Best Golf Cart Seats in 2022


Those who are sports enthusiasts would always prefer to play their sports favorite activities in their free time. Playing your favorite sports activities after every few days would explore your creativity. Moreover, it allows you to rejuvenate your mind and body. In order to play golf at the fullest, a person usually needs lots of golf accessories like Golf Cart Seats.

The choice of suitable golf accessories would assist the person to play this game with high efficiency. People usually use a golf cart to safely accommodate all the golf accessories. To make sure the included accessories stay secure, there are golf car seats available on the market.

These seats are available with a cover and perfect fit. Moreover, they provide excellent protection against external weather and wear & tear. It is easy to get confused with lots of golf cart seats available in the present market. So, take a look at the below sections:

List of Best Golf Cart Seats on in 2022

10. E-Z-Go Club Car Yamaha Tomberlin Gator Print Custom Golf Cart Seat


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Presented by the popular brand Yamaha, this custom print golf cart seat is prepared from high-quality materials. Whenever you wish to take your golf cart to the ground, it is essential to ensure complete protection of the accessories.

Any severe external elements from the outside world may damage the inside accessories. In this E-Z-Go cart seat, the design represents the custom print and appealing look.


  • This comfortable golf cart seat is prepared from marine grade vinyl.
  • The seat is specially assembled with UV ray resistant thread in order to provide protection against the sun.
  • In order to enhance strength and support, this golf cart seat is top stitched. Moreover, the seat is sewn in and the back sides are dedicated for a comfortable fit.
  • There will be no issues regarding the installation and setup process.
  • In the set, you would find a seat and backrest cover.

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9. Gusto EZGO TXT Golf Cart Flip Folding Rear Back Seat Kit – Black


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To carry a golf cart to the playground, it is essential to make sure the golf accessories stay protected. Usually, the sun’s harmful rays and wind would deteriorate the golf accessories if proper care is not taken.

Basically, this folding rear seat kit is uniquely designed to enhance safety. Besides, the construction process uses decent quality materials. In this seat kit, the included frame is entirely prepared from sturdy yet lightweight materials.

Moreover, there is the use of powder finished steel material to resist corrosion. The rear seat present in this kit can easily accommodate two adults. Alternatively, it can hinge down to prepare a flatbed for the purpose of hauling cargo.


  • The rugged and finish construction is durable.
  • There is the absence of welds and a single stamped foot plate would avoid corrosion.
  • On the seat kit, there is the integrated seat belt tab as well as the cargo strap hole.
  • The golf cart seat is steel finished in textured powder finished black.
  • In this kit, you would get an all steel single stamped plate footrest. Furthermore, all the hardware and step-by-step instructions are included.

8. EZGO TXT Golf Cart Rear Flip Folding Back Seat Kit


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The overall appearance of the golf cart rear flip back seat is elegant. Also, it proves to be an ideal addition to the cart. This seat kit from EZGO TXT can be flipped according to your needs.

In order to resist the effects of fading, the back seat is equipped with a high gloss powder coat to finish along with a UV additive. In this seat, the vinyl used is UV Protectant Marine Grade in order to match the front OEM.

It is quite simple to select the seat color from the drop-down menu. In simple terms, this rear flip back seat is designed to safely accommodate the golf accessories. In this folding back seat kit, you will find step-by-step easy-to-follow installation guidance.


  • The structure of this folding back seat shows a sturdy molded polyethylene cargo bed equipped with diamond plate texture.
  • To resist the effects of corrosion, there is the use of rust-resistant hardware.
  • The use of the no stitch cushion design keeps away the rotting thread and water penetration.

7. Performance Plus Carts EZGO TXT Golf Cart Seat Kit


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All the golf cart seats from Performance Plus are prepared from high-quality materials and this seat kit is one of them. Capable to accommodate all the golf cart accessories, the seat comes with a sturdy frame and comfortable cushions. Overall the EZGO TXT seat is well-made and comes with high durability.


  • Within 1-2 hours, the golf cart seat can be easily assembled; you just need to follow the directions.
  • It comes with a nice thick metal foot plate.
  • The steel frame is sturdy and the seats are cushioned.

6. Performance Plus Carts Club Car DS Golf Cart Seat Kit


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For golf cart, this model of the back seat is an awesome product to try. It happens that initially, you may get confused with the instructions and process of installation. Implementation of solid steel construction enhances the strength of this cart seat.

When not in use, the included back seat can be folded down with utmost simplicity. As the kit comes with all the essential accessories, there is no need for extra brackets for the back part of the driver’s seat.


  • In this DS golf cart seat kit, the grab bar can be effortlessly discarded.
  • To ensure excellent stability, the seat comes with2 bolts underneath.
  • For simplifying the installation process, you can use heavy-duty leaf springs.

5. EZGO TXT Golf Cart Rear Flip Folding Back Seat Kit


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Presented from the EXGO TXT, this golf cart rear seat kit includes all the necessary parts to simplify the assembly process. Within a few minutes, all the included accessories can be assembled flawlessly.

The appearance of the folding back seat is new and it is sturdier than the conventional golf cart seats. There is no need for using the original roof struts for the installation process. It can seamlessly match the appearance of the seat to present an elegant look.


  • There is the presence of the mount for the front seat bracket. When the assembly process is over, all seat cushions would be in the proper location.
  • To ensure stability and long-term use, the seat frame is well-built and comes with a sturdy fit.

4. Yamaha Custom 2-Stripe Golf Cart Seat


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In the preparation process of this custom golf cart seat, there is the application of the stainless staples. These staples enhance the stability and durability of the cart seat. Due to custom made design, this cart seat is ideal for a variety of uses.

The included covers would fit perfectly without any hassles. Initially, you may find troubles with stapling but properly following the instructions would simplify the installation. There is the inclusion of the convenient centerline marking to follow properly.

Besides, they are labeled “front” or “top”. Whenever you are looking to enhance the appearance of the cart at an affordable budget, this seat is recommended. The included colors are excellent and the fit is just perfect.


  • In this Yamaha golf cart seat set, there is the availability of the seat and backrest cover(s).
  • Its preparation process utilizes marine grade vinyl material. Furthermore, it is assembled with the UV ray resistant thread in order to avoid damage from the sun.
  • With the purpose to improve strength and support, the cart comes with a topstitched design.
  • To employ a perfect fit, the seat is sewn in.
  • This set comprises 3 pieces and you can use the front & back seats separately.
  • It can effortlessly fit a G14 1995.

3. EZGO TXT Golf Cart Rear Flip Back Seat Kit – Factory Tan


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The EXGO TXT golf cart rear flip seat kit is sturdy and prepared from decent quality materials. All the necessary accessories are included to accomplish the installation. In order to successfully install this kit, there is the factory sweater basket behind the seat which is unbolted and detached with the seat brackets.

The importance of seat brackets is extreme to finish the installation process. In this kit, all the new seat brackets are included. It is possible to reuse the prevailing factory roof supports with this seat kit. Actually, there is no need for cutting or welding.

With the assistance of the incorporated bolts, the seat would be secured erect to the cart frame. These bolts are equipped with a shoulder on their surface with the nuts to flawlessly secure on the base. This would prevent it from tightening up securely.


  • This brand new, sturdy, high-quality back seat would not fade.
  • The rear seat would flip over and transform into a flatbed.
  • In order to resist the severe effects of corrosion, the flip deck is polished with glittery aluminum material. Moreover, the heavy-duty powder finished design resists the effects of fading.
  • It comes with the installation instructions and the direct bolt-on installation.
  • In this seat kit, there is the availability of the free safety grab bar.
  • Its design represents the factory OEM matched the color.
  • Use of the marine grade vinyl material presents high-quality use free from wear & tear.
  • To enhance comfort, there is the use of soft thick cushions.
  • High strength is assured with the sturdy 16 gauge frame design.
  • There is the availability of the grab strap to facilitate easy opening of the flip deck.

2. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Seat Cover


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With the use of 100% polyester, the golf cart seat with cover is extremely comfortable. The included khaki and black cover perfectly fit the majority of the two-person golf cart bench seats.

Within a few minutes, the seat can easily fit most golf cart seats and present a custom-like fit. Through the use of comfortable seat covers, the appearance of the seats will be retained. It is possible to enlarge the life of the golf cart seats. Excellent protection is offered against harmful sun rays, dust, and wear & tear.

To ensure complete cleaning, you can wash it inside the machine. All the cart seats and accessories from the popular brand Classic Accessories are made up of decent quality materials. This product would appear great on the green cart.


  • The use of the Gardelle fabric makes sure the seat would not stretch or shrink.
  • Execution of the elastic hem and hook mechanism perfectly secures the backrest cover and also offers a custom fit.
  • In order to improve visibility, reflective piping is used.

1. Performance Plus Carts Club Car DS Golf Cart Seat Kit


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The present model of the golf cart seat kit from Performance Plus boasts decent quality construction and perfect fit. Generally, there are no issues with the installation and this procedure is not complex.

All the tools needed for installation are present in the kit to eliminate any hassles. The entire structure of this Performance Plus cart seat is solid and durable. Every included tool and accessory packed together to streamline the setup process.


  • Construction of the club car DS golf cart seat kit uses a steel frame incorporated with an aluminum diamond plate deck.
  • In order to guarantee flawless installation, the factory sweater basket present behind the seat is purposely unbolted. Moreover, it detached along with the seat brackets.
  • In the kit, you will get new seat brackets along with new rear roof supports.


All the accessories present in the golf cart would stay secure and presented in the decent quality golf cart seats. There are no troubles regarding installation provided the instructions followed thoroughly.

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