Best Chunky Knit Blankets in 2020 Reviews


Staying warm in some locations is a real challenge. Nothing seems to be able to stop the cold weather from coming inside and cooling everyone down. It is a good thing you own one of the top 10 best chunky Knit blankets in 2020.

These blankets are designed to block the cold and keep you warm every time you slip underneath one. Their heavy fabric design blocks the cold and keeps you nice and comfortable as you read, watch television or do other activities.

You can help keep your family prepared for the winter months by adding one of the top 10 best chunky knit blankets in 2020 to your blanket arsenal. Using one of the best is the only way you should try to stay warm. When you want to upgrade your bedroom look this winter, go with the best.

List of 10 Best Chunky Knit Blankets Reviews

10. ACARPO Chunky Knit Blanket

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This hand-oven knit blanket ensures that you and your family will stay warm all winter long. Its long braids are thick enough to keep the cold temperatures away from your body. They also add a sense of old-fashion style to your home or bedroom.

Measuring 47 by 59 inches in size, you get to cover your body completely and have room left over for your significant other. Plus, the knit fabric is soft to the touch keeping your skin from irritation and scratchiness.

When not in use, just throw it over the back of your sofa. It is easy to store and helps upgrade any look you have in your home. Every member of your family should enjoy using this blanket when they need to arm up.

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9. Nata Home and Fashion Chunky Knitted Blanket

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Just about nothing is handmade anymore. That is what makes this chunky knit blanket so special. It’s the personal touch that brings something unique to your home. This handmade chunky knit blanket will keep you warm every time you use it.

With its unique construction, this 30 by 55-inch blanket is large enough to cover our whole body. Once you slip underneath it, you will wonder why you didn’t purchase one of these blankets sooner. It is that comfortable.

Before you purchase, you can spend a long time selecting which color you want. There is that much color choice available. Plus, it is a great replacement for your comforter. Its thick fabric works hard to keep the chill away from your body.

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8. clootess Chunky Knit Blanket

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Made from merino wool, this blanket should not scratch your body or cause any irritations. Merino wool is one of the softest wools you can use for blankets. With warmth and softness why go to any alternative. Your body will stay warm all winter long.

Also, the handmade blanket can bring good memories back to your mind. Its warmth and softness just take any threat the cool air has away. Plus, its special design allows your body to breath while avoiding overheating.

After purchase, you may not want to share this 32 by the 40-inch blanket. If your partner or family complain, you can always go out and get a larger version. This blanket does come in a variety of sizes as well as many different colors.

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7. Nishiguang Chunky Knit Blanket

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Those clear, chilly Autumn evenings provide the perfect environment to bring out this chunky knit blanket. You can enjoy the beautiful evening without fear of catching a cold. The handmade blanket should keep you war till you go back inside.

In addition to those features, the 47 by 59-inch blanket lets your body breathe while keeping you from overheating. Then if you get lonely, your significant other can easily slip underneath and the to of you can enjoy the evening together.

The multi-use blanket can double as a pet bed as well. Why keep comfort away from your faithful canine companion? Before it gets too dirty, you need to dry clean the blanket. Do not use your washer or your iron to get the blanket clean again.

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6. HomeModa Studio Giant Chunky Knit Blanket

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Make your own chunky knit blanket with this giant wool yarn. You can use your creativity to design and knit the blanket you want. The options are limitless. Plus, you can enjoy the soft texture your way when you knit your own blanket.

Also, the unspun and non-mulesed wool is easy to maneuver and knit together. It will help you create a great hobby for yourself as you strive to keep your family warm each winter. Plus, you get to choose how big you want to make it.

Having a lot of choices makes the blanket even more special. Another good feature about this yarn is that it is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and keeps moisture away from your body. 3 great characteristics to have in a special homemade blanket.

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5. Yijiujiuer Chunky Knit Blanket

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One way to keep you and your baby warm and comfortable is to use a top rated chunky knit blanket. After you lay it out, you will see that its 40 by 60-inch dimensions cover a lot of territories. This gives you and your baby plenty of room to sleep and relax.

Also, the hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial qualities mean that this blanket is very safe to use with your baby. It is also a good blanket to use when you have an allergy sufferer in your family.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about overheating or lack of body breathing. This blanket controls temperature and lets your body breathe as you sleep or relax. Its soft touch will have you sleeping in no time.

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4. HomeModa Knit Blanket

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Bring the comfort of a handmade chunky knit blanket to your bedroom. With its soft touch and anti-irritation properties, you should get all the rest you want when you slip underneath this thick 40 by 60-inch blanket.

Plus, when it is not in use, the unique color designs should help your bedroom or living room sparkle. Cools days will no longer be a worry as you know you have an extra warm chunky knit blanket waiting to warm you up.

Also, its soft feel does not irritate or scratch your skin. Before you buy, make sure you are getting the size you want. If you can’t find that size, the manufacturer will custom make one to your personal specifications. You can get the blanket you want without hassle.

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3. EASTSURE Knit Acrylic Blanket

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Even if you are cutting back on your heating bill, you can still keep your family nice and warm. This 40 by 47” sheep wool blanket heats up your family on cool evenings when the heat is turned down low. You can use the blanket to keep the heat off at night.

Plus, you know the blanket is safe for your children It comes with hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial properties as well as being irritation resistant. Your family will be comfortable and safe as they lie underneath its warm protective reach.

There is also no need to worry about overheating. The blanket lets your children’s bodies breathe as they sleep. Also, you can use this blanket almost anywhere, even on camping trips when the night temperatures really dip low.

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2. VIYEAR Chunky Knit Blanket

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When you are trying to relax from a hard, stressful day, you can wrap yourself inside this chunky knit blanket and let your cares roll away. This 40 by 59-inch blanket makes sure you can find comfort when your day has not gone as you would have liked.

Also, the handmade blanket brings back good childhood memories when your parents wrapped you in their arms to comfort you. Or you can just stay warm when the night’s temperature is below comfort levels

After purchasing this blanket, you can use it almost anywhere you need it. Watching television and having a cup of hot chocolate under the blanket is a good way to relax. To keep clean dry clean or try to handwash only. Do not use your iron or washing machine.

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1. EASTSURE Bulky Knit Throw Chunky Sofa Blanket

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Cold climates mean that you have to take extra precautions to keep you and your family warm. This handmade chunky knit blanket will keep everyone in your family warm. In fact, they may fight over who uses it. You may need more than one to keep the peace.

Also, the blanket comes in a variety of colors. You can match your color preference or home décor with little hassle. Measuring 40 by 59 inches in size, you get hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial protection when you crawl underneath the blanket.

After slipping underneath the blanket your body will be able to stay cool and breathe as you get warm. In addition, you can use this blanket almost anywhere in the home. You can get comfort and a soft feel 24 hours a day if you need it.

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The different uses of a chunky knit blanket

Like any blanket, one of the top 10 best chunky knit blankets in 2020 has many uses. You want versatility when you buy a good blanket for your home. Here are some ways to use your new chunky knit blanket when you take it home:

Decoration- it can cover a well-used and worn chair or sofa. This will brighten your room and make everything look better

• Comfort- their soft wool makes you nice and comfortable every time you slip underneath. These blankets just make a sofa or bed feeling much better

• Warmth- these blankets can warm your body after you come inside from the cold outside Just slip them around your shoulders and you will warm up quickly

• Protects- these blankets are usually hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial in nature. That means your sensitive family member or allergy sufferer can find relief when they put this blanket around them

• Multi-function- these blankets go great on a bed, sofa or even an easy chair. They also work while you are lying on the floor

• Convenient- not only can you use these chunky knit blankets anywhere in your home, you can take them to sleep-overs, on camping trips, and even to outdoor athletic events

• Health- when someone you love comes down with a cold or the flu, these blankets are perfect to use. They will provide the needed comfort and warmth help someone recuperate from their illness

How to make a chunky knit blanket

After purchasing one of the top 10 best chunky kit blankets in 2020, you may decide you need more. Yet your budget doesn’t allow you to buy more. The solution is to make your own.

Here are some steps on how to make your own chunky knit blanket:

  • Supplies- 8 yards of fleece or wool cut into 3” strips; needles and thread; a large work area; and your hands
  •  Start with a slip knot, then chain stitch till you get to your desired length
  • Insert fingers and pull the wool about 2 to 3 inches through the opening. Make a loop then do this step over and over till you reach the end of the wool strip
  • Keep doing this over and over using the back of the fabric. You are actually making a stockinette stitch
  • To complete the blanket, you need to create a stitch to bind the blanket together. Use the loops you created and intertwine them together
  •  When you have completed that step, use the needle and thread to hold everything together.

Whether you make your own or buy one of the top 10 best chunky knit blankets in 2020, you are making a wise choice. These blankets are made to keep you and your family nice and warm over the cold winter months.

Plus, when you use these blankets you can save money on your energy bill. These handmade chunky knit blankets allow you to turn the heat down while you are snuggling under the blanket.

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