Best Car Air Mattresses in 2021


Fill your back seat with comfortable sleeping in your car has never been a good experience. But that can change when you turn to one of the top 13 best car air mattresses in 2021. These mattresses fill the void between the seats with nothing but luxury and comfort.

They make sleeping in your car something to look forward to. Your kids can take naps without fear of hurting themselves. Plus, your pets can enjoy the comfortable ride they get when you place one of these top quality air mattresses in the back of your vehicle. Go with the best to make road trips even more enjoyable.

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13. Farasla Back of SUV Car Air Mattress with Pillows

Farasla Back of SUV Car Air Mattress with Pillows 


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The 650-pound weight limit allows just about anyone to use this air mattress. Not only that but its design allows you to fill in the vacant spot between the seats while still covering the rest of your back seat area. You get 100 percent coverage and comfort when you turn to this car air mattress.

Also, you won’t have to wait long to enjoy that comfort. After you plug in the electric air pump it should only take you 5-7 minutes to inflate the mattress and get it ready for your long trip.

Measuring approx. 74 by 46 by 2 inches in size, your new air mattress should turn any back seat into a bed. The non-toxic, waterproof, and earthquake-resistant air mattress is safe for the whole family.

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12. KingCamp Back Seat Gap Filler SUV Inflatable Car Air Mattress, Car Travel Bed

KingCamp Back Seat Gap Filler SUV Inflatable Car Air Mattress, Car Travel Bed

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This 55.50 by 35.40 by 17.70-inch air mattress should fit most back seats with ease. All you have to do is fold your seats down and lay this model on top and you have a comfortable bed to lay on.

Plus, it will hold up to 150poundsof weight making it a nice feature for your large size and smaller dog to lie on. You can keep your pet’s anxiety down with a good bed for them to lay on.

Then if you need to use it outside on the grass or back deck, you can do so. This air mattress is very versatile and is multi-function. It’s included an electric pump that takes about 2 to 3 minutes to get the air mattress fully inflated and ready for action.

11. FMS Car Travel Inflatable Mattress


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Whether you own an SUV or just a regular sedan, you can use this car air mattress for long road trips, overnight adventures, and more activities. Measuring roughly 52 by 11 by 13 inches in size it turns your back seat into a comfortable room.

After you spend about 3 minutes inflating this car air mattress, it will hold up to 660 pounds. This means everyone can enjoy its comfort and get a good night’s sleep. Made from durable oxford materials, this air mattress should be durable and last you for years.

The waterproof construction allows you to have accidental spills and not worry. You won’t damage this air mattress with a little spilled water.

10. Zone Tech Car Travel Inflatable Air Mattress


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The support legs go deep down into that foot space between the seats and cover the transmission hump with ease. You shouldn’t feel your car’s floor as you take your nap. Plus, you get great back support from those inflated legs.

In addition to this, 3 inflation nozzles are ready to serve you. You can customize your air mattress to make sure you have the firmness or softness you like. Or you can use it as an indoor playground for your young child.

After playtime, your child can use one of the 2 included inflated pillows to lie down and rest. Every piece of this air mattress is easy to inflate and the electric pump is quite fast.

9. Pavoni Heavy Duty Inflatable SUV Car Air Mattress and Camping Bed, Back Seat Car Bed

Pavoni Heavy Duty Inflatable SUV Car Air Mattress and Camping Bed, Back Seat Car Bed


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When you lie down on a car air mattress you do not want to feel a rough sandpaper type exterior. The construction materials used on this air mattress is soft to the touch and comfortable to lie on. Plus, once inflated it will hold up to 440 pounds.

Flip-up sides and top on this approx. 74 by 57 by 8.7 inches air mattress provide extra protection from your car’s hard interior. The High-quality materials make sure you and your family can toss and turn without harming the air mattress.

The non-toxic ingredients keep this car air mattress safe for the whole family to use. The individual sections fill up separately allowing you to customize your comfort zone.

8. SayGoGo Electric Portable Inflatable Car Air Mattress Back Seat Gap Filler

SayGoGo Electric Portable Inflatable Car Air Mattress Back Seat Gap Filler

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When it takes long hours to get to grandma’s house it pays to have a car air mattress on hand to ease the strain. Measuring approx. 175 by130 by 15 CM in the size you can let your kids lie down and sleep to help pass those long boring road hours.

Then the feet on this car air mattress helps provide the support your back needs when you need to stretch out and recuperate from the long drive. The included electric pump does fast work and gets you comfortable before you know it.

Plus, you can customize your comfort levels by inflating one zone higher than the other. An inflatable pillow is included to add to your comfort and luxurious lifestyle. Get the rest you need with this handy car air mattress.

7. HIRALIY Car Inflatable Mattress – Best Car Air Mattresses


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One of the essential included accessories that come with this car air mattress is its repair kit. You never know when a hole will pop up and deflate your car bed. When this happens you will be ready and be able to patch the hole in seconds.

Along with that feature, you get 52 by33 by 20 inches of comfort after you finish inflating with the built=-in pump. The pump should plug into your cigarette lighter and inflate the air mattress to the point 440 pounds of weight that can sit on it comfortably.

On top of all that, the universal nature of the car air mattress allows you to move it from one vehicle to another without trouble. 2 inflatable pillows are included with your purchase.

6. GrassMan Portable SUV Inflatable Car Air Mattress and Outdoor Camping Bed

GrassMan Portable SUV Inflatable Car Air Mattress and Outdoor Camping Bed

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One way to save on vacation expenses is to sleep in your car. You can save the cost of high motel or hotel bills by placing this approx. 59 by 51 by 15.70-inch air mattress in your back seat.

Plus, you can separate it into two different types of air mattresses. If you do not need the leg support, then do not fill it up. Just use the mattress portion. Then if you are tired, inflating this car air mattress is not difficult. Just hook it up to y9ur car and turn the pump on.

In a few moments, you will have a nice comfortable bed that is safe to use. Also, sleeping in your car helps keep you protected from the elements and other dangers that exist outside.

5. Winterial Back Seat Inflatable Travel Mattress


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A comfortable side pillow combines with the two included inflatable pillows to provide you with the comfort and protection you need when you rest in your car. No matter the temperature outside you can feel nice and comfortable even if the temperature dips to-43 degrees F or raises to over 110 degrees F.

To get this comfort level all you need to do is hook up the electric pump and turn it on. In a couple of minutes, your bed will be ready and you can get the rest you need. The pump works fast and it is very efficient.

Then with the space filler support system, you will not have any soft spots when you roll over. You are kept from hitting the floor so your night’s rest is as comfortable as staying in your own bed at home.

4. Berocia SUV Air Mattress – Best Car Air Mattresses


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Even when you are travelling during the fall or winter seasons, you should be able to stay nice and warm with this car air mattress. It is rated to handle temperatures as low as -25 degrees F.

Plus, 2 side pillows pop up to help keep your legs nice and comfortable protecting them from hitting the sides of your car. Once inflated you get up to 71 by 50 by 5 inches of total comfort. You shouldn’t feel the hard car interior at any time throughout your rest or nap.

To keep everything about this air mattress simple and easy, it deflates fast when you need to get on the road again. In addition to this, the air pump is designed for quality and top service. It is made to last you for years of use.

3. QDH Heavy Duty Portable Inflatable SUV Car Back Seat Air Mattress

QDH Heavy Duty Portable Inflatable SUV Car Back Seat Air Mattress 


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With 10 independent air pockets, you get to choose your comfort level and how you will inflate this car air mattress. Having a comfortable choice makes using this air mattress all the more enjoyable. It only takes a few minutes to get it where you want it.

After you have plugged in the pump, just attach it to the nozzle you want to fill with air and turn the pump on. You stay in charge of the whole process. The front and side pillows flip up to provide you with ultimate comfort. Your SUV can turn into a slumber party for young girls with ease.

Measuring roughly 72.8 by 51.2 and 4.7 inches in size you get a lot of comfort space when you need it. The heavy-duty construction materials should provide the durability you are looking for in a car air mattress.

2. HAITRAL Portable Camping Air Mattress – Best Car Air Mattresses


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One you inflate this mattress to its full 53 by 32 by 16 inch approx. Size, you get a lot of comforts every time you use it. Plus, when you do not need it the air mattress will deflate quickly and fold up to a very small size. You can store it in your car out of the way till the next time.

With its large compatibility, you can own two different vehicles and still make use of this car air mattress. Just check the instructions to see which cars it fits the best. Plus, you can use it outside of the car if the situation calls for it. Just watch for sharp sticks and rocks, etc.

Or if a day at the beach calls for extra comfort, just plug in the air pump get the mattress to size and carry it to your favorite beach spot. It is the best choice in our best Car Air Mattresses.

1. Rio Green Portable Back Seat Air Mattress For Car Back Seat Gap Filler

Rio Green Portable Back Seat Air Mattress For Car Back Seat Gap Filler


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After a long tiring drive, it is good to know that you can find comfort in only a few minutes. This air mattress and the pump will make short work of inflation duties and you can get your rest fast. You also get good body support as you sleep.

More than enough for when you are on those long road trips that sap your energy. Plus, the support legs make sure you do not fall off the air mattress and into that vacant spot between the seats

Even though the car air mattress is soft to your touch, it is still strong, durable and should last you a long time under normal use.


It is tough finding comfort inside your car when you need to stretch out and catch 40 winks. But with one of the top 13 car air mattresses in 2021 on the job, this objective is a lot easier to fullfil.

Not only can you or your family stretch out, but it will also only take a few minutes to do so. These air mattresses inflate quickly and some even give you customized options. Go with the best to get the best comfort.