Best Electric Shavers in 2022 Reviews


Get rid of that stubble, facial hair and stubble doe snot look good on everyone. When you have a face that is not suited for facial hair, remove the hair by using one of the top 12 best electric shavers in 2022.

These electric shavers go to work fast and have the power to give you a great looking clean-shaven look to your body. That is a good thing when you are trying to impress the ladies. Plus, you can still look tough without that 5 o’clock shadow.​ When you want to look your best, you go with the best electric shaver available.

Check Out Best Electric Shavers in 2022 Reviews

12. MAX-T Men’s Electric Shaver

12.MAX-T Men's Electric Shaver - Corded and Cordless Rechargeable 3D Rotary Shaver Razor for Men with Pop-up Sideburn Trimmer Wet and Dry Painless 100-240V Black

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To get your best look, you can use this electric shaver in 2 ways. After you have waited 60 minutes for the battery to charge up or while it is still plugged in and charging. That way you do not lose any time getting ready for your next big social event.

Plus, you get hypoallergenic stainless steel rotary blades that cut real close to your face. These blades also work in 4 directions at the same time. When it is time for the hard trimming work pop up trimmer is ready and willing to assist you.

On top of that, an LCD display lets you know when your battery is running out of power. The 60-minute charge provides you with 90 minutes of continuous shaving time. A safety lock feature keeps the shaver turned off when you are not around.

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11. MOOSOO Electric Razor for Men

11.MOOSOO Electric Razor for Men Electric Shaver with Upgraded Autosensing Motor Pop-Up Beard Trimmer 800mAh Rechargable 60min-runtime Wet Dry Black

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This ergonomically designed electric shaver should feel comfortable in your hand and should be easy to maneuver around your face. Get those tough to reach spots with ease. Then with 14,000 blade movements per minute, you can get rid of that facial hair quicker than ever.

In addition to that, you have a powerful motor that makes sure tough hair I snot longer a shaving challenge. With a 90 minute charge, you can spend 60 minutes making sure all the annoying facial hair is removed.

Then the built-in LED display lets you know how much time you have left to use this shaver. Wet or dry, you have the opportunity for a great shaving experience when you use this electric shaver to handle your shaving chores. A storage bag and cleaning brush make sure that this electric shaver remains in top shape.

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10. Electric Shaver for Men

10.Electric Shaver for Men Wet and Dry Waterproof, Electric Razor Cordless Men's 3D Rotary Shavers Rechargeable Beard Trimmer with Pop-up Trimmer, Digital Display & Travel Lock

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This blue and black colored shaver comes with a nicely designed handle that lets you hold on firmly and stay comfortable at the same time. Then when not in use, you can activate the travel lock feature to make sure it doesn’t start in your suitcase.

Also, you can use this shaver at the office or in your shower. Its wet and dry capability make sure you have good shaving options at your disposal. With a 60minute charge, your new shaver can run continuously for another hour before needing more power.

Its 3 floating heads follow your facial contours, making sure that no hair is left behind. The battery indicator light in the handle lets you know when you need to rest and recharge. A pop-up trimmer handles sideburns mustaches and other hard to cut spots on your face.

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9. Venyn 4 In 1 Richor Rotatory -Best Electric Shavers

9.Venyn 4 In 1 Richor Rotatory Electric Shaver – Works for Wet, Dry Beard - Body Hair Trimmer - Water Resistant -Cordless Face Cleaner

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This 4 in one electric shaver doe sit all. First, it shaves your face with 3 floating stainless steel heads. Second, it can be used as a beard brush, third, it is a trimmer when you need to cut other hair spots on your head.

Finally, it can be used as a nose trimmer. You get top personal grooming when you turn to this water-resistant electric shaver to handle your shaving needs. Also, the flexible heads follow your face making sure you cut every last bit of facial hair your wife or girlfriend do not like.

Then you can use it wet or dry. Either way makes no difference to this shaver. It works just as well under wet conditions as it does dry ones. Once you recharge the battery, you get to use this shaver for 60 minutes before powering it up again.

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8. Phisco Electric Shaver Razor for Men

8.Phisco Electric Shaver Razor for Men 2 in 1 Beard Trimmer Wet Dry Waterproof Mens Rotary Shaver USB Quick Rechargeable Shaving Razor

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Once you spend an hour waiting for this electric shaver to charge, you get about 30 shaves or 120 minutes of shave time after the charging is done. Or you can do a 2-minute quick charge when you are in a hurry.

On top of that, this waterproof shaving device comes with 3 floating heads that make sure you get a close shave each and every time. Its 2800 rpm motor delivers the power you need to make sure you keep on looking good. A pop-up trimmer is also included in this package.

Then when you need them, you get a battery power indicator light, a cleaning indicator, and a safety lock. Keep unauthorized hands away by enacting that little feature. Plus, you can use this shaver wet or dry. It is up to you when you get your shaving done and when you decide, this shaver is there to help.

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7. Shao Electric Shaver and Beard Trimmer

7.Electric Shaver and Beard Trimmer - 5 in 1 Multi-functional Rechargeable Cordless Grooming Kit for Men and Women- Face, Body, Beard, Nose Hair Trimmer with Micro Shaver

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To trim or shave your beard? That is the question. And when you find your answer this electric shaver is ready to fulfill that answer. It comes with top quality shaving heads as well as a variety of beard trimming blades to make sure you get the look you want.

5 attachments are included making sure you have the right implements for the task at hand. In addition to trimming or shaving your beard, you can control your ear and nose hairs with 2 of the included attachments. Stay neat and good looking all the time and all over your face.

You may have to wait 8 hours till the razor fully charges but the wait may be worth it. Once powered up you get 70 minutes of continuous use. More than enough time to clean up your beard. It is a dual voltage shaver that is ready for travel.

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6. SweetLF 3D Rechargeable IPX7 -Best Electric Shavers

6.SweetLF 3D Rechargeable 100% Waterproof IPX7 Electric Shaver Wet & Dry Rotary Shavers for Men Electric Shaving Razors with Pop-up Trimmer, Blue

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The battery life indicator is almost as sophisticated as the electric shaver. You get 5 levels of indicators telling you that you are running out of power. Once you get low enough, you can plug the razor in and wait only 60 minutes till it is ready to go again.

After the shaver is powered up, you get 30 shaves or 120 minutes of use, whichever comes first. The quiet motor does not disturb your thoughts or your concentration. It is a powerful little motor that should cut through your hair like a knife through butter,

3 heads that float and cut in 4 directions makes short work of your facial issue. Also, it comes with a one-touch open function and pops up trimmer to make sure your face is looking like a million dollars. The handle is easy and comfortable to hold onto.

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5. Philips Norelco OneBlade hybrid electric trimmer and shaver

5.Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver, FFP, QP2520 90

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One blade may be all that you need to clean up your face. Not everyone grows hair as Robin Williams did. That is why there are a variety of electric shavers like this one. The main good aspect of this electric shaver is that it will cut any length of hair.

Different included click on combs allows you to trim your beard and mustache to the length you want it at. One blade requires only one button to turn the power on. After a 24 hour charge just press that one button and let the shaver do its job. The rubber handle keeps it in your hand all the time.

Then after four months, you should replace the blade. It doesn’t last much longer than that. Edging is a snap as well. The dual-sided blade makes that difficult chore a little easier to finish right.

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4. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Electric Razor

4.Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Electric Razor for Men, Rechargeable and Cordless Electric Shaver, Wet & Dry Foil Shaver, Blue

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This is a man’s razor for those men who want a tough shaver to handle their shaving chores. 2 batteries make sure you have the power you need to cut through your stubborn facial hair.

Then you can use this shaver with gel, foam or just water to get that nice clean close shave your woman loves. Triple cutting action makes short work of any facial hair and this shaver has it. Plus, its waterproof design makes sure that it will last you a long time under normal conditions and use.

This is a man’s electric shaver that takes care of business once you turn it on. Micro combs lift that hair up and get it cut right away. A quick 5-minute charge gives you enough power for one shave. Almost 2 hours are needed to get this razor to full power.

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3. Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men’s Electric Razor

3.Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men's Electric Razor, 4-Blade Cordless with Wet Dry Shaver Convenience

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Panasonic claims to be a little ahead of its time. That may be the case once you look this electric shaver over. Its large display screen makes sure you dare not surprised when the battery is out of power. Its big and clear numbers keep you fully informed.

Then to turn it on, all you nee dis your thumb to flick the switch and you have power. Your thumb just needs to flick that switch back again when your shaving job is done. The 4 blades are set at a 30-degree angle for closeness. Then they are powered by strong dual motors.

Also, you get about 14 3 minute shaves per charge., With the pop-up trimmer, your sideburns will look great. 14,000 cuts per minute shave off some time from your facial cutting duties. 1 hour of charging time gets you to access to the power this electric shaver brings with it.

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2. Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver for Men

2.Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver for Men 7893s, Wet & Dry, Integrated Precision Trimmer, Rechargeable and Cordless Razor, with Travel Case – Silver

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A protective carrying or storage case keeps a watchful eye over your electric shaver when it is not in use. Use the case for storage or to protect your new shaver when you travel. Then once you take it out of the case, you get to use 5 shaving modes to handle your facial hair.

Plus, it takes the 4 shaving blades 1 stroke what other electric shaver blades do in 2. That cuts your shaving time down and helps you get ready quickly. The 100% waterproof shaver is designed and built to last you about 7 years before replacing it.

With a skin-friendly trimmer, you can trim those hard to reach places without doing any damage to your skin or face. 5 indicator lights below the power button let you know how much shaving time the battery has left. It is a smart shaver for the smart man.

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1. Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit -Best Electric Shavers

1.Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit, Beard Trimmer (8 Pieces)

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Take your grooming habits to the next level when you choose to buy this Remington electric shaver. It comes with 6 attachments including several beard combs to get the beard length you want. The easy to use power button is always ready to bring the juice when you want to shave.

Just make sure to power the rechargeable batteries before you turn it on. One at full power, you get about 70minutes of running time. More than enough to trim your beard to where you want it. Self-sharpening surgical steel blades make sure they are sharp enough to handle your beard.

After you have completed your shaving time, you can keep the shaver and attachments clean by placing it under running water. Than to protect it, just slip it into its carry case for safekeeping.

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When you want to impress a pretty woman, you go to one of the top 12 best electric shavers in 2022. The second best just won’t do when you want to make a romantic connection. These top shavers will get the job done for you.

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