Excitement is Brewing!

The excitement is brewing and magic is in the air as we get close to arrival day for the 2015 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. Packages have been sent to your homes and emails will be arriving in your inbox soon, filled with information about the upcoming journey you’re about to embark on with your family.

We have a TON of information to share with you in the next two weeks. Most of this will be to help customize your experience at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.

A few tidbits from past conferences that may be helpful:

  1. Dress comfortably, especially with your footwear. If you’re participating in the Fun Run, don’t forget to pack your running clothes and shoes.
  2. Your credentials will be needed for ALL conference events. Your family will need credentials to get into the dinners and other activities. Don’t lose them.
  3. Be ON TIME! We have tight schedules and will need everyone to be at locations at the designated times. It will all be listed in your itineraries.
  4. If you have any issues or concerns, let our event team know so they can help to try to resolve it.
  5. It rains in Florida. We have a rain back-up plan for the outdoor events and will relay that information to you if we have to implement it.
  6. Some event transportation will require you to travel separate from your families, due to different start times for some activities. Please be sure to read your itineraries carefully.
  7. Enjoy all the new friends you’ll be meeting over the next few days. Some of them may turn out to be lifelong relationships.

We want everyone to have a great time and enjoy the best of Walt Disney World Resort!! The countdown clock is on!