Best Car Toys for Kids in 2020


Ancient history has shown us that children’s toys have been around for a long time. Children and toys go together, like fish and water. One of the top 15 best car toys for kids in 2020 carries on that legacy.

Your young child can develop their creativity through the use of these top car toys. Plus, these toys provide your child with a lot of fun. They should develop great childhood memories when they play with these toys. Give your child the best, no matter what.

List of Best Car Toys for Kids on in 2020

15. Yeonha Toys Pull Back Vehicles


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Moveable parts help make this set of 12 pullback cars a lot of fun. Your child can get into their playtime by being able to move essential car parts with ease. Plus, they get six race cars to broaden their playtime.

The six construction toy vehicles add to their creative development and let them experiment with different fun ideas. To make them move, all your child has to do is pull back and let go. The toy vehicles will race away.

Built-in bright colours, these toys are very safe to put in the hands of your kids. Their 2 1/2 inch size prevents any choking situations.

14. WolVol Transport Car Carrier


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As long as your child has the energy, these toy cars will never run out of power. The toys will work as long as your child’s arm can pull them back and let the toys go. Made from durable plastic, natural bumps and other impacts will not harm these brightly coloured toy cars.

Plus, the movable parts will make sure your child can feel the action as they play. They can pour cement, clean streets and cut their crops with ease. Then the bright colours make the toys very exciting to play. With the included buttons, your child has a lot of play and educational options right at their fingertips.

13. Prextex Pack of 2 Radio Control Toys


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With removable figurines, your child can put on a police chase that is second to none. Their police figurine can run down the race car driver on foot for added fun dimensions. Then, with the radio-controlled cars, they can take their playtime anywhere in the yard or house.

With the steering wheel design, your child can learn how to steer correctly and avoid obstacles. The different frequencies mean that your child can, and his friends can use both cars at the same time.

All you need to rev up your child’s playtime are 5 AA batteries. Three go for the car and 2 for the controller. The vehicles come complete with realistic sound effects.

12. YEZI Rc Cars for Kids,


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Four rechargeable batteries help liven up your child’s playtime. These batteries provide enough power to keep the car running for a long time. Then when the power runs down, use your USB port and about 30 minutes to recharge the batteries.

By using an infrared system, all your child’s commands transmitted to the car with ease. The joysticks help the car maneuver 360 degrees and do other turns and tricks. One push of the power button gets your child’s remote control fun underway.

In other to help with the fun, the front and backlights turn on. Your child can play in a dark room and still enjoy this toy car.

11. Think Gizmos Take Apart Toys Range


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Playing a mechanic becomes a lot more fun and more comfortable when you turn to this toy car. It has tires and bolts that come off, and your child can pretend to fix it. They also can remove the engine and pretend they are making it better.

An electric toy drill runs on batteries and has a particular drill bit to handle removing and replacing the bolts. Once powered up, your child can repair their car quickly and get back to fun.

The figures are not removable, and this design helps prevent any choking hazard from taking place. Just make sure your child doesn’t put the bolts in their mouths. The bright color design keeps the car enjoyable.

10. Force1 Remote Control Car Toys for Kids


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It won’t be you that climbs the walls when this toy is around. One flick of a button and your child can drive on the wall avoiding common household obstacles. Also, the car is not that large and will fit in your child’s hand with ease.

The bright red and white design gives the illusion this is a powerful race car. It may be as its headlights, and rear lights light up to add to the fun. Recharging the battery is simple as well.

Just plug into the USB port and your child’s car is on its way to full power once again. Another good aspect is that the small size lets your child play anywhere and at anytime.

9. Prextex 100 Pc Die Cast Car Toys for Kids


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With this set, your child has 100 options for fun and excitement. Every time they pull this set out, they can change their playtime scenario and develop their imagination. Then with 40 race cars in the collection, they can stage a grand Indy series race and come out on top.

They can pretend they are at war with the included military vehicles and capture those race cars for their people. The play options are unlimited with this set. Just teach your child not to put too much pressure on the vehicles as they play. That will help those vehicles last a lot longer, especially the cars made from die-cast and plastic materials.

8. M-jump Pull Back Vehicles


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The one good thing about pull back toys is that you do not have to worry about replacing batteries. One little pull and these vehicles speed down your child’s road with ease. Plus, your child gets a taste of real-life with these working-class toy trucks.

They can pretend they are a truck driver, steam roller operator and more. Besides, many of the truck’s parts move. This toy will add to your child’s fun and help them be more creative. Each toy truck measures just over 2 inches in size that is big enough for some big-time safe fun.

7. YEZI Rc Car Toys for Kids, 2

7.YEZI Remote Control Car, Kid Toys for Boys Girls, Dual Mode 360°Rotating Stunt Car with Remote Control, Head and Rear LED Lights


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This White and black colored, remote control car uses a realistic infrared to control speed, moving and help it move from place to place by using switching mode. Just a little turn of the wheel sends it a message. Plus, the buttons on the remote control conveniently locate.

Your child can press a button and have the cargo up flat walls, ceiling or drive along the floor without missing a beat. Or he or she can make it do tricks, and spin in a 360-degree circle. The USB recharging system brings the power your child needs to play with this car.

A quick up to 40 minutes should bring lots of fun time for your child. They have made from ABS plastic for durability and strength.

6. WizToyz Toddler Toys Pull Back Car Toys for Kids

6.WisToyz Toddler Toys Pull Back Cars Monster Trucks 4 Pack, Cars Toys Pull Back Vehicles with Shockproof Spring and Textured Rubber Tires, Friction Powered Cars Toys

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If you want to give your child some off-road action and entertainment, these cars with their oversized tires will do just that. With large springs and oversized tires, your child can cross any terrain indoors or out.

Plus, those springs will protect the cars from almost any hard bumps and other impacts made from mostly alloy material, your child should get a lot of years to use out of these toy cars.

Their bright color makes it easy to find when needed. Just a simple pull back and release, and these toy cars should tackle almost any obstacle placed in their way. Within reason, of course, The tread helps these cars navigate the different surfaces your child plays on it.

5. Art Creativity Light Up Monster Truck Car Toys for Kids Set


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Spice up your child’s playtime with toy cars that have wheels that can light up. This feature adds dimensions to your child’s fun that they would never have thought of on their own.

Then continue that fun when the cars play their music. Music always makes playtime a lot better. The crisp graphic designs also keep your children interested in these great toys.

In addition to all of this, the cars come with tough bumpers. These bumpers make sure that your child doesn’t ruin them the first time they hit an obstacle. All your child needs to do to get these toys going is to pull them back and let them go.

4. Funcorn Toys Pull Back Car Toys for Kids


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The cute faces on most of these toy cars make them child-friendly. Your child should not be scared of the facial expressions these toy cars bring to your child’s playing. Each toy vehicle in this set measures over 2 inches in size.

Then once your child has selected a vehicle to play wit, they pull back and let them go. How far they go is up to your child’s strength and the surface he or she is playing on.

Plus, the non-toxic construction makes these toys very safe to play with., Their size discourages any attempt o by your child to put them in their mouths. They have built from durable and robust plastic.

3. WolVol Transport Car Toys for Kids Carrier


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One way to have lots of fun is not to play with toy cars but to play with a toy car carrier. Your child’s creative and imaginative options just got larger when they get this toy as a present. The truck comes with moving parts, can hold up to 28 cars at one time.

Plus, it comes with traffic safety barriers and six cars. Fun is the name of the game with this toy truck. A handy carry handle allows your child to move it from place to place with ease.

With the truck cab movement, your child can avoid different obstacles that would spoil their fun made from sturdy plastic to last your child a long time.

2. JOYIN 11 in 1 Die-cast Construction Toy Set


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Being a construction manager can be a lot of fun, especially with these toy cars or trucks on the job. Your child can have hours of fun being in charge of a major road construction project. They have 11 construction toy vehicles at their disposal.

Plus, when the job is done, he or she has a larger toy car carrier to put their equipment away. With the front storage compartment, there is a place for every toy vehicle and a toy vehicle to put in its place.

In addition to all of this, your child even gets their private helicopter to move from the head office to the construction site without delay. Movable parts make the fun time even more fun.

1. Toy Velt Toy Truck Transport Car Carrier


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Your child can get his or her cars to their next stop with little hassle. This toy car carrier handles up to 28 toy cars at one time and still has room left over for traffic safety signs. The safety signs and six vehicles are included in with your purchase allowing your child to play right out of the box.

Also, the cab will turn and move to make the carrier an exciting addition to your child’s fun time. The booth will come off if your child needs it too. The lightweight truck is made from durable plastic and should last a long time.


These top 15 best toy cars for kids in 2020 proudly carry on the ancient toy tradition. You get some of the best toys made today for your child, and the best part of it is that they are safe to play.

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