Best Desk Name Plates in 2022 Reviews


Letting everyone know who you are just got a lot easier. Being in middle management or smaller circles makes it difficult to let people know your name. Using one of the top 10 best desk name plates in 2022 makes that an issue of the past.

These name plates boldly state who you are and what you have accomplished in as few words as possible. Everyone will remember you once you put these name plates on the job. Plus, they do not detract from your office or desk décor.

If you want to know which name plate made our top 10 best desk name plate in 2022 honor, just continue to read our review. It is filled with the information you need to help you stand out more at the office. Go with the best to make your mark on the business.

List of 10 Best Desk Name Plates Reviews

10. Holmes Stamp & Sign Desk Name Plate

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You do not have to go with a standard, boring desk name plate and can create your name to make it look better and help you stand out to your boss. of course, when you customize.

Along with the name plate a built-in card holder keeps your business cards convenient and handy. Just a slight pull and your card in the hands of your client in seconds. Plus, the rosewood finish brightens any desk up and lends a touch of class to your office.

Measuring 2 by 8 inches in size, your name will pop when your guests see the name plate. The gold lettering and border work well to highlight your name against the black background.

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9. Artblox Desk Name Plate

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Made from polished acrylic glass this name plate will have your co-workers looking at you with respect. The transparent glass provides a clear background for the large black letters. This ensures that your name will be one of the first things your potential clients see when they walk into your cubicle or office.

Also, the glass name plate will carry your name, title, and company logo to make sure everyone knows who you are, and your position in the company.

After you order, you can select the font style and color you want engraving on the back of the glass name plate. There is the option to customize the name plate and remove the logo and title if you want.

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8. Rosewood Piano Finish Desk Name Plate

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Measuring 2 by 8 inches in size, you can get a long name on this name plate. The gold and black design look professional with the rosewood finish. You can upgrade the look of your desk by switching to this first-class name plate.

After you decide to get a name plate, you also get the free engraving. That cuts your costs and make you look financially sound to your boss. Or you can buy this as a gift for your supervisors, so they look good to their guests.

Besides the gold and back design, you get a piano finish look that helps you stand out from the crowd. That is if they do not take advantage of this top 10 name plate list.

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7. Azar Horizontal Name Plate – Best Desk Name Plates

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The acrylic glass design adds a little post-modern look to your office décor. It says that you are up with the times and know what is going on around you. The 8 by 2-inch dimensions allow you some flexibility when inserting your name.

The clear glass look makes sure no one has trouble reading your name even if it is a difficult one to pronounce. Plus, you can get one for everyone in the office. They are sold in packs of 100. Everyone is included and equal when they all use the same name plates.

Also, the looped glass exterior makes inserting yours or your co-workers’ names easy. No one should feel slighted when they see everyone has the same style of name plate.

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6. Griffco Personalized Business Desk Name Plate

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Visitors to your office or company should not have a hard time finding the person they need to speak to. These customized name plates hold the title of each person in the office so locating them is a breeze.

Also, the engraving is free, so large names are not a budget breaker. A built-in cardholder makes sure your clients can get your contact information without any hassles. After you place it on your desk, the 2 by 8-inch name plate should stand out and keep your name in front of everyone’s eyes.

Beside the rosewood finish, you get gold lettering against a black background. NO one should mistake you for a co-worker again with this large name plate on the job.

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5. Lasercrafting Office Desk Name Plate

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Etched glass is a unique look that helps keep your name highlighted as people come into your office. Lasers do great work and help make sure every letter is clearly etched on the transparent glass name plate.

Also, the 2 1/2-inch base provides the stability every name plate needs to stand tall. There is no fear of this 2 by 8-inch sign falling over. There is a little choice when you go for engraving You can have your name only or you can add your title. It is all up to you or our boss.

Before you decide to go with this style of name plate be forewarned. White is the only color you can get with this laser etching style.

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4. Lasercrafting Office Desk Name Plate

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Clear glass is not the only option you have from this manufacturer. You can get top-quality laser etching on a variety of color backgrounds. With 12 options to choose from you can match your office décor or your color preference with ease.

After choosing your favorite color, the 2 by 10” name plate can hold your name or name and title. The choice is yours to make. Then to keep t stuck to your wall or door, an adhesive backing glues the name plate securely to most flat surfaces.

An added plus is that you can use these name plates on indoor surfaces or outdoor ones. It all depends on your professional situation and office design.

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3. Holmes Stamp & Sign Custom Desk Name Plate

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You can look like you know what you are doing with this professional-looking black and white designed name plate. With customization available, you can add to your imposing figure and let people clearly see who you are.

Plus, with a piano-like finish, your desk will not look any better. The silver lettering makes sure no one misses your name. Then the solid construction makes sure the name plate lasts you for years to come.

Or if you are hopping for the perfect gift to give your boss or supervisor, look no further. A classy looking name late should go over well and hold you in higher esteem. Helping others look good helps you to look good to others.

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2. Trophy Central – Best Desk Name Plates

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Let everyone know your name without hesitation. This classically designed name plate will broadcast your name and position loudly and clearly to all who come to your office. You have to confirm an email to start the customization process. That is about the only hard part of this process.

Measuring 2 by 10 inches in size you should be able to get every letter of those long difficult names on the front of the name plate. Fast shipping means you do not have to give it to your boss after their special day.

Also, the rosewood finish helps the gold letters highlight your name and title to perfection. The solid construction should have this name plate last you or your boss for many years to come.

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1. Lasercrafting Personalized Office Name Plate

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Having a choice is a great thing to possess. Even with name plates a little choice goes a long way. This style of name plates can be stuck to your wall or placed on your desk. A handy foot holder makes this choice possible.

Also, the choice doesn’t stop there. You can have your name only or you can add your title as well. It is up to your preference what you do. In addition to these choices, you can personalize your name plate. It is up to you and how you want your or your supervisor’s name to look.

Getting a quality name plate adds to your status and builds your reputation. When your name plate looks good, you look good.

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The advantages and disadvantages of etched Desk Name Plates

Name plates look good. One of the top 10 best desk name plates in 2022 can upgrade your look and reputation. But along with those advantages, there are some disadvantages. This section will look at both, so you can make a more informed decision on how you want to proceed:


  • Limited choice- usually an acid is used to etch names and titles onto name plates. But that method restricts your choice to metal and glass materials only. Plastic and wood do not work with lasers or acids
  • Grimy look- etched names and titles are placed beneath the flat surface of the material used. This means that they can trap dirt and grime and make your name look dirty
  • Cleaning issues- because of the trapped dirt and lower surface in the lettering, cleaning your name plate can be a bit difficult
  • Mistakes happen- you can’t reverse the etching process, so the engraver has to start all over if a mistake happens. This delays the delivery of your product. If they don’t catch the mistake your name and title may make you look foolish
  • Sharp edges- metal name plates come with sharp edges that may cut if handled improperly


  • Easy to customize- you can get the name plate your way in almost any style you want, within reason.
  • Flexibility- you have a lot of choice of colors and font styles to choose from
  • Looks- you can get a top-quality look if you use the right materials and the engraver is good. Etching brings a more fluid look and has fewer errors in them
  • Cheap cost- you save money by using an etching method to inscribe names and titles on name plates
  • Durable- they last long and resist alteration and are strong enough to survive accidental drops
  • Vandal-resistant- etching resists any attempts by vandals to disfigure the name plate
  • Location options- you have a lot of choices where you put the name plates- walls doors, and desks

The positive contributions of Desk Name Plates

You may not think about it, but name plates can make positive contributions to your life, business work ethic, and overall lifestyle. Here are a few of those positive contributions that come from using one of the top 10 best desk name plate sin 2022:

  • Builds your confidence- your name and title on the platelets you be more confident when handling customers, potential and existing clients or other visitors
  • You are not forgotten- it is easy to feel like you are a nameless figure in the business. A name plate gets rid of those thoughts and makes you feel like an important cog in the business
  • Builds your client’s confidence- your name plate can inspire confidence in you. You look like you know what to do and that is a good thing
  • First impressions- these go a long way in securing a business deal, etc. The first impression you make may help you be more successful at your job
  • You are taken more seriously- your reputation is enhanced as well
    Some final words

When you use the best after that you should expect nothing but good results Those top-rated name plates will provide you with positive contributions and help you make that all-important first impression the right way. Business success sometimes depends on the little things in office life

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