappy the Croc - Includes Battery-Powered Toothbrush

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Snappy, the crocodile themed kid’s electric toothbrush is designed to make kids brush their teeth easily while keeping them busy with the design. These brushes are specially designed for kids from age 3 and up.

It comes along with the sand timer, which takes two minutes to complete a cycle. The timer makes it easy for you to let your child brush your teeth properly, ensuring proper cleaning. It is a battery-operated toothbrush which uses a 2AA battery. It is guaranteed to remove twice more plaque than the normal manual toothbrush.

Reasons to buy

  •  Interactive theme
  •  Battery operated
  •  Sand timer ensuring proper cleaning

14. Electric Toothbrush Sonic Battery Powered Baby Toothbrush Electric Sonic Battery Powered With Smart Timer

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This is another baby electric sonic toothbrush. It also operates on battery and has a smart timer. The colourful LED present in the toothbrush makes the child interact more. Thus helping the child to make a bond with his toothbrush.

Guaranteed to have better cleaning results than manual toothbrushes. It is an energy-efficient toothbrush which requires 1AAA battery. It can last up to 3 months. The package comes with 2 environment-friendly brush heads. If not satisfied with the product quality, you can always get a refund.

Reasons to buy

  •  Colourful LED
  •  Environment-friendly product
  •  Safe for kids
  •  Better cleansing

13. Wireless USB Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

13.Sonic Whitening Kids Electric Toothbrushes, Wireless USB Rechargeable Toothbrush With 2 Reminder Heads

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This one is a little bit different from the two. It is a rechargeable electric toothbrush. The toothbrush can be easily charged with a wireless USB. Especially designed keeping kids in mind and supporting their gentle and sensitive gums.

Even you can set the time with the smart timer. Further, it has three power modes and is pink in colour. It also has a cartoon design to attract kids. It is best for kids in age from 4 and above. The modes are also based on age.

One for 4-6, then 7-9 and then 10 and above. It has the most perfect handle and brushes size for kids. The package consists of two head brushes and head caps. The backside is designed for tongue cleaning.

Reasons to buy

  •  Advanced cleaning technology
  •  Three power modes
  •  Smart timer design

12. Aiyabrush Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

12.Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Kids 3-12 Years Aiyabrush 30s brushing reminder Rechargeable Toothbrushes with 2000mAh capacity battery

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These toothbrushes are yet another in the list. These are also rechargeable electric toothbrushes with the capacity to last for up to 100 days in a single go when charged fully. It is blue in colour with a simple attractive design for kids and it targets kids in the age range from 3 -12 years of age.

The brush has a 2 mins timer with 30 seconds brushing reminders and it is a very comfortable toothbrush with approx 21,000VPM brush strokes per minute, which guarantees to remove most of the plaque from your teeth. The package comes with 2 extra brush heads.

Reasons to buy

  •  Long battery life
  •  Cleansing guaranteed
  •  Rechargeable

11. Vekkia Dragon Lord Kids Electric Toothbrush

11.Vekkia Dragon Lord Sonic Rechargeable Kids Electric Toothbrush, 3 Modes With Memory, Fun & Easy

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Vekkia electric toothbrush for kids is also a rechargeable kind of toothbrush. It has a comic dragon cartoon on it for attracting kids. Its design is unique with small brush heads and 3D soft bristles. This makes the cleaning experience soft and comfortable.

This kids electric Toothbrush is also IPX7 waterproof. It comes with 3 modes depending on the age range. First simple clean mode for 7-12 years, then soft mode for 3-6 years and then massage mode for 12 years and above.

Also, the toothbrush is lightweight and easy to handle. It has an automatic built-in timer of 2 mins to encourage your kid to brush properly. The battery can be charged fully in 3-4 hours and then you can use it for about 60 days at a stretch in a single go.

Reasons to buy

  •  1-year warranty
  •  3100 strokes for better cleaning
  •  3 cleaning modes
  •  Waterproof

10. Solimo Kids Toothbrush – Best Kids Electric Toothbrushes

10.Amazon Brand - Solimo Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush, 2 Count

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Solimo kids toothbrush is a battery-operated toothbrush of amazon brand. It guarantees for superior plaque removal about 70% more than the normal manual toothbrush. It has an oscillating brush head for deep and proper cleansing.

The bristles are soft and comfortable for kids. It is recommended for children above 4 years of age. The package includes two toothbrushes. One blue in colour and the other yellow. Also, the toothbrushes have attractive designs for the kids.

Reasons to buy

  •  Easy to use
  •  Better plaque removing quality
  •  Soft bristles

9. Colgate Batteries kids toothbrush – Best Kids Electric Toothbrushes

9.Colgate Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush, Branch

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Colgate offers battery-operated toothbrushes. The battery-operated toothbrush provides deep cleaning and removes all plaque easily. Keep your kids free from cavities and bacteria. It comes in various colours and with cartoons on them to attract children.

The toothbrush head is of the rotating kind for inside and proper cleaning without much effort. The bristles are extra soft as the toothbrushes are designed keeping children in mind. Moreover, the toothbrush has a flat laying body.

Reasons to buy

  •  Many colours and designs available
  •  Rotating toothbrush head
  •  Flat laying body
  •  Battery operated

8. Movida electric toothbrush for kids – Best Kids Electric Toothbrushes

8.Sonic Technology Electric Toothbrush for Kids and Adults, 2 Minute Timer Powered Rechargeable

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Movida electric toothbrush for the kid is offering about 40,000 VPM vibrations for deep cleaning and removal of plaque from all areas. Hence, better than the normal manual toothbrush. It is one recommended by the dentists. It has an electric timer of 2 mins.

The timer facility helps to make the habit of tooth-cleaning for long enough easy. If charged fully, the toothbrush can be used for at least 30 days in a single go. Also, it takes just 4 hours to charge fully.

It has 5 modes of functioning. The five modes are white, clean, sensitive, polish, massage. It is suitable for kids over 8 years of age. The package comes with 3 brush heads. It has a 1-year warranty too.

Reasons to buy

  •  40,000 VPM
  •  3 brush heads
  •  30 days in a single go
  •  2 min timer

7. Arm and Hammer Kids electric Toothbrush

7.Arm & Hammer Kid's Spinbrush Super Mario Powered Toothbrush, 1 Count

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The arm and hammer kid’s electric toothbrush is supposed to be a super Mario powered toothbrush. The design is ergonomic so that it fits perfectly in your kid’s hands. The features of the head are like fixed bristles with a spinning head that oscillates to clean your teeth from all places.

It extremely helps you to reduce plaque, keeping your teeth shiny and healthy. This is achieved by the rotating effect of the brush. The design has 2 AAA batteries to operate. It is available in many different styles and colours. It is recommended to replace the brush every 3 months.

Reasons to buy

  •  Fixed lower bristles
  •  Rotating head
  •  Massage well to Remove Plaque

6. Sboly electric toothbrush for kids – Best Kids Electric Toothbrushes

6.2 Sonic Electric Toothbrushes 5 Modes 8 Brush heads USB Fast Charge Powered Toothbrush Last for 30 Days

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These Sbloy electric toothbrush packages come with 2 toothbrushes one black in colour and the other pink and white in colours. Also, it includes 8 brush heads for replacement. The toothbrushes have 5 modes of working that are white, clean, sensitive, polish and massage.

So now your kid can choose from the different modes, the model that suits him. With 40,000 STROKES PER MIN, the toothbrush is extremely capable of removing all the plaque from your teeth.

The bristles are slightly waved and the smaller at the head for better cleaning. The design of the toothbrush is lightweight and waterproof. As they are rechargeable, hence hassle-free experience after on charging and also has the USB charging cable.

Reasons to buy

  •  5 modes of working
  •  40,000 STROKES PER MIN
  •  Rechargeable
  •  Soft bristles

5. Brusheez Electric toothbrush – Best Kids Electric Toothbrushes

5.Brusheez Kid's Electric Toothbrush Set - Sparkle the Unicorn - Includes Battery-Powered Toothbrush,

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These are super cute toothbrushes with sand timers for long enough brushing. The electric toothbrushes are available in super cute designs. All the designs are animal-themed. These toothbrushes are recommended for 3 years of age or is even recommended by the dentists.

The 2 min sand timer further helps your child to build a habit of at least two brushing your teeth. This helps to remove plaque from the teeth and keeps your kid’s teeth healthy and shiny. It is a battery-operated toothbrush so requires a 2AA battery for operation.

It comes with a versatile and cute stand which can be easily mounted on the walls or kept on the side. The product comes with a 5-year warranty.

Reasons to buy

  •  7 fun animal-themed toothbrushes to choose from
  •  Dentist approved
  •  Operates on battery

4. Gloridea rechargeable electric toothbrush

4.5 Modes Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush for Kids and Adults, Teeth Whitening USB

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The gloridea electric toothbrush for kids oscillates at a rate of 40000 strokes/min, providing you with deep clean teeth, free from plaque. The toothbrush is rechargeable and with once fully charged you can use the toothbrush for about 30 days.

The brush takes approximately 4 hours to charge fully. It has 5 distinct modes for your child to choose from. These 5 modes are white. Clean, sensitive, polish and massage. Choose the mode Wolseley depending on your teeth type.

The toothbrush is waterproof, hence safe even when fully washed. It has an M shaped design that helps reach all the parts. Also, they have a 2 min smart timer helping your kid build a good habit.

Reasons to buy

  •  Unique M shaped
  •  2 mins smart timer
  •  5 modes of operations

3. AquaSonic DUO Kids Toothbrush – Best Kids Electric Toothbrushes

3.AquaSonic DUO Dual Handle Ultra Whitening 40,000 VPM Wireless Charging Electric ToothBrushes

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Aqua sonic kids toothbrush comes in a set of two unique design toothbrushes. One is black and the other on white. It has a motor which supports 40,000 vibrations per minute to provide you with deep cleaning and plaque-free healthy teeth.

There are 3 modes of working, one clean, whiten and massage. Your kid can easily choose the model most suitable for his/her teeth. This DUO set comes with 10 brush heads for replacement.

Hence, some people also look up to it as a one-time investment. The toothbrushes are moreover IPX7 waterproof. The brushes can be easily charged with the wireless charger. It comes with a smart timer to ensure your kids brush long enough.

Reasons to buy

  •  One time investment
  •  Set of 2 unique toothbrushes
  •  3 modes of operations

2. Philips kids rechargeable toothbrush

2.Philips Sonicare HX6321 02 Sonicare for Kids Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, Blue

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A surveyed electric toothbrush with 98% of positive results. This toothbrush appears as many parents’ choices. Even dentists recommend it. The toothbrush is cartoon themed which easily attracts your kids to brush. Also, it has an interactive app that is free to help you kids learn about the necessity of brushing daily and keep them motivated.

This Kids Electric Toothbrush has a kid pacer musically alert to tell the kid when it’s time for the next quadrant. It is 75% more effective than manual toothbrushes in cleaning plaque from teeth. It also has an option for 8 fun stickers to choose and customize your toothbrush as you want.

Reasons to buy

  •  Interactive free app
  •  Attractive toothbrushes with stickers
  •  Rechargeable toothbrush

1. Pro-health Sparkle Kids Toothbrush

1.Oral-b Pro-health Sparkle Fun Battery Kids Toothbrush With Replaceable Sensitive Brush Head, for Kids 3+

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Oral-b kids toothbrush comes in a sparkling texture with replaceable brush heads. It is battery operated toothbrush and requires AA batteries for its functioning. Dentists recommend Oral-b toothbrushes worldwide. This also becomes a kind of certification, that it is the best.

The brush heads are of sensitive bristles suitable for use of children 3 years of age or above. The bristles are extra soft and completely safe to use. It guarantees more than 85% of plaque removal. It surely helps keep your kid’s teeth clean and healthy.

Reasons to buy

  •  No.1 product
  •  Dentist recommended
  •  Removes up to 85% plaque.

Taking a read on all the mentioned electric toothbrushes, it would be easier to choose from surely. Some points to be kept in mind for kids’ toothbrushes are that they must have soft bristles, extra sensitive, attractive to kids.

Availibility of different modes of operations makes it even more interesting for your kid to brush because now he can choose among the modes available. Also, you can look for a smart timer toothbrush to make your kid build good brushing habits.

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