Best Car Jacks in 2022 Reviews


Car jacks are a fact of life, you never know when you need to give your car a lift and change a tire. With one of the top 13 best car jacks in 2022 on your side, you are prepared for any situation that comes your way. You can drive on the highway with confidence knowing you have a top jack in your trunk.

When a tire gets flat, you can stay safe by pulling the jack out and changing your tire without the aid of strangers. That makes the price of these jacks worth the expense.

List of Best Car Jacks in 2022 Reviews

13. AmazonBasics Steel Car Jacks Stands


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These jack stands help keep you very safe. They can hold up to 3 tons and that is a good thing when you are the one beneath your car. With their self-ratcheting system, you can get this jack stands in position quickly and without harming yourself.

Once the repair task is completed, all you have to do is lift the car a bit and pull the jacks out from underneath. The jack stands return to their compact size quickly and easily. After you return them to their small size, they should fit in your trunk with ease.

Also, their four legs provide you with a lot of stability. Your car should not wiggle as you work. Then the rust protective paint keeps both rust and corrosion away. These jacks should last you a long time.

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12. Alltrade All-in-One Bottle Car Jacks


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It may be small but it can do a big jack’s job. Measuring only about 10 by 10 by 12 inches in size, you get up to 3 tons of lifting power with this bottle jack. Once you are done, you can put the jack back into its tiny storage spot until it is needed.

On top of that, this jack will give you about 21 inches of lift. More than enough room to get under your car quickly and back out again. When you have reached your desired lift height a locking bar holds the jack in place. It should not accidentally collapse on you.

Also, you get easy to use a lever and handle. Just fit the handle into its slot and pump away. Your jack will go up before you know it. For stability, the flat square base provides an excellent foundation as you lift.

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11. Pro-LifT Grey Hydraulic Trolley Car Jacks


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Don’t let it gray and red paint design fool you. It may not look that great but it does a man’s sized job. This rolling car jack can handle up to 3,000 pounds with ease. Plus, the paint job helps keep it in top shape by thwarting any rust and corrosion build-up.

From its approx. 4-inch start, this jack will lift your car an additional 7 inches. This gives you just enough room to change your tire or your oil. Its tough castor wheels let you roll it in and out of position without breaking a sweat.

Pumping the jack-up won’t take that much time either. The handle is long enough to provide you with the right amount leverage. Once you are done with your work, the jack retracts just as easily. The steel construction material is solid and well put together.

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10. Pro-Lift Grey Hydraulic Bottle Car Jacks


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You do not need wheels to lift a lot of weight. This bottle jack can lift more than its weight in gold. The jack is rated to lift up to 6 tons. That is 12,000 pounds at one time. That is impressive.

Plus, you get easy to use the jack that has a lot of leverage as you pump. All you have to do is place the saddle under the right part of your car and pump away. The only thing you have to worry about is uneven surfaces. Make sure to keep it level when you use it.

With its approx. 8-inch lift, you should be able to get your car high enough to work underneath it safely. The included handle folds up for easy storage.

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9. CARTMAN 3 Ton Car Jacks Stands


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Jack stands are vital if you are going to elevate your car and keep it up for some time. A good jack needs a great partner and these jack stands are that great partner. They will hold up to 3 tons allowing you to give your jack a bit of a rest.

Also, the 4 legs design makes sure that you have the stability you need when you slip underneath and start working away. A self-ratcheting system makes sure you can safely get this jack stands into the right position.

On top of that their lifting limits go between 278 mm to 415 mm high/ Or in other terms about 16 inches off the ground. Coated with a rust resistant paint, your jack stands should stay good looking for a long time. Rust and corrosion are kept away keeping your stands in top working order.

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8. Blackhawk Fast Lift Service Car Jacks


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Having a 4 wheeled jack on hand saves you a lot of time. You can wheel it into position quickly and then lift your car without hesitation. This top car jack can lift about 3 1/2 tons and makes sure it doesn’t drop back down on you. That is the kind of power you want working with you.

The steel construction materials are both strong and durable. They can hold heavy weight with ease and stay with you for years of service. An internal safety plug and valve make sure the jack performs like it is designed to do.

The easy to use handle provides you with the leverage you need to get your car into the air. Just roll it into position and pump away. Rust-resistant paint keeps it looking its best for years to come.

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7. Powerbuilt Triple Lift Jack


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Raising a car off the ground is serious business. One false move and you could damage your car as well as hurt yourself. That is why you want this triple styled jack on your side. With a 4,000-pound lifting capacity, you should be able to lift most cars and trucks almost 19 inches off the ground.

Then the padded lift pads and saddle work hard not to scratch or damage your vehicle under their care. Once in place, you just slip the locking bar into position and the jack should hold its ground till you release it.

The four castor wheels can handle the weight as well as keep rolling the jack under or out from your car. Durability and strength are its watchwords and this jack should perform up to expectations.

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6. Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Car Jacks


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The long handle provides you with easy lifting abilities and makes sure you have the right leverage for the job. Then the bright red color serves to keep the rust away while making the jack easy to find when you need it in a hurry.

With heavy duty castor wheels moving it in and out of storage is not a chore. Plus, it doe snot delay you in getting it into position under your vehicle after it is in position, this jack can lift up to 3 tons at a time.

Also, you can get your SUV, car or truck an additional 17 inches above the ground. That provides you with enough space to handle any repair duty you have.

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5. Torin Big Red Steel Scissor Car Jacks


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Scissor jacks really come in handy. They are compact in size and still can lift a lot of weight. This model can raise about 1 1/2 tons of weight. Your car won’t be a match for this tough steel constructed hand jack.

Plus, the lifting is made easy with its rotating handle and hook. Slip the hook into its place and just start turning. Soon your car will be up to about 15 inches off the ground. It is that simple to use.

Then with its rust resistant paint job, you can count on this jack in being in top shape for many years to come. The long flat base provides the stability you want in a good small jack. This jack meets current safety standards.

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4. Arcan Low Profile Steel Service Jack


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Keeping a low profile is always the safest way to live. Even for jacks. A low profile helps them get under the lowest areas of your car without trouble. Then it can lift your car roughly 21 more inches off the ground.

Its all-steel construction means that this jack is tough, strong and should handle heavy weights without hurting itself. When you need to put it into position the 4 wheels and 32-inch length make sure that task is done quickly and easily.

You shouldn’t be intimidated by the black paint. Its job is to make sure that rust and corrosion remain away from your tough jack. Once you get the jack into position, it is a matter of seconds before your car is lifted off the ground and waiting for the work to be done.

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3. Pittsburgh Automotive Ultra Floor Jack


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This is another top-notch low profile car jack. It is rated to lift about 3 tons of weight so don’t let its looks fool you. It is made from tough steel and is capable of doing just about any lifting job you have on hand.

After you get it into position, the leverage the handle provides makes it easy for you to lift your car another 19 inches into the air. It is a great tool to have when you need to lift your engine block to make repairs to it.

On top of that, the rust-resistant paint ensures that this jack will continue to look its best even after being called into duty over and over. Its castor wheels handle the rolling duties quite well and without complaint.

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2. Torin Big Red Steel Car Jacks Stands


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When you do not completely trust your jack, these jack stands will step in and handle the heavy lifting and holding task. They are rated to handle up to 4,000 pounds of weight at one time. Plus, they can keep it up between approx 10 to 16 1/2 inches in height.

The self-ratcheting system makes sure you can place this jack stands exactly where you want them then lower your vehicle on to them. Releasing the ratchet system I snot hard either. But that can be done after you remove them from underneath your car.

Made from forged steel, the stand, and its large saddle should be strong enough for most repair work you have to finish. Then its four-footed base system works to keep the stands stable while you work.

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1. Torin Big Red Car Jacks Stand


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You can get up to 12,000 pounds of steel and other weight into these jack stands. Once you have lifted your vehicle up, just slip these stands underneath and in the right places and you are good to go.

The stands have a self ratcheting system as well as a safety bar to keep them in place while they are holding the heavyweight. Plus, they can hold a car between approx. 15 and 24 inches off the ground.

Its 4 footed base makes sure you have the solid foundation you need to work safely under your vehicle. Everything about these jack stands says safety first. That is what you want in a top car jack or jack stand.

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When you go underneath your car to work on it, you do not want inferior jacks or jack stands made with inferior materials holding it up. Yo want one of the top 13 best car jacks in 2022 working with you. These top jacks know their job and they do it well.