Best Fax Machines in 2022 Reviews


Just the fax, please when you need to get information quickly a good fax machine is as handy as e-mail and other internet services. One of the top 15 best fax machines in 2022 works hard to get you the latest facts quickly.

The internet is fast but a fax machine gives you a paper copy so you do not have to copy, paste or print. Your information is there ready to be used right away.

List of Best Fax Machine Review

15. Panasonic KX-FHD331 Plain Paper Fax Machines


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One of the conveniences of a fax machine is not just its speed in sending or receiving information. It is that if there is confusion, an error or illegible writing, you can pick up the phone and call the sender.

Not only that but this fax machine can print out at roughly 10 kbs. You will have your hard copy in no time. All the buttons you need to receive or transmit are easily located and easy to use.

It may only use plain paper but you also get caller id. This lets you know who is sending you the information right away. Plus, it will hold up to 50 pages at one time. One touch dialing is another key feature.

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14. Panasonic Plain Paper Fax Machines


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This fax machine’s compact size doesn’t take up a lot of space. Plus, its small size doe not limit its capabilities. It can send or receive faxes as well as copy important documents. All the buttons are large and easy to see.

Then you get 2 lines of 16 characters to make sure you know who is sending you the information. In addition to this, you can make 20 copies at one time. Everyone who needs the information can get a copy quickly and efficiently.

Also, you get 2 line access so you can receive or send documents while contacting the other company. This shouldn’t interfere with transmissions. It is simple to use.

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13. Canon Multifunction Laser Fax Machines


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Large fax machines are not wrong. They come in handy and provide more services your company needs. This larger fax machine can store multiple faxes, uses up to 33 kps to send or receive information plus, stores about 500 different sheets of information.

With about 200-speed dial features you can quickly reach the other company and straighten out any problems. Also, this fax machine will print or copy at 26 ppm. The digital display keeps you informed of what is happening at the moment.

On top of all this, you can place 50 sheets in the automatic paper feeder and 250 sheets in the paper tray. That is service and the handy power cord makes sure it stays connected and ready to work.

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12. Epson Workforce All-in-One Wireless Fax Machines


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Not having wires to worry about takes a lot of stress away from your workday. You can connect to this fax machine easily and get your work done without finding and attaching new wires.

Then when you do not need to fax, you can print, copy, scan and more all without leaving your desk. You can place 30 sheets in the paper feeder making sure you get all the printing or copying done in one turn.

When you need to use the paper tray, you can have 150 sheets of paper waiting for you. The touch screen gives you access to all the features making your work day go a lot smoother. One machine does it all for you.

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11. Panasonic Compact Plain Paper Fax Machines


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Size does matter sometimes and when you are in a small office you need to save space. This compact fax machine won’t take up a lot of room and it will still let you copy and send or receive faxes with ease.

Also, with the built-in speakerphone, you can speak to the other party without taking your hands away from their work. Plus, if you are out of the office, the answering machine feature will capture any calls you may have missed.

Then, when you do not want to answer, you can record up to 18 greetings and the fax machine will send that to your caller. Not bad for a compact fax machine. You got to see it believe it.

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10. HP Laserjet Pro Fax machines


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The touch control panel doesn’t need a lot of pressure to get it working. A slight touch from your fingertip and it will be set and on its way to fulfilling your commands. Besides sending and receiving faxes, you can scan, copy and print. That should make your office work go quickly.

In addition to those functions, this fax machine can hold up to 250 sheets of paper and print them out at 30 ppm. Then its compatibility and versatility let you print, etc. Right from your smartphone or tablet.

With its voice activation feature, you do not even have to touch it to get it to work. Just speak and the fax machine leaps into service.

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9. Brother Fax Machines


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When you do not need a lot of bells and whistles on your fax machine this handy little unit still sends and receives faxes with ease. Plus, it can store up to 25 faxes in its memory banks.

In addition to that accomplishment, it operates at 9600 bps and can handle up to 512 mb of memory. Along with those strengths, one push of a button and it will copy for you as well.

The easy to use fax machine gives you caller i.d. and ring distinction. This means you can assign a different ring to different business associates. On top of all that, it will still work as a separate telephone. You can make and receive calls while using this fax machine.

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8. Brother E IntelliFax Plain Paper Laser Fax


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It may not print or copy in color but you get great black and white copies every time you turn this machine on. Whether it is incoming fax, print page or copy, you get results in 600 by 600 dpi.

Then with a press of a button, you can send a fax in under 3 seconds per page. Then when you need a lot of copies the paper tray holds up to 250 sheets of paper. The automatic page feeder will handle up to 30 pages at one time.

Also, when you need to make a quick call, the phone function store up to 132 phone numbers. Your access to other businesses is fast and efficient.

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7. Brother High-Speed Mono Laser Fax Machines


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Lasers make everything clearer and faster and this laser fax machine is no exception. It moves at approx. 33 bps speeds and about 2 1/2 seconds per page transmissions, with its 16 Mb memory you can get your work completed and sent off without hassles.

Also, you can use its built-in USB port to transmit documents and have them printed out at 22 ppm speeds. More than enough to catch up on your workload. The USB port comes in at 2.0 levels.

Then the automatic paper feeder tray handles about 20 pages at one time. You can get a lot of printing done in a short amount of time. All the buttons are clear and easy to understand.

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6. Canon Office and Business Wireless All-in-one Fax


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Why buy 3 machines when one can do it all for you. This all in one fax machine also handles your scanning, printing and copying duties without complaint. Then with 2 paper trays, you will never run out of paper. Combined both trays will hold up to 500 sheets of paper.

In addition to these functions, you also get laser printing that is smudge resistant. No more out of focus words on your reports. The easy to use touch screen and control panel makes sure you hit the right buttons and get the right work done on time.

Plus, it can work with a wide variety of operating systems from Vista to Windows 10 to different Mac systems.

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5. Samsung Xpress Wireless Laser Fax


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Having a wireless fax machine that can handle it all makes office life a lot easier. You can hook up to the wifi connection and get your faxes, printing, and copies have done without leaving your seat.

Or if you need to stand, the easy to use control panel has all the buttons to reach the functions you need to use. One or two presses and your work is almost done. With printing speeds up to 21 ppm you can easily printout 1500 pages each month with no trouble.

Also, it can print in color and give you professional images at no extra charge. A one year warranty protects your investment and eases any worries you may have.

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4. Canon imageCLASS AirPrint Fax


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Technology has a way of making little things better. When the fax machine first came out it was only a phone and a fax machine. Then technology got a hold of it and has now turned it into a vital business machine you cannot afford to be without.

This fax, printer, copier, etc., can print up to 24 pages a minute while holding 250 sheets of paper in its paper tray. Then its digital display makes sure you can see what is happening in a blink of an eye

You can see your settings and make adjustments quicker than that. Scanning is also a snap with this handy fax machine on the job.

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3. Epson All-in-One Wireless Fax


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Technology has also found a way to free the fax machine from all the wires and cords they used to have. Now the machine has become wireless and gives you some excellent placement options. Once you have found its spot, you can tackle all your office jobs with ease.

This machine will print, fax, copy, scan and more with just a short push of a button. All the buttons are easily located and the digital readout will show you what mode you are currently using.

Plus, 4 individual ink cartridges provide you with 4800 by 1200 dpi and the paper tray should hold about 150 sheets of paper at one time.

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2. Brother Printer Wireless Monochrome Fax


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Send and receive faxes effortlessly. Then when you need to make copies of the fax just push a button and copy what you have in your hand. Business life is made simpler when you use an all in one fax machine.

With 32 ppm and automatic duplex functions, you can make short work of your copying, printing or fax duties. This machine will scan as well making sure you can get the information to your computer quickly through its wireless feature.

The simple to use and easy to look at touch screen handles the settings quite well. You won’t waste any office time when you turn to this fax machine for help.

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1. Brother FAX-575 Personal Fax and Phone


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For those people who like the simple things in life, this fax machine doe snot comes with a lot of accessories. It does do faxes, make copies and handle important phone calls that can’t wait. Sometimes that is all you need from a fax machine.

Its 400 by 400 dpi, 9600 bps, and other functions makes sure you get clear copies and faxes in little time. Time is money and this fax machine helps you save on time. It’s paper holder will handle 50 sheets of paper at one time.

Plus, it will hold up to 25 separate faxes in its memory.

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The business world needs top business machines to handle its affairs correctly. One of the top 15 best fax machines in 2022 are those business machines. You get top performance, great results and an armful of accessories to make sure your business affairs are handled smoothly and correctly.

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