Best Front License Plate Brackets in 2022


Displaying your customized licensed plate has never been easier. When you spend that extra money to have a special license plate just for you, you want to display it just right. One of the top 10 front license plate brackets in 2022 is just the item you need.

These license plate brackets work with specific car models. That means when you buy the right bracket you are going to be able to display your license plate clearly. The trick is to make sure you get the right bracket for the make and model of your vehicle.

After that, your license plate should easily be displayed for all to see. Before you get out on the road, putting the bracket on your vehicle should not be that difficult. Just a couple of screws and you are good to go. Go with the best for the best results.

List of Best Front License Plate Brackets on in 2022

10. Dodge Ram 1500 Front License Plate Mount Bracket

10. Dodge Ram 1500 Front License Plate Mount Bracket Holder Mopar OEM

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If you own a Dodge Ram dating between the years 2013 and 2022, then this license plate bracket will work for you. It goes on fast with only 2 screws holding it in place. Plus, the metal bracket should be strong and durable enough to last you for years.

Also, the bracket measures only 14 x 7 x 2 inches in size. This makes sure it fits onto your truck with ease. Plus, all the hardware is included to make installation fast and easy. The bracket is compatible with stainless steel screws.

The key to the right installation is that you cannot have painted chrome or other metal bumpers. It is made for an exact fit and paint will make the bracket not fit right.

9. Red Hound Auto 2009 – 2014 Ford F150 Front License Plate Mounting Bracket

9. Compatible with Ford F150 Front License Plate Bumper Mounting Bracket Frame Holder to add front license or vanity plate

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Each year car manufacturers make subtle changes to their vehicles. One of those changes can be the front license bracket. This bracket will fit Ford 150 vehicles between the years 2009 to 2014. It will not fit Harley-Davidson, EcoBoost and SVT models.

Also, the bracket measures only 12 ¾” by 6 7/8″ in size. It should give you plenty of room to attach your license plate to it. Plus, its thermoplastic construction material should protect this bracket from rust and corrosion.

One of the drawbacks of this license plate bracket is that it does not come with any hardware or tools. You will have to find those on your own. Mounting screws should be about ¼ by 5/8” in size.

8. TLN Auto Parts Silverado 1500 Pickup 07-12 Front License Plate Bracket

8. TLN Auto Parts Silverado 1500 Pickup 07-12 Front License Plate Bracket, New Body Style

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If you go to the vehicle is a Silverado built between 2007 and 2012, then you are in luck. Here is a front license plate bracket made just for you. This is a direct replacement product, so it should fit all those Silverado trucks with ease.

The bracket measures approx. 16 x 9.5 x 4 inches and should hold your license plate without any trouble. Once you get the bracket on, your license plate will go on smoothly. But getting the bracket on maybe another thing.

The 4 screw holes are the only semi drilled. This means you may have to use self-tapping screws to get the bracket into place. You may want an extra pair of hands to hold the bracket in place while you drill or screw the holes.

7. Diften Front License Plate Bracket for Black Ram Truck Dodge 1500

7. New License Plate Bracket Front Black Ram Truck Dodge 1500

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4 pre-drilled holes fasten this front license plate bracket onto your Dodge Black Ram. Just line the holes up and tighten away. 2 other pre-drilled holes hold your license plate to this bracket. Just make sure you got the right bracket for your vehicle.

Measuring 13 by 7 by 3, this bracket should hold your front license plate with ease. Just slip the top of the plates under the 2 tabs and tighten the 2 screws. That is all there is to it.

A steel bumper is not a problem when you go to attach this bracket to your truck. Made of plastic, there are no rough edges to cut yourself. The plate is safe to use and will hold your license plate for years.

6. Cruiser Accessories 79050 License Plate Bracket

6. Cruiser Accessories 79050 License Plate Bracket, Black

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You could almost say that this license plate bracket was universal. It will fit any brand of car, but as long as it has a contoured bumper. It is also a good mounting bracket for trailers. Trailers do not have the tight specifications many vehicles have today.

Versatility is one key for being a top ten member. You can use this bracket as a spacer when you have recessed license plate areas. Plus, the 2 screws included with your purchase are all you need to attach this bracket to your vehicle.

Safety is first. That s why this molded plastic bracket comes with rounded edges. Then some good news. This bracket will work with all 6 by 12-inch novelty license plates you own.

5. Trunknets Inc Universal Front Bumper License Plate Bracket

5. Trunknets Inc Universal Front Bumper License Plate Bracket + 6 Unique Screws and Wrench Kit

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All the hardware you need to attach to this universal front license plate bracket is included in the box. Also, you get a free Allen wrench to help you tighten those screws and bolts. The built-in 4 bolts make attaching this bracket to your vehicle simple and easy.

All screw holes are pre-drilled for faster alignment and tightening. The 6 by 12-inch bracket should work with most license plates out there including customized ones and novelty plates.

Just be careful. There are some sharp edges to this powder-coated metal bracket. You do not want to cut yourself. Plus, the powder coat helps this bracket remain in your family for years. Installation should not take a long time, even if you are not mechanically inclined.

4. Dorman Help! 68148 Front License Plate Bracket

4. Dorman Help! 68148 Front License Plate Bracket

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While it is made of metal and there are some sharper edges than others, this is still a good license plate bracket to use. The painted finish fights off rust and corrosion. Your car will still keep looking good with this bracket on it.

Also, it seems to be a universal fit. No matter the make and model of your vehicle, there are pre-drilled holes to attach this bracket. Just line up the holes to the holes on your vehicle and tighten the screws.

The 16-gauge construction makes sure your license plate is safe. It is strong and durable and should handle all sorts of different weather conditions. The bracket measures 15 ½ by 8 ½ by 2 inches approx. More than enough room to hold your license plate.

3. Flagline License Plate Mounting Kit – Best Front License Plate Brackets

3. Mounting Kit - License Plate Mounting Kit

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Measuring 6 by 12 inches in size, you get another license plate bracket that may be a universal ft. The adjustable cutouts, pre-drilled holes, should be enough for you to make sure you get a perfect fit.

All you have to do is just line up the cutouts and pre-drilled holes then use the included screws to fasten the bracket to your vehicle. The screws are made to be rustproof. This gives you better unfastening power when you need to make a change.

Beside license plates, you can use this bracket to hold license plate holders, novelty plates and more. The universal nature spares you the hassle of tracking down an exact fit for your vehicle. Attaching your license plate is easier when you have options.

2. Adapter Foundry License Plate Adapter Kit for Subaru

2. License Plate Adapter Kit for Subaru

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Even Subarus need a little help in the license plate bracket department. This limited compatible bracket works on only a few models of Subarus. The WRX 2015 – 2022, then the Crosstrek 2013 – 2022, Forester 2014 – 2022, and the Impreza 2.0i 2012 – 2016.

But make sure your bumper has round license plate holes only. This bracket won’t work on those holes that are not round. You get rubber fasteners and rustproof screws with your purchase. This helps make installation a lot simpler.

Plus, with the stainless-steel screws, removing the bracket remains easy, even after a tough, hard winter. The pre-drilled holes are easy to use and should save you lots of time. One word of caution, if your model is not on the above list, then this bracket will not fit your car.

1. Cruiser Accessories 79150 Universal License Plate Mounting Plate

1. Cruiser Accessories 79150 Universal License Plate Mounting Plate, Black

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If you are not picky, then universal license plate brackets are the way to go. They save you time, trouble and a lot of frustration. With the universal cutouts on this bracket, you should be able to attach your license plate with ease.

Also, you can use this bracket as a spacer for those recessed areas on your car. Or you can attach novelty plates, and real license plates to make sure your car stands out. Plus, the bracket measures 6 by 12 inches making it very compatible with all plates you will use.

In addition, this bracket works well with those new vehicles that come with a contoured bumper. The 4 screws you need are part of your purchase and in the box.

Why do Cars Need Front License Plate Brackets

This is a question that may come to mind as you are searching for one of the top 10 best front license plate brackets in 2022. Since 1925, there has been a law in most states requiring a front license plate on your vehicle.

Only 19 of the 50 American states do not require a front license plate on your car or truck. Here are the reasons why some people like the front license plate and the reasons why others do not like them: Reasons why front license plates are good:

Retrieve stolen cars:

The front license plate makes it easier to spot if a car has been stolen or not. LPR or license plate reading technology can read about 10,000 front license plates in 8 hours. That makes stolen car retrieval a lot easier

Witnesses can read the plates easier:

If a crime has been committed, or a hit and run accident take place, it is twice as easy to get the license plate number of the vehicle.

Tracking suspicious vehicles:

If you see a suspicious vehicle in your neighborhood, t is twice as easy to get its license plate number. This makes tracking down the vehicle a lot easier for law enforcement.

Track down ticket evaders:

Like the above two scenarios, police can track down someone who hasn’t paid their tickets a lot easier. A front license plate means that the law enforcement officer does not have to waste time turning his car around to see the license plate number

Help collect tolls- some cities can earn millions of dollars in tolls when a car has a front license plate

Reasons Why People Do Not Like Front License Plate Brackets on their Cars

Ruins the look of exotic cars:

Many of these car owners think the beauty of their expensive car is ruined when they put a front plate on their vehicle.

Some just do not like it:

They have their reasons why they do not put a license plate on the front and none of them make sense

Money is one reason:

It always is. Too many people say that the plates are too expensive to produce and put on their vehicles.


Whether you like them or not, front license plates are here to stay for now. That means that to predominately display your license plate you need one of the top 10 best front license plate brackets in 2022.

These brackets go with the look of your car and keep your front license plate where everyone can see it. They are also made of durable construction materials that should have the brackets lasting you for a long time.

Your plates are safe when you use the best product on the market. You get visibility, durability, and even good looks when you use the best of the best. Your wallet will thank you for doing so.

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