Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters in 2022 Reviews


Getting into hot water is a lot easier than you thought. You do not have to break any rules to do so. With one of the top 10 best electric tankless water heaters in 2022 on the job, getting your hot shower is nothing but easy.

These tankless water heaters are ready to provide you with all the hot water you need almost instantly. Their installation and operation are so simple you may wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

Plus, this energy efficient units should save you a lot of money. They only use electricity when they are turned on. You get the most for your money when you go with the best equipment on the market today. Upgrading to a new way of heating your water is the smart homeowner move.

List of Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters in 2022 Review

10. Marey Tankless Water Heater


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All you need to make this water heater work for you is a 220-volt and 70-amp connection. Once that is set up, this ETL approved tankless water heater will provide you with endless hot water.

Plus, the approx. 9 by 14-inch size makes sure you have lots of space left over in your home or bathroom for other items. Also, an easy to use LCD control panel has 3 buttons for power, and water temperature levels. Your fingertip controls everything on this tankless water heater.

After you hook up the water lines, the power is activated with as little as 5 psi pressure.. Then its 2 1/2 gsm should provide you with enough water for a great shower experience. One water line going into the tankless water heater and one going out is all you need for a great time in the shower.

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9. Eemax EEM24018 Electric Tankless Water Heater


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One button technology makes sure you do not have to have a scientific degree to operate this tankless water heater. Just hold the button for three seconds to turn it on or off. Then you use the same button to adjust your temperature.

Also, you can see how hot the water is going to get by looking at the LCD display screen. It makes sure the numbers are clear and easy to read. After you set your temperature, this tankless water heater will provide endless hot water.

Then if you are in the shower, your family can use it to wash the dishes at the same time. The water heater only uses the 240-volt connection to make sure you get the hot water you need each and every time. The water heater measures 17 by 14 by 4” approx.

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8. Titan N-120 Tankless Water Heater


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Two buttons handle all the temperature settings y9uou need to do. The red one makes the water hotter while the blue one turns the heat down. Plus, the water connections are easy to attach your water lines too. A few twists of the wrist and you can enjoy endless hot water in your shower.

Measuring approx. 14 by 10 by 5 inches in size, you save a lot of space over the traditional water heaters found in most homes today. This 220-volt water heater only uses about 54 amps of power to make sure you do not run out of hot water.

Once you have set this water heater up, you should be able to heat up to 2 showers at the same time. The only electricity you use is when you turn the unit on. Other than that you are saving on your electric bill.

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7. Thermoflow Elex 12 Tankless Water Heater


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You can activate this tankless water heater with only 0.6-gsm water supply. Then with its easy to use temperature control, you can set the heat to where you like it and raise the water supply. The temperature settings go up in 1-degree increments for better heat control.

Plus, the LCD digital display lets you see your settings even if there is a lot of steam in your shower. Also, you get corrosion and acid resisting stainless steel heating core. This helps this tankless water heater last you a long time.

In addition to that, you can heat your water between 32 and 1140 degrees F. This gives you enough hot water to meet your needs. Measuring approx. 14 by 8 by 5 inches in size, you get a lot of hot water from this compact unit.

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6. Rheem Residential Tankless Water Heater


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2 heating chambers make this tankless water heater more efficient and better to heat your water. Plus, you get easy to use threaded connections to make sure your water supply does not run out the mid-shower.

Also, the easy to use temperature control goes up or down in 1-degree increments for better use of your electricity. Installing this 19 by 15 by 4-inch tankless water heater is as easy as it is to set the temperature of your water.

After you get this water heater out of its box, all it needs is a 240-volt power supply and 2 40 amp breakers to keep it running smoothly. Of course, the only drawback to these water heaters is that when the power goes out so does your hot water supply. But that is a minor inconvenience.

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5. Sio Green IR30 POU Electric Tankless Water Heater


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By using only 110 volts and infrared heating technology, this tankless water heater supplies you with the best hot water available. It also saves you money as you only heat the water you use. There is no wasted electrical usage.

Once you set this water heater up, its construction materials work to prevent lime, algae and bacteria build-up. Plus, the heating element is corrosion resistant. Then the easy t use controls move the temperature up and down by 1-degree increments. One fingertip is all it takes to set your temperature level and turn the unit on or off.

Also, this design works to make sure you have no maintenance costs during its lifetime. It’s approx. 14 by 8 by 3-inch size also gives you lots of placement options to make sure the right taps in your home get their endless supply of hot water.

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4. Ecosmart ECO MINI 2.5 2.5-Gallon 120V Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater


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Measuring roughly 16 by 11 by 11 inches in size, you get an endless supply of hot water to your shower with this compact unit. Plus, with its small size, it can be installed almost anywhere. You do not sacrifice space to get the hot water you need.

Also, a simple dial helps you adjust the temperature of the water you are receiving. A little twist of the wrist and you can relax under the weaves of hot water produced by this little water heater. 2 indicator lights let you know it is on and working for you.

In addition to that, this unit is made in the US so you know you are getting an American made product that stands for quality. The easy to install unit has an incoming connection and an outgoing connection making it simple to install and use.

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3. Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus Whole House Tankless Electric Water Heater


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This electric tankless water heater provides you with a hot water scale to let you know how safe the water temperature is. Also, it provides you with guidelines to help you adjust the temperature to the appropriate water action you are doing.

Plus, the easy to read digital display makes sure you can see the temperature you have selected. In addition, the solid copper heating chambers make sure the water remains hot while in use. Once you have installed this approx. 22 by 20 by the 10-inch tankless water heater, your energy bill should go down.

You only use electricity when you turn the water on. This water heater covers the whole house and can heat several water outlets at the same time. It is designed to replace your traditional gas or electric water heater and still give you the performance you need.

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2. Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater


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This approx. 14 by 14 by 11-inch water heater is not completely tankless. It will hold roughly 2 1/2 gallons of water to make sure you have a hot water supply ready when you need it. Then its 3-foot cord provides plenty of lengths to reach a standard outlet.

In addition to that, this water heater will supply two sinks with hot water at the same time. Plus, its mounting versatility allows you to place this unit on a shelf, wall or the floor The easy installation also lets you directly attach this to your sink’s water line with ease.

A temperature control dial lets you twist the right temperature settings to fit your hot water preferences. It is simple to use, simple to install and simple to place. What more do you need from a water heater?

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1. EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater


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You do not need a big, bulky water heater that takes up a lot of space to get the hot water you need. This 12 by 8 by 4 inch approx. tankless water heater takes up little room while providing you with the same heating coverage as its bigger counterparts.

After hooking it up, the easy to use temperature and power controls make sure you get the water heated to where you like it. Plus, the digital display keeps the numbers clear and easy to read. it can heat up to 2 gallons per minute.

Also, you save on any heat loss that comes with the traditional water heaters. This helps you save a lot on your energy bill and puts more money back in your pocket.

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The Facts About Tankless Water Heaters

Before you rush out and buy one of the top 10 best electric tankless water heaters in 2022, you should learn a few facts about them so you can make a smart purchase. Here are some of the important facts you need to know:

  1. They are more expensive- because of their technology upgrades, these water heaters cost a lot more than a traditional water heater
  2. They do save you money- while they are more expensive, they do cut your costs down throughout their lifetime. This offsets its high purchase price and puts money in your pocket.
  3. They are not large- their size allows you to place these tankless water heaters just about anywhere. This versatility saves you space and time
  4. They last longer- traditional water heaters may have a 7 to 10-year lifespan. But these new tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years
  5. Good for large families- with an endless supply of hot water, all members of your family can take hot showers one after the other without losing any heat
  6. They still need a water softener- unfortunately, hard water plays havoc with all sorts of water heaters. Even with tankless water heaters, you will need to protect it from the ailments hard water brings to your plumbing system
  7. They have a variety of sizes- this allows you to customize your choice and find the right water heater for you and your family
  8. Their only weakness- may be well water. These small water heaters usually need a lot of psi to work to their full potential

Hot water is essential to most people. They need a lot of it and they hate to pay more for what they need. One way to satisfy both desires is to get one of the top 10 best electric tankless water heaters in 2022.

These water heaters make sure you have an endless supply of hot water while keeping your energy costs low. Also, they are easy to use and only need a fingertip to operate. Their installation is just as simple and easy. Go with the best if you want to make sure you are energy efficient.

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